Geeks of the Square Table
Geeks of the Square Table - SmallerA weekly “round” table discussion recorded very Wednesday at Comix City Too!, Madison Tennessee’s premier comic and gaming shop. You never know who is going to stop by, and you never know what topic is going to come up, but you can be sure the discussion will always be light-hearted, fun and full of geek!

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Geekly Debate
Geekly Debate Logo - FeaturedA podcast covering the best and worst of everything geek. We choose a subject, pick a contender, and then defend our picks tooth and nail! Fun geek discussion, now with 25% more nerd-rage!

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This Geek in Comics
This Geek in Comics LogoThe comic book Geeks at Outright Geekery get together every week to discuss the newest comic book releases. We talk the good, the bad, and the rest, as well as any comic book news that may come down the pipeline. Recorded every Sunday night at Comix City Too! in Madison, Tennessee.

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