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COVERED: July 23rd, 2014

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Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #3

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Writer: Jason Latour

Arist: Mahmud Asrar

Quentin Quire now in the hands of the Phoenix Corporation. Wolverine and Storm workinf hard to beat a Cable wannabe. The kids at school readying themselves for what’s to come ahead. A look in Quentin’s past verbal attacks on Genesis(Kid Apocalypse) as he realizes he may have damaged the future. Wolverine and Storm struggle with their past sins which has lead them to this moment, courtesy of the Cable wannabe. The best is gotten of the two X-Men, and the mysterious Age of Apocolypse Road Warrior makes his way to the school. He claims to have been one of their own in his past. Faithful John Break-Sky Boy, his name, and one thing on his mind, stopping Genesis. Meanwhile Quentin gets a Phoenix history lesson from the head of Phoenix Corp. The wheels begin to spin on Latour’s Wolverine and the X-Men

The Good

Asrar’s art really stands out in this issue. Cladded in flashback’s and fights. The look of this issue really sets a solid vibe in whats to come. I really like Latour expanding on just what happened in Battle of the Atom. Up until recently it felt like the event had been a waste of time. Latour thankfully has made me feel like it was money well spent on expanding on Quentin being the Phoenix, and that maybe the inevitable happens with Genesis becomes Apocalypse. I’m gonna be honest when I say I think Latour is one of the few handling Wolverine’s lack of healing factor well. Its a hard device to put in, but so far this title has done well with it.

The Bad

I feel like the mark has been missed with some of the students. The use of certain familiar students has been appreciated like Armor, Hellion, and Rockslide. Some of my honest to goodness favorite X-Men. But with so few interactions beyond the overlooking quips here and there I feel like a great source of story is being missed out on. Now we are only three issues deep into this run and he may expand on what has been lingering in each issue with the exchanges with some of these characters. Like many I’m impatient and a fan boy. Hellion and Armor are just awesome when used properly, and I wanna see them more in this title doing something!

The Verdict

Not a bad issue at all. I think this title has the ability to move forward, but it really has to sell me on the importance of the Phoenix Corp arc in the next issue. Too much mystery surrounding these villains. Nothing wrong with not knowing a lot with the villians, but I need something a little more concrete than a couple of names. I don’t need to know the entire end game, but a lil more about where they came from would be nice. I did still enjoy the issue but was left wanting afterwards.

This one gets a 2.5 more X-Men needed out of 5

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #2


Wolverine and the X-Men #2
Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Mahmud Asrar

As if the last wasn’t enough of a leap from Jason Aaron’s run, well Latour really knocked it out of the park in this one. Rise. A nation nearly destroyed by the events of the AvsX now rebuilt with its praise to the Phoenix Force. To make matters worse a corporation under the name of the Phoenix really gets Wolverine’s feathers ruffled! Quentin Quire of course doesn’t know how to make heads or tails of it but figures they wan’t him for their cult to be worshipped. Storm and Wolverine in the midst of their couple squabblings go to take a look at this Phoenix Corp while the kids at the school begin their growing concerns on just whats gonna happen to them.

The Good
Asrar really kills on this issue, his faces are glittered with wonderfully honest expressions. Theres a scene with Evan(Genesis, Kid Apocolypse) where he’s so sore about how Quentin really has everything he would want and how he’s such a tool about it all. All of the BAMF jokes are nothing short of brilliant. Wolverine’s Bamf is an alcoholic, Quentin’s was addicted to eating trash. I just really liked the little quirks Latour is giving each one. Also man Armor getting called a second rate Jubilee was ultra harsh and totally needed.

The Bad
While I’m diggin the Phoenix Corp and country of worshipers. Its a lot to throw in real quick in the second issue. Also whats up with the Cable rip off dude being all mysterious and taking out Wolverine and Storm. First off I am not a fan of Cable. Do we really need a convoluted Cable rip off worshiping the Phoenix? Maybe not.

The Verdict
Complaints aside I really loved this issue. I really think Latour is gonna take this title in the right direction. I love his use of Aaron’s X-kids and some of the underused kids from the not so long ago. ANOLE making his awesome fface shown in the issue was a really nice touch. A very clutch follow up to what was an exciting first issue. I have a feeling this title is goonna be one of those that really stands out in the sea of X-books.

A very strong 3.5 Phoenix resurrections out of 5