Review: Ivar, Timewalker #5

Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Francis Portela
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Covers: Steve Lieber, Ron Chan, Raul Allen, Clayton Henry, Robert Gill, Omi Remalante

Valiant Entertainment

Neela seems to be a woman torn. Torn by what she feels she has to do, by the man she loves, and by who she will become. Ivar, is also torn. He he loves Neela, but knows that he has to do what needs to be done, even at the expense of saving her father. And then there’s his brothers. You got to love a family reunion.

Fred Van Lente continues his successful run on this series. He peels back the funny antics to reveal that there is something else going on. Something sinister. Something heartfelt. I can’t help but feel we are seeing something leading up to Valiant’s The Book Of Death, only more or less from the sidelines. I can’t wait to see what he has lined up next.

Francis’s brings to light something that always weighs heavily on each of us readers. What really happens to Gilad in the future? What happens to the other floating cities of the future? I guess we’ll find out.

And what is with the nanite! Ugh!!!

This issue was a great read and is sure to be a great companion piece to Valiant’s upcoming The Book Of Death, more so on my the fact of it picking up some of the pieces. Ivar has some saving to do. Neela has some work to do. Future Neela has some explaining to do. Now, just gotta locate the nearest Five Guys burgers, and I’ll be set!

Rating: 5/5


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