The 5 Upcoming DC Series We Want Most

The end of the New 52 is nigh! Long live the New 52! DC may be doing away with the moniker but the stories aren’t going anywhere. Some series are definitely going away, but a ton more are coming our way in June. 24 new titles to be exact. We have a full list of DC’s new books here, but we also have some favorites. It’s early, we won’t get solicits for a while, and all we know for sure is the name of the titles and the creative teams, but that’s enough to get us excited for these upcoming debuts.New 52 Grave

Martian Manhunter

While it might seem like a no-brainer to give a well-known character a solo book, Martian Manhunter is one of those perplexing characters that is one of the biggest names in his respective universe Martian Manhunterthat for whatever reason can never stand on his own legs. Seems like DC is going to give it another go in the post-Convergence landscape, and I’m curious to see what they put together.

Writer Rob Williams has a pretty good resume, and artist Ben Oliver was recently featured in an issue of Multiversity. The team has worked previously on stories for 2000 A.D. and The Iron Age for Marvel Comics.

 Constantine: The Hellblazer

ConstantineI certainly understand why DC decided to move Constantine from Vertigo and into the DC Universe proper via The New 52, but they screwed up the delivery quite a bit. It wasn’t all bad, but the book got bogged down in a lot of events, never quite found an artist that truly captured the feel of the character, and John’s team book, Justice League Dark, was just better overall. The ‘Hellblazer’ subtitle suggests a return to the roots of this series, and that’s a great thing. It’s why they brought him to the New 52 in the first place!

Ming Doyle will be writing the title with Riley Rossmo on art. Doyle may be best known for her work on Mara, while Rossmo is currently killing it on Rasputin over at Image Comics.

We are Robin

We Are Robin promoI honestly have no idea what this book will really be about, but that cover looks sick and has the wheels in my head racing. The Batman franchise has found some great success this year with its new “Indy” titles and I hope that continues here.

Lee Bermejo may be best known as an artist, providing work for Daredevil, some Batman titles, and that amazing Joker GN, but he’s taking on writing duties with this series. His Suiciders from Vertigo launches in February, so we’ll have more on that when we get it. Artist Khary Randlph has had a ton of work, and his style certainly fits the tone of a book starring a bunch of teenagers.

Green Lantern: Lost Army

GL CorpsYeah, I’m a big fan of the Lantern franchise, but that’s not why I’m excited about this book. The writer isn’t even what excites me. Cullen Bunn is okay at best. This book will be in my buy pile for two reasons: Jesus Saiz and Javier Pins. Their artwork on Swamp Thing this past year has been nothing less than stellar and I can’t wait to salivate over some more of their beautiful work.

Cullen Bunn is currently writing Sinestro and Magneto, and his moving into a GL book just makes sense. As mentioned above, Jesus Saiz & Javi Pina are doing amazing work right now, and it’s bound to continue in this new title.

Black Canary

Black Canary promoWe’re already big fans of Brenden Fletcher’s work on Batgirl and Gotham Academy, so with Annie Wu doing the interior art on this title it’s going to be great. I really like her art style. Reminds me of Phil Noto.

Both Batgirl and Gotham Academy will be continuing, making Fletcher an important part of DC’s overall plans going forward. Annie Wu’s success on Hawkeye brought her a lot of well-deserved attention, and a book like Black Canary is a great fit for her.





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