Review: Ms Marvel #3

Title: Ms Marvel #3
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Pencils: Adrian Alphona
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99

This week saw the release of the latest issue of Ms Marvel, which is quickly moving its way to the top of my favorite monthly titles. Our story picks up with protagonist Kamala Khan continuing to struggle to control her new powers, all while trying to figure what they mean for her and her role in the world. All of this, of course, has to be balanced with the problems that any 16 year old girl would have, including going to school, being grounded, and dealing with her friends.

So as she continues to adapt to these changes, we enter a transition stage in the origin story between her moment of transformation and the realization of her heroic identity. Which is to say that this the “breather” issue as Kamala transitions to her life of crime fighting. Unfortunately, this means that this issue doesn’t do much to advance the overall plot.

The bad news stops there, though, because the quirky charm and affable characters that make this comic such a fun read are still very much intact. With the main cast firmly established, Wilson continues to add nuance; we learn, for instance, about Bruno and his family troubles, as well as get a peak at his scientific acumen. Kamala herself, meanwhile, continues to endear herself to the readers, what with her Freudian transformations and whatnot (I especially love how her first instinct for learning about her powers was to google them). From an art standpoint, Alphona continues to deliver strong work. The energy and stylized line work are a great fit for this title, as he manages to make Kamala attending her mosque as much fun to watch as her powers test in her school locker room.

All told, this book continues to impress in its early stages. This particular issue doesn’t build as much momentum as the previous two, but continues to leave me with a strong anticipation for more, an anticipation that has as much to do with the book’s quality as it does with the cliffhanger ending. If you haven’t been checking out this book, you really need to start, and start now while it’s still early. You won’t be disappointed.

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Opinion: DC’s Forever Evil and How to Ruin a Great Event

Forever_Evil_1It can’t be an easy thing to do a big crossover comic book event. There’s the epic story that needs to be told, the crossover and tie-in stories have to be laid out, and then there’s the promotion. But once all these aspects have been applied to the event, and that ball of success starts rolling, it’s hard to slow it down and nearly impossible to stop it. DC’s latest and still current event, Forever Evil had just about everything going for it, but that success has been all but ruined by one aspect of events that DC missed: The schedule.

The Good

The lead up to Forever Evil, if you remember, was another event called Trinity War, and Forever Evil 7while that lead up event was a really big bait and switch, the end reveal of the Crime Syndicate making their way to the DCU was a fantastic way to promote the Forever Evil event. The Crime Syndicate is just that damn cool, and the way they were introduced, along with the new status quo that came along with them, was a refreshing take to a DC event. The solicits that followed showed off a Lex Luthor led Justice League, a Justice League Dark “must-read” tie-in, the debut of the Metal Men, and some great crossovers like Arkham War and Rogues Rebellion. And a lot of that has been fun, if not a bit of a letdown overall. Arkham War 1

The delivery of the event was great at the beginning, and the pace and individual stories being told around the event were fun and different. The Rogues and goings on at Arkham were neat, all three Justice League books were fun in their own unique ways despite Justice League Dark being part of an enormous crossover, and the Forever Evil book proper was exciting from ish to ish. There was also a great use of just about every character involved, and the Crime Syndicate themselves are just plain old evil fun. So where did everything go so wrong?

The Bad

“When the unthinkable happens!” It’s an appropriate tagline, as is the word “Forever” in Forever Evil. The book has been coming out since September, and while the traditional 1 Forever Evil Teaserissue per month release has worked in the past, it’s too old-fashioned for the modern day reader. Sales slipped from month to month, and I think a lot of that had to do with the staggered release dates.

As though that wasn’t enough, issue 7, the last of the series, has been pushed back at least twice, forcing many of the tie-ins to also put off their release dates or risk spoiling the entire thing. This schedule screw up has all but derailed the entire event, and not only did Batgirl #30 spoil at least a part of the event, but now DC’s own solicits are doing so with the announcement of a new book starring Dick Grayson. Everything in Forever Evil started so very well, and now I, and many comic readers I’ve spoken with, just don’t really care anymore.

The Verdict

I’m not saying the last issue of Forever Evil is going to be a stinker. I want it to be good, ForeverEvil_Teaser_Ads_ALL.inddand Geoff Johns usually delivers. Events are big money makers for comic book publishers; If they weren’t they wouldn’t do them; and any hiccup in the process not only hurts sales for the event in progress, but hurts the reputation of the publisher, which certainly impacts sales of the any future events. While it’s definitely an arguable point, Marvel events over the past few years have just been better than DC’s, and Forever Evil showed some great promise of narrowing that divide. And it’s really hard to root for a publisher that throws a Batarang at their own event.

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