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COVERED! June 24th, 2015

Serving up another helping of comic covers in this week’s edition of COVERED! Here’s some of the best covers hitting shelves this week.

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The 5 Upcoming DC Series We Want Most

The end of the New 52 is nigh! Long live the New 52! DC may be doing away with the moniker but the stories aren’t going anywhere. Some series are definitely going away, but a ton more are coming our way in June. 24 new titles to be exact. We have a full list of DC’s new books here, but we also have some favorites. It’s early, we won’t get solicits for a while, and all we know for sure is the name of the titles and the creative teams, but that’s enough to get us excited for these upcoming debuts.New 52 Grave Continue reading The 5 Upcoming DC Series We Want Most