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Review: Swamp Thing #40

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Jesus Saiz, Javi Pina, and June Chung

This is it, folks. The end has finally come and can Swamp Thing muster his force of spurned Swamp Things from the past in time to defeat the combined might of the Grey, the Rot, and the Rithm? Better question: can Soule deliver a fitting end to his first hit in the Big Two? Things have never looked so grim for ole’ salad face.

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The 5 Upcoming DC Series We Want Most

The end of the New 52 is nigh! Long live the New 52! DC may be doing away with the moniker but the stories aren’t going anywhere. Some series are definitely going away, but a ton more are coming our way in June. 24 new titles to be exact. We have a full list of DC’s new books here, but we also have some favorites. It’s early, we won’t get solicits for a while, and all we know for sure is the name of the titles and the creative teams, but that’s enough to get us excited for these upcoming debuts.New 52 Grave Continue reading The 5 Upcoming DC Series We Want Most

Review: Swamp Thing #33

Swamp Thing 33Review: Swamp Thing #33

Written By Charles Soule                                                                                             Art by Javier Pina and Matthew Wilson

This is it. The Wolf and Lady Weeds have finally put their plan to kill Swamp Thing into motion and take control of the Green themselves. This is the issue that ties all of the last year of Swamp Thing together and oh boy is it exciting.

The Good

Swamp Thing has always been a wonderful title, especially during Charles Soule’s run. Soule has done an amazing job at both giving this book a very deep mythology filled with wild and crazy ideas, but yet still have the story incredibly approachable to new readers. This issue is the bad guy reveals his mater plan issue and it does a really good job tying the last year of this book together. Plus Swamp Thing fights a lot of demons. That’s just awesome. While the story is always fine, the art is reason why I buy this book every month. This month Javier Pina is filling in for Jesus Saiz, and honestly I am hard pressed to tell the difference. Saiz has maybe a little more detail in his work, but the art this month still looks fantastic. If I cant have Saiz, then Pina is a more than a suitable replacement. Pina’s kid Swamp Thing is also extremely cute. Just saying.

The Bad

As I said before, this is the issue where the bad guy reveals his master plan. As such, The Wolf is a little over written this month. None of the dialogue was bad, there was just way too much of it. At parts I thought I was reading a novel instead of a comic. There was also not enough Swamp Thing- Demon action. Show me the cool stuff. Don’t tell me about it. These are minor flaws in an otherwise great book and I can’t wait for next week.

Story: 3 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 3.5 Kid Swamp Things out of 5