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Review: Ant-Man #5

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Cover: Mark Brooks

The sorta conclusion to the first art of Nick Spencer’s Ant-Man is here. Let me adjust by spouting that Ant-Man has been my favorite superhero since I was 4 living in Miami. So the fact that Ant-Man is in my hometown getting into all sorts of hijinks has been wonderful. Spencer/Rosanas the Ant-Man title I have been wanting for years. Scott Lang one of many to shrink into the Ant-Man mantle is face to face with the foe he first took on as Ant-Man, Darren Cross. Once again Darren Cross has put Scott’s daughter Cassie in harm’s way and Scott is the only one there to stop Cross. Continue reading Review: Ant-Man #5

Ultimately the Best Choice


Now I know what you are thinking, who cares about Ultimate Marvel? Well for one JulesTrue does, and I’m here to let you know it’s pretty frickin awesome if you give it a chance. Once a week I’m gonna hit you with a story arc from the Ultimate Marvel Universe starting from the beginning. I’ll spotlight on whats brilliant, what’s not so brilliant, and what might be a good idea for the 616!

This time I’m diving into the second title to join the Ultimate Universe! The Success of the recently launched Ultimate Spider-Man gave the folks at Marvel a hunch they were onto something. The whole translation of classic characters into the modern age seeing how they would cope in this new digital age was brilliant. So they figured which characters would translate just as well for a whole new generation of readers. Well the answer was easy especially since the success of Fox’s X-Men movie which had created a big buzz around the characters once again. However as we all no there isn’t exactly an easy jumping on point for the Children of the Atom. So Marvel did the next best thing to rebooting the X-Men and created the Ultimate X-Men!. From the  Creative powers of Mark Millar, Adam and Andy Kubert!

photo 1

Untitled Continue reading Ultimately the Best Choice

Review: Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #2


Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Is Peter Parker really back?! Peter Parker is standing in Miles Morales’ apartment asking for his web shooters back. But can Miles trust the newly resurrected Parker? As if he doesn’t have enough on his head between girls and the New Ultimates. The question is this Peter Parker back in the flesh or is it a clone, much like Black Widow( Jessica Drew formerly Ultimate Spider-Woman still def a clone of Peter Parker. The Ultimate Universe I know.)? Ganke certainly doesn’t have the answer but who will?

The Good
Let me just say this issue was awesome. The skirmish at the beginning of this issue was so tense. I really had no idea how it was gonna play put, it’s so hard to get a read on the return of Parker. Honestly it really could be him, being dead and all would def leave someone a lil cranky. But what if he is just another clone? Bendis you are an evil genius. Also David Marquez once again kills it in this issue. Each pages feels like you are in the room with the Spider-Men. This issue really had it all, it was intense, funny, kinda sad, and drama filled.

The Bad
Why did it have to end? Damnit Bendis! Why you gotta mess with my head? His posting the cover of All-New X-Men with Miles Morales on the cover certainly didn’t help my understanding of just where this story is gonna go now. A spoiler I really hope is just a joke.

The Verdict
This was a strong follow up to what I though was a great relaunch to a title I have enjoyed since the beginning. Bendis just knows what he’s doing with the Ultimate Spider-Man and I’m just gonna have to trust he knows what he’s doing and not going senile on me here. I know he know what he’s doing I just had to take a quick dig after I saw that All-New X-men cover I felt a little slighted. I’m still sold and waiting on the next one, and you should be grabbing it!

Story 4 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
Overall 4 out of 5

Review: Deadly Class #5


Deadly Class #5
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Wes Craig

Deadly Class is one of those stories that absolutely surprise you. The premise sounds a variation on a standard. A young vagrant boy taking off the streets and enrolled into a school of assassins things become difficult as he tries to fit in to a very elitist school. WELL this ain’t no Harry Potter, this school is full of killers and Marcus has one thing on his mind killing President Ronald Reagan, by the way this is 1987. Finding friends in unlikely places Marcus gets in trouble for failing to kill a homeless man who done evil. Punishment was simple time spent solitary confinement, but time cut short when Marcus’ new friends bust him out so he can help them kill someone. Things go real south when Marcus takes a bunch of acid at a Grateful Dead show. Now in Vegas to help a friend kill his dad, while a girl’s crazy cholo boyfriend is trying to kill him for getting close to her, being a teenager never seemed so hard.

The Good
Wes Craig knocks it out of the park in this title, the last couple of issues being paired with abad acid trip has made the title hands down gorgeous to look at. The designs are simple and so recognizable. There is so much fluidity in the way Craig draws this title it really feels like a show. Remender of course is delivering this sick and twisted orphan to hero story in a way each issue has me laughing and on the edge of my seat. The final page of this issue had large red bite marks on my index finger from how intense it had gotten I hadn’t realize the pain I had inflicted on my hand.

The Bad
Its taking me this long to read everything and inform you about how wonderful it really is. The bad is also the fact you are wait for the trade.

The Verdict
Its not per say nothing new as far as structure but Deadly Class has a particular flavor you are not gonna get anywhere else. The characters feel honest even if the story seems unbelievable. Remender and Craig are the creative team I want on every title from now on. Their quirks seems to feel each page with such a brilliant way of tell this story, each issue has a little gasp of pain for lingering for the next issue. This is one of those titles I recommend you not waiting for the trade. Go to local comic shop and binge.

The Story 4 out of 5
The Art 4 out of 5
Overall 4 out of 5

Review: Trees #1


Trees #1

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard

Only ten years ago Earth first found out it was not alone in the Universe. The first Tree hit New York and no one knew just what it was. These pillars simply fell from the sky and took root in the Earth. A possible invasion, or maybe there was intelligent life out there that simply thought life on Earth wasn’t that intelligent. In the story we find what seems to be a few protagonist each with a unique story to tell. A man who seems to be running for Mayor of New York, so he establish a new order. A boy who’s moved to a Tree district in China to draw what he sees as a young artist. And a few scientist in a winter studying the effects the Trees are having on the land. The seeds have been planted, and the Trees have already grown, just where is this journey about to take us?

The Good
Warren. Ellis. Is the man! I loved this first issue. It has a strange yet very normal dystopian future to it that seems very real. The strangeness of the Trees is very intriguing, and each page has you hoping for more about them. Instead you get Jason Howard displaying a world only he could bring to life on paper. This issue looks brilliant and breathes life into each page making you really feel apart of this world. The Trees appearance in a very nice subtle touch to the slow invasion. The use of the word normal becomes so simply a major part of the story as life goes on.

The Bad
A lot of left unsaid at the end of this issue, it being a first issue of the title of course that to be expected. Dystopian futures are sort of a dime a dozen nowadays, though this one is def more up my alley than most. The amount of story was cut short with each introduction of a new main character. Another one of those stories that will be going back and forth constantly until the main characters meet for the first time.

The Verdict
This is another wonderful start to another Warren Ellis I will most certainly follow start to finish. As always Ellis has chose a solid artist to team up with and bring to life a new world I’ll be ready to dive into every month excited for whats to come. This story seems expansive and can go in so many directions, and knowing Ellis we are in for some strange turns. For all my griping about the standard of the premise I really loved this first issue and think this could end up being one of my favorites. Only time will tell but I can tell you this is another solid Image #1 and its worth picking up.

Story 4 out of 5
Art 3 out of 5
Overall 4.5 out of 5

Review: Ultimate FF #2


Ultimate FF #2
Writer: Joshua Hale Fiakov
Artist: Mario Guevara

The Ultimate Universe has lost their S.H.I.E.L.D. for failure to keep promises with their inability to stop Galactus. With its disbanding underway the Future Foundation has since stepped in to handle the mysterious anomalies of different realities touching the Ultimate Universe. Having made his appearance at the end of the last issue Victor Van Damme, Ultimate Doom, everyone on the team is curious just how the hell is he alive? The team sets out to clear an anomaly that hit a country club at the bottom of the ocean close to where Sue Storm once had a fling with a certain King Namor. Who ironically makes an appearance in this issue. But all isn’t what it seems with Namor or with Doom, in fact things become a little unclear in this issue.

The Good
While I understand its not for everyone but I absolutely love Mario Guevara’s art. That very sketchy almost fluid animation, feels like the animated scenes in Kill Bill. I’ve personal become a fan of Fialkov’s work and since he stepped in to the Ultimate Universe he’s made all the right moves to me. This title has outshine the other two for me so far, not to say they haven’t been good. marvel seems to be taking its Ultimate Line a little serious again and as a long time reader of it I’m reaping the benefits. The choice of characters for this title has been supreme as far as what you want to do in a title like this.

The Bad
I wanna see Ultimate Machine Man do more than split himself into pieces and chit chat with Ultimate Coulson! I mean I dig the use of Doom on the team, but I mean Ultimate Machine Man has the power of the Galactus swarm, and is their Danny Ketch( 616 fans know him as a onetime Ghost Rider). In my opinion a very cool character not being used to his potential. I know its only the second issue but come on.

The Verdict
This was another solid issue in what has been a spit shine reboot of what ws one of the cooler title in the Ultimate Line-Up. Fialkov is making all the right moves and seems to be positioning this title in the right direction. One I’m most certainly ready to spend the money and follow. I can say I’m a big fan of Mario Guevara’s art it just refreshing to see something unique to superhero titles being used by a big publisher. I’m for sure onboard for the next issue, pick it up even if you haven’t read any of the Ultimate Fantastic Four, which you honestly should.

The Story 4 out of 5
The Art 3 out of 5
Overall 4.5 out of 5

Review: All-New Ultimates #2


All-New Ultimates #2
Writer: Michel Fiffe
Artist: Amilar Pinna

The All-New and very young Ultimates face their first major test as a team going up against the Skull Serpent Gang. Things seem to be not be going well as the police show up to assist our young heroes in their squabble with the Skull Serpent Gang. Bombshell struggles to find her footing superheroing with the rest of the team who have a little more experience with taking out the bad guys. Things escalate further as a toxin the serpents use on the team starts to take a hold of our Young Ultimates. Question on everyone’s mind will Kitty Pryde ever join this team or will her celebrity continue to plague her?!

The Good
With Fiffe being a new writer to the Ultimate Universe its was hard too say at first where he was gonna take this new fresh spin on the Ultimates, but I can say for sure now its exactly what more teams in the industry need. A brand new roster with youth, let those who have been there a while move on to new things, I mean its not like everyone stays at their first job their entire lives. I really enjoy the fact that Jessica Drew let the Spider-Woman mantle go and took the Black Widow title for herself. Having always always liked the 616 Cloak and Dagger and wished they could be used more, I’m happy to settle with the Ultimate Counterparts on their version of the Avengers. Pinna’s art has really grown on me, looking back at the first issue and reading this one I really grew to enjoy it. Its not the most spectacular art I’ve seen in a comic but it seems to fit the mood of the comic pretty well.

The Bad
This title has really jumped into the thick of it, and if you had not read any of Bendis’ recent Ultimate Comics: Ultimate Spider-Man where most of these characters were first introduced then you have no idea on what their backstory really is. Which for new readers to the title can be really frustrating. I’m also gonna say it, I’m over Bombshell. Can we get another X-Man or something, their has to be plenty of them to use. Rick Jones Maybe?

The Verdict
This issue was for all my complaining a much better start to the title than the last issue as Fiffe and Pinna really get some footing going in this issue. The action is everything you hope it to be on the street level, reminiscent of the early crime fighting days of comic books. The kind of thing you need to find in the industry every now and then to remind you where you started with this. I’m gonna continue to give this Ultimate Teen Brigade a chance. The end of the issue had me enticed as the Skull Serpent Gang was given more depth, and the team seemed to really fall apart.

The Story 3 out of 5
The Art 3 out of 5
Overall 3 out of 5

Review: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man


Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez

The dust is slowly settling for Miles Morales since the events of Cataclysm. On top of joining the new reformed Ultimates he’s also returned to school. Sadly since revealing he is Spider-Man to his father, he’s gone missing and Miles doesn’t quite know how to handle it. Of course things with his love interest are constantly up and down with his bit secret not win gone the two of them share. Miles knows one person who can give him proper advice on how to tell a love one your a superhero , Mary Jane Watson. The two then share an awkward recollection of all what came MJ’s way when Peter told her he was Spider-Man. A dangerous road to walk down and only one Miles should be sure he’s ready for. Everyday since the Cataclysm, Miles checks his apartment to see if his father has returned, however a very unexpected guest is waiting for him in his apartment at the end of this issue!

The Good

David Marquez was named a Young Gun for a reason! The art in the issue is beyond spectacular! Every emotion is really felt in the faces of each character. Bendis, since the title’s inception in 2000, has delivered a Spider-Man tale for all. Fans of the original, and new fans can look through this catalog and find something for them. This issue is a solid reestablishment of what Bendis had been building in this title since the beginning. The last page had my jaw hit my knees and pop them out of socket. This felt like just one of those issues where artiste and writer seems to weave each page with such precision is almost impossible to imagine it took two.

The Bad
I want to know just what the heck happened at the end of this issue.
And if you’re not a fan of Ultimate. Universe you need to just quit your griping and realize it’s not your 616.

The Verdict
This was a strong start to another wonderful Ultimate title headed by the Ultimate Bendis. I’m a huge fan of what’s been going on in the Ultimate Universe, and I think if you give it a chance you will too! David Marquez came out of a cannon after that Young Guns announcement with this unbelievably wonderfully drawn issue! I look forward to more wonderful things with this creative team, and especially with this title!

Story 4 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
Overall 4 out of 5

Opinion: Superior Spider-Man Series

Superior Spider-Man, the Spider-Man we needed

but not the Spider-Man we deserved


Now I’m sure many have made their judgments about this series almost before they  read the first issue probably even decided it was not for them when they read the solicitation. I’m gonna throw the hand up for the foul when I say I was one of those people who had been convinced Dan Slott held the entire Marvel Editor Team at gunpoint to let him get away with it. However despite my loathing for the entire concept I picked up the first issue. Readying myself for what looked like to be another Brand New Day debacle I had already gone through with Slott previous on his long Spider-Man run. I myself began to question if Dan Slott had actually lost his mind. I also worried if Ryan Stegman had lost his senses when I saw his name across the first issue. Thankfully to say when I picked up that first issue and read it, I felt proven wrong. I do not by any means like to feel like I called it wrong. I actually can actually say with a clear conscience that I not only felt like I was wrong to have dismissed the first issue of Superior Spider-Man but feel like you might be in the wrong for never giving it a chance!


First thing Slott got right with this series was getting Mary Jane Watson out of the picture. I know many of you are a huge fan of MJ. I’m sure you absolutely hate Brand New Day, I also thought it was a load of bull. But you have to agree since then MJ has felt pointless to have in a Spider-Man series anymore. I felt a sigh of relief when Otto as Spider-Man kicked Ms. Watson to the curb. I’ll be honest when I say I loved Anna Maria Marconi as Otto’s love interest. A new kind of love interest for a very different kind of Spider-Man made sense. It showed a lot of depth to Otto’s character. The Superior Spider-Man would not be one who was for image but of intellect and understanding. As their relationship grew I felt serious endearment for Otto. I found the way Otto began to establish his relationship with Aunt May to be the right approach for Spider-Man, trying to not leave her hanging all the time.


A serious defining moment of course comes when Massacre lets himself out of the psyche ward with a killing a few people. Massacre then decides to go to a burger joint and kill everyone for the hell of it. The mass murderer even decided to take it to the next step when asking a cola company to secret sponsor him stating that the burger franchise had risen in sales since he murdered everyone in the place. With a Mocha Cola shirt on, Massacre goes on another Spree only to be found immediately courtesy of the Superior Spider-Man’s swarm of spider-bots. Peter Parker as Spider-Man promised he would never let Massacre kill again, Otto decided there was only one way to insure that. To murder Massacre with his own gun. Otto of course having once been the villain knew Massacre’s promises to change were hollow and knew sooner or later the villain’s blood lust would cost the lives of innocent people.


When Otto discovered that Parker had not ever gotten his doctorate, he immediately plunged himself into school. Something I thought was a brilliant way to maintain the old school aspects of Spider-Man in the school atmosphere. Even better the teacher who stood in his way was a former colleague of Octavius, someone whom he absolutely loathed. After he attained his doctorate he put in a lot of hours to Spider-Man tech and Horizon Labs. Somethings go down with Alchemax, Spider-Man 2099 pops up, and bam no more Horizon Labs. Instead Otto opens up Parker Industries. Totally genius way to expand on the idea of the Superior Spider-Man. A way to capitalize on what Spider-Man has always been capable of doing with his genius and skills. This is where Slott def had my attention on what he would do with this new Spider-Man.

detail (21)detail

Superior Spider-Man was a long breath of fresh air that the Spider-Man Franchise desperately needed. The story of redemption for a villain who had it harder than most had remembered. So much was accomplished which had been long left for longing in the series. Even 2099 Spider-Man made a cool man out of time comeback which is pretty cool(no offense to Peter David but I’ve never been a big fan of the character). Spider-man not only finished college(which almost took 50 years to do?) but started his own company where he could make money off of his brilliant inventions. For once it was Spider-Man on top, and no it didn’t bother me it was Otto and not peter. I really enjoyed the fan service Slott delivered whether it was Peter or Otto it was most certainly Spider-Man. The title was gripping, funny, dark, and intense. The Goblins had a resurgence and the Sinister Six were only 5 members. I’m sad to say it is over but it was a fun ride, and can say I’m a little disappointed that Peter returned now when I had really grown to love the Superior Spider-Man. At least in true homage to the character Slott had established he sacrificed everything for the woman he loved, and that is what made him the Superior Spider-Man.

Do you know this Avenger?


I’m sure you’ve shouted it, seen it in a comic book, heard it in a movie, maybe in a cartoon, but do you know everyone who’s answered that call? Well thankfully I do, and once a week we will inform you on who you might have missed on the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

While I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with this Avenger, but unless you keep up with the current rosters, you may not have known this very famous Marvel Superhero made his way to be a member of the illustrious team of Marvel. A hero who has been called amazing, spectacular, friendly, sensational, superior, and in this case avenging. Well of course I’m talking about…


The one and only Spider-Man!

Many know the tale of Peter Parker for which I will cover only briefly, I’m here to really tell you of how he became an Avenger. Of course we can’t get there without starting in Queens, NY where Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Parker a brilliant young mind attended Midtown High where he was constantly picked on and belittled. While on at a public science exhibit he was bitten by radioactive spider. The then 15-year old Parker was forever changed. With his new found strength and gift to stick to walls young Parker did what any sensible person would do and try to make money. After taking out wrestler Crusher Hogan on Television as Spider-Man he became a sensation! Paired with an Agent and a costume, Spider-Man for a moment was on top of the world. Everything of course would change when he decided not to stop a burglar stating it was not his problem. Days later the same burglar would break into the Parker home and would kill Ben Parker trying to rob them. Spider-Man tracked him down and to his horror realize who his Uncle’s murderer was. That night Spider-Man took to heart what his Uncle had told him, what we all have come to learn, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Amazing Fantasy 015-12AF15P11

Spider-Man would take on many trials and tribulations in the time after his origin. Peter Parker would become a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle, a newspaper which would trash talk Spider-Man. Unlike the Avengers or The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man was very hated by the public. Much like the X-Men, Spider-Man was always struggling to do what was right when the very people he helped saw him as a menace. Not only that but he would end up with quite the rogues gallery full of very powerful villains. Thankfully high school was behind him and Parker began attending Empire State University. While at college Parker became friends with a sorta high school bully Harry Osborne and met Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man’s luck was quite thin as he took at the heavy hitters of the super-crime world they began to find a very common goal in wanting him dead. In fact Spider-Man six toughest villains would form their own team with the soul purpose of killing him, The Sinister Six(Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and The Vulture). Thankfully they couldn’t agree to work all together and Spider-Man defeated them one by one.


As if that wasn’t crazy enough Spider-Man had an even bigger issue, Peter Parker’s love life. Betty Brant(Coworker at the Daily Bugle), Mary Jane Watson(Niece of neighbor Anne Watson), and of course the very wonderful Gwen Stacy(Peter’s first true love and fellow student at Empire State). The women in Spider-Man’s life would change him forever. Betty was captured and held hostage by the original sinister six and would ultimately end their relationship. When the Green Goblin(Norman Osborne father of Peter’s college roommate Harry) discovered who Spider-Man was under the mask trouble hit. The Goblin kidnapped then girlfriend and true love Gwen Stacy and led Spider-Man to the Brooklyn Bridge. Atop of the Bridge the Goblin dropped Gwen and Spider-Man tried to stop her from falling to her death by webbing her which ultimately killed her. Spider-Man enraged immiadately took to stopping the Green Goblin which thanks to the Goblin’s own glider led to his death.This took a heavy toll on Parker and though he would spend much of his time with Mary Jane Watson things would always be in flux.


Of course a great many more things would happen to Spider-Man. During the Secret Wars he would get the original symbiote his first black suit. The symbiote would drive him nuts and he tried to get rid of it which lead to Eddie Brock getting it and Brock became Venom.Spider-Man would be cloned, think he was a clone, be cloned again, I think Gwen was cloned, lots of clones at one point. Parker gets married to Mary Jane Gwen and Norman Obsborn’s twins show up, yeah I know, something about inheriting the goblin formula caused a rapid pregnancy and rapid aging. Believe me a lot of things happen to Spider-Man before he became an Avenger, I can’t recant them all. So, after the Scarlet Witch/Avenger’s Mansion Incident which Dissembled the Avengers, Electro shuts down the security system for the Raft Maximum Prison for super villains! Parker sees the power outage at the Raft as a blessing for getting out of seeing a Hugh Grant movie with his wife MJ. Hitchhiking onto a helicopter Spider-Man almost makes it to Raft until a bolt of lightning strikes the helicopter. Spider-Man quickly recovers along with one of the helicopter’s passenger Captain America. Spider-Man assists with stopping the breakout earning him a place on the new reformed Avengers!


So since Spider-Man has joined, The Avengers have split in two, then the Skrulls revealed they’d been invading, then the villians were Avengers, then the heroes took over again, then the Avengers fought the X-Men, then Doctor Octopus took over his body, I’m sure he thinks this was the best time to join the Avengers!

Spider-Man joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in New Avengers vol 1 #1