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Top o’ The Lot: Non-Big 2 Comics That Should be TV Shows 

Honorable Mention: X-O Manowar

I’m sure man of you have seen X-O over the years from either it’s original inception or its current run and thought what’s up with the weird looking Iron Power Ranger. Well it’s so much more than you think. A Visogoth, a warrior from the old world looking to take down the Romans and reclaim his home when he’s suddenly taken by a strange alien race. Yeah I know that turned pretty quickly. The vine abduct the best specimens and take them to harvest for them. Enter the Visogoth Aric and his quest to return home and slay his captors. Along the way gets one of the most powerful weapons in the known Galaxy. Hello Game of Thrones meets Battlestar Galatica. Of all the Valiant titles this one can stand on its own with never having to mingle with the others, however that’s not to say it wouldn’t be cool. I just think this story has so much more going on and shouldn’t be restricted by being a 2hour film. This series could go the distance. Continue reading Top o’ The Lot: Non-Big 2 Comics That Should be TV Shows 

Geeks of the Square Table Episode #82

Check out the latest episode of our weekly geek round-table podcast.

Geeks of the Square Table ep82

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Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.13 “Forget”

***Spoiler Alert*** A lot of weird stuff happened, so you probably should go watch it.

We are two episodes in since Rick’s group has joined the peaceful community of Alexandria and while some seem to be adjusting well (Maggie and Michonne). Rick, Carol, Daryl and Sasha seem to be having a harder time living with the locals. The episode focused mostly on their path to “normal living,” which seems to have proved to be rocky for some. This week had a lot going on and there is so much to discuss. Continue reading Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.13 “Forget”

‘Last Fan Standing’ Debuts on CONtv


Geeks rejoice! The brand new digital streaming service CONtv premieres the first CONtv original series, “LAST FAN STANDING,” the hilarious pop culture game show hosted and produced by fan-favorite actor Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness).

A quiz show based on the stuff of Comic Con – sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and superheroes – “LAST FAN STANDING” is the ultimate test of pop-culture knowledge. Four fans are put through their paces by host and Con-favorite Bruce Campbell, battling through devilish speed rounds and a nerve-wracking Final Confrontation until only one remains…and a Last Fan Standing is crowned.

Continue reading ‘Last Fan Standing’ Debuts on CONtv

Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.15 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One”


Last week, the group had successfully taken down the defenses of Mt. Weather. At the beginning of this week’s two part finale, Lexa and Clarke’s plan is going off without a hitch. Bellamy frees the captive Grounders inside, gearing them up for a fight. Indra and Octavia make their way through the mining tunnels, where they plan to escape with all of the newly freed people. Clarke and Lexa wait outside the main door of the mountain with an army. While Raven and Wick take down the power through the dam. Everyone is in place so, what could go wrong?

Continue reading Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.15 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One”

Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.12 “Remember”


Last week, the group was faced with the opportunity to join the community of Alexandria. This week, we get to see how they are adjusting to this seemingly perfect place. There is an eerie calm as the group enters the streets of Alexandria. They don’t know what to except and probably seem like a Rick seems kind of cocky, like he is the hero (oh, wait, he is) as he tells them, “It’s a good thing we’re here.” You tell them Rick… Continue reading Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.12 “Remember”