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Review: Unity #20

A lot of things have come to light in this issue. The War-Monger is a @$$! Causing wars and stuff! I believe we have found our “Savage”. She, in my opinion, the female version of Harada. She’s been everywhere but nowhere. Within these last few issues, she’s become one of my favorite bad guys in comics.

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Review: Imperium #6

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artist: Scot Eaton
Inker: Wayne Faucher
Colorist: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Covers: Scot Eaton, Livesay, Paul Mounts, Cafu, David Baron, Kano

Valiant Entertainment

Broken Angels 2: Go Down Fighting

It’s all hands on deck, leviathan is under attack! P.R.S. doesn’t know what to do as they are being attacked on multiple fronts. Harada, being as presumptuous as he is, underestimated P.R.S. Not many things catch Harada off guard, P.R.S. was one of them, the other…well…you’ll have to pick up the book.

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Review: X-O Manowar #38

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Rafa Sandoval
Inker: Jordi Tarragona
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Covers: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Ulises Arreola, Cary Nord, Cafu, Brian Reber, Jay Fabare, Tom Fowler

Valiant Entertainment proudly presents…

The wedding of…X-O Manowar

This issue…was a heartfelt closure in more ways than one. This would be a great jumping on issue for the new readers. It closed a chapter in Aric’s life, but opened another for the both of them. There are, however, seeds of dissent that will come to light in the near future.

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First Look: RAI #9

This August, the guardian of New Japan collides with the devastated Earth below as Matt Kindt & Clayton Crain’s RAI returns with an astonishing new volume!
Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of RAI #9 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE ORPHAN,” an all-new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY, THE VALIANT) and superstar artist Clayton Crain (Carnage)! The next visionary volume of the critically acclaimed series that has wowed fans and critics starts here on August 19th as Rai finds himself exiled from his homeland and must marshal the forces of our own ravaged planet to conquer Father’s kingdom once and for all!


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Review: Ninjak #4

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Juan José Ryp, Clay Mann, Marguerite Sauvage and Butch Guice
Cover A by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Cover B by Dave Johnson
25th Anniversary Variant Cover by Rafa Sandoval
Variant Cover by Marguerite Sauvage
Variant Cover by Raul Allen

Valiant Entertainment

Ever since she appeared in our favorite ninja’s life, Roku has been something of an enigma. Her actions and demeanor seemed to be shadowing something deeper. Something harsh. From her first onset, she has captured readers attention, forcing us to contemplate who this woman, where did she come from, and why is she here. Just like our favorite ninja is thinking.

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Review: Bloodshot Reborn #3

Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Valiant)

STORY : Jeff Lemire

ART : Mico Suayan

The man formerly known as Bloodshot was no more. He was human again, a parting gift from Kay, a Geomancer he was protecting and the woman he loved. She did it to give him a chance at being human again, at having a life.

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Review: Bloodshot: Reborn #3

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mico Suayan
Colorist: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Covers: Mico Suayan, Lewis LaRosa, Brian Reber, Das Pastoras, Ryan Lee

With the knowledge of what he’s done, and what the newest nanite bearers did with the nanites, we see “Ray” at a point where he needs to make a decision. Stay where he is, or do what needs to be done.

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Review: Ivar, Timewalker #6

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Francis Portela
Color Art: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Covers: Raul Allen, Rafa Sandoval, Ulises Arreola, Robert Gill, Omi Remalante


Every year I go to my families family reunion. I go knowing that I’m probably gonna run into those of the family that I’d rather not. That and the usual sibling / cousin shenanigans ensue. So, with this in mind, I can see why the Anni-Padda brothers prefer to live separate lives. Now, put the all in a confined space, IN space, only hilarity can ensue.

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Review: X-O Manowar #37

XO_037_COVER-A_SEGOVIAWriter: Robert Venditti
Artist: Diego Bernard
Inks: Ryan Winn, Mark Pennington, BIT
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Covers: Stephen Segovia, Brian Reber, Rafa Sandoval, Ulises Arreola, Das Pastoras, Francis Portela, Andrew Dalhouse

Valiant Entertainment

Dead Hand #4: Red Earth

The line has been drawn. Dead Hand stops here. It’s do or die time. And Earth, knowingly, is at stake. Aric, along with a Cadre of other sentient armors, make a push to stop a horde of drones bent on a single mission…annihilate the armors, and reseed the world’s affected by the armors. Question is…why destroy entire planets unnecessarily?

Robert Venditti has successfully implanted that though into my head as I have been reading this series. Finally, we get to where we understand why Shanhara/Aric have such a special relationship. His willpower is greater than her own. And I think the armor likes that about him. Robert does a great job of making that apparent against the other armor wearers. And that he is now their king.

Diego’s art was mesmerizing! A planetoid that is a death dealing robot armada facing off against a small Cadre of super armor wearing individuals was exciting! And all those energy weapons! Wow!

Brian Reber, Ryan Winn, Mark Pennington, and BIT do a great job of making all this action stand out against the backdrop of space. And the colors inside the the planetoid were just as exciting!

As for the covers. I just can’t bring myself to single out just any one of them!

Overall, this was an action packed issue deserving of the X-O Manowar title. The Valiant team did a great job defending our world from impending doom. This is why more people are reading Valiant now than ever before.

Rating: 5/5