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DC Weekly: 12/31/14

I‘m back! Sorry about last week, folks, but with Christmas, family coming in, and a particularly bad stomach bug, I didn’t have the time to put out a DC Weekly. All things are back to normal in the household, though so I’m back just in time for DC to be closed for the week… Well at least they still put out their weekly titles but that’s it. Continue reading DC Weekly: 12/31/14

DC Weekly: 12/17/14

The New 52: Future’s End #33

I guess this week’s issue was a little better than last weeks, but still nowhere near as good as the issues we received last month. Last month gave us two glorious issues in a row that I guess was just diamonds in the rough and now that they are gone, this series is just reverting back to its old status quo. Sure, this issue has it’s moments where it is exciting like during the Frankenstein/ Father Time story and, yeah, this issue does have some interesting ideas in it. Fifty Sue wearing Deathstroke’s mask and a tutu while threatening people is hilarious. The problem is that the book never spends long enough on the good parts of the story and lingers way too long on the bad parts. I totally forgot that Grifter has a sidekick from earlier in the series, why do I have to keep reading conversations between Rock and Faraday when they never actually do anything, and are you only giving me like three pages of Batman Beyond? He was fighting Batman a month ago! Give me more of that, not this crap they keep flinging at us. Basically, Future’s End #33 is the series returning to its old status quo after a month of greatness and it is really disappointing.

2.5 out of 5

Batman Eternal #37

The next act of Batman Eternal starts this week, but with not too much of a bang. Tim Seeley’s script is mostly workman like in nature and since this is the first issue of the next act, there are none of the spectacles that we have come to expect out of this book. Batman Eternal #37 is mainly concerned with moving the pieces of the chessboard into position for the finale. Catwoman takes her place as Gotham’s new kingpin, all of the Arkham gang kind of agree to work together, and something freaky is happening at Batwing’s house. I do like how Batwing is now the character that all of the supernatural stuff happens to. It gives him something to separate him from the rest of the pack. What really drag this issue down this week is the art. Andrea Mutti’s art is really uninspiring and just really dull. The colors don’t help the pencils either. Everything is a dull washed out color. Nothing pops out at you and really makes this issue sort of a slog to get through.

3 out of 5

(Weekly Book of the Week)

Earth 2: World’s End #11

Finally, an issue of World’s End that is great! Darkseid is risen and he doesn’t share page time with other lesser stories. No, the book shall be about him and him alone. I’m exaggerating here a bit. The issue is really about Mister Miracle and his revelation about disappointing fathers, but Darkseid definitely gave this series the shot in the arm that it desperately needed. The confrontations in this issue feel epic. The choices made by the characters feel important. The betrayal in this issue is actually really shocking considering the events that have already occurred in Future’s End so it will be exciting to see how a certain character progresses going forward. There is so much good in this issue and the only reason why the writer were able to do this because they only focused on the story in Apokolips the entire issue. Things flowed naturally into each other and it was great. I highly recommend it.

4 out 5

DC Weekly: 12/10/14

Welcome back, folks! Well that didn’t take long. Future’s End went from being pretty bad, to decently good almost to the point of great, all the way back to being terrible in the span of a month. Man, what a fun roll coaster of a ride it has been and I can’t wait to get into it below.

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DC Weekly: 12/3/14

Welcome back to another edition of DC Weekly, you’re one stop review for every single weekly book published by DC! Last week was sort of a bummer for me. Batman was anticlimactic, World’s End had some serious pacing and story issues, and some how Future’s End came out on top. Weird… Oh well, on to this week! Lucky for us, it was substantially better than last week.

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DC Weekly: 11/26/14

We did it, folks! A whole month straight of DC Weekly! Whew, that was tough. Now I feel much better about my procrastinating ways. Anyways, comics. This week kind of sucked. I don’t know if I was in a funky mood when I read these comics, but they just didn’t strike a chord with me. It was kind of depressing. Continue reading DC Weekly: 11/26/14

DC Weekly: 11/19/14

Welcome back for another addition of DC Weekly! This is three in a row, folks! Sure, it is a little late this week but I pulled off the hat trick. If I get one out next week then that is a solid month in a row of DC Weekly. You can tell I definitely set high goals for myself… Oh, and before you say anything, yes I totally caught that I screwed up the numbering of the World’s End section last week. I guess that’s what I get for writing these at two in the morning. Anyways, comics!

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DC Weekly: 11/12/14

Look at this! I actually managed to get this column out two weeks in a row! We are rolling on all cylinders now! Okay, Now lets get to the comics. It was a pretty good week for DC’s weekly line-up. That said, lets get the most disappointing out of the bunch out of the way first.

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DC Weekly: 11/5/14

DC Weekly: 11/5/14

Hey, guys! I’m back and ready to roll. Sorry about my recent disappearance from the site. I know, what is the point of starting a weekly column devoted to something if you’re not going to write it, but event occurred that were out of my control, but now I’m glad to be back and without further adieu let’s talk about some weekly comics! Continue reading DC Weekly: 11/5/14

COVERED: November 5th, 2014

Sometimes you just want to see hot comic book shelf porn. Well, we’ve got you COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers of the week. Continue reading COVERED: November 5th, 2014

DC Weekly: 10/15/14

DC Weekly: 10/15/14

Hey, guys! With so many weekly books coming out of DC (and soon to be Marvel too) We at Outright Geekery have decided the best way to cover them would be in one article where I give you the lowdown of what’s going on. So here we go. Continue reading DC Weekly: 10/15/14