Review: Unity #20

A lot of things have come to light in this issue. The War-Monger is a @$$! Causing wars and stuff! I believe we have found our “Savage”. She, in my opinion, the female version of Harada. She’s been everywhere but nowhere. Within these last few issues, she’s become one of my favorite bad guys in comics.

Matt Kindt has done it again. He has made yet another Valiant femme Fatale that I am loving to hate. He seems to have a nack for that, with recent success with his other creation, Roku. His characterization of War-Monger was excitingly fun to read.

The art team of Jose Luis, Sandro Ribeiro, Alisson Rodrigues, Livesay, Jefte Palo, Andrew Dalhouse, Ulises Arreola have also done a great job. If was refreshing to have the different styles of artwork displayed in the different panels, during the different time periods. Beutiful work, beautiful colors.

I have never seen a adversary bring out livewires full anger, other than Harada. And Gin GR. Oh my god. I can’t tell you any more. You will have to go out and read for yourself.

Rating: 5/5


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