Marisa Tomei to Play Aunt May in New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Now that Sony and Marvel have found their new Peter Parker in Tom Holland and booked Jon Watts to direct the reboot, it’s time to start filling out the rest of Spider-Man’s world.

Marisa Tomei is in final negotiations to play Aunt May, a source confirms.

In the Spider-Man comic books, May Reilly Parker-Jameson, better known as Aunt May, is the adoptive parent of the orphaned Peter Parker, raising him with love, and serving as his moral compass.

The role of Aunt May was previously played by Sally Field in the Andrew Garfield “Spider-Man” series and Rosemary Harris in Sam Raimi’s films, which starred Tobey Maguire.

Sony and Marvel’s new films will feature a younger Peter Parker, who is just a freshman in high school. Therefore, the studios seem to also be aiming for a younger Aunt May to present an updated, more contemporary version of the character. The new film, which will be produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, is slated for release on July 28, 2017.


One thought on “Marisa Tomei to Play Aunt May in New ‘Spider-Man’ Movie”

  1. Outright geekery, maybe you can answer this for me.

    Why, why, WHY?! do they never get past spider man’s origin story? He gets bitten by a spider, and his uncle dies. We get it. Please, please get on with the story. Last time they got as far as the death of Gwen Stacy, and then whoops, gotta start over! Maybe you didn’t see him get bitten by the spider, lets try that a third time.

    Are there no good spider man stories? Is it all Sony’s fault? Can people just not relate to a non-teenage spiderman? Why, why, WHY?!?!

    I swear, this won’t stop until The Watchers come down to earth and intervene.


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