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TV Geek: 2015 Mid-Season Premiere Schedule (Updated)

The mid-season hiatus is done. It felt like forever! A bunch of our old favorites are coming back really soon and new series premieres are on tap. With so many new shows coming and old shows returning it’s difficult to keep track of all the premieres, but we’ve got your back, Geeks. Here’s a rundown of the dates all your favorites are coming back, and all your soon-to-be-favorites are starting up.

(Updated: January 11th, 2015; Updates in Bold)

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Predictions for 2015

For the most part, prediction articles like these have become more of a series of vague, ‘big-bullseye’ statements that can be easily supported no matter what happens, or, worse, sure things that couldn’t possibly go in any other direction, than anything coming close to a true prediction. Predictions should be risky. So, I’m going to try to stare a bit harder into my crystal ball, go way out on the limb, and get some big-time prognostication going on. And 2015 is full of so much awesome that there’s a lot of stuff to cover, and plenty of predictions to make. I’m only going to cover comic books and comic book films in this article, but I may get into other 2015 predictions later.

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SDCC: Best Hits TV

San Diego Comic Con International may be over, but we’re not done talking about all the fun. We’ll be bringing you articles on all the news, previews, and awesome that came from the west coast last weekend all week long with recaps, commentary, podcasts, and more. There was a bunch of talk about DC’s upcoming TV lineup, but that wasn’t the only TV buzz at ComicCon this year.

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