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Top o’ The Lot: Non-Big 2 Comics That Should be TV Shows 

Honorable Mention: X-O Manowar

I’m sure man of you have seen X-O over the years from either it’s original inception or its current run and thought what’s up with the weird looking Iron Power Ranger. Well it’s so much more than you think. A Visogoth, a warrior from the old world looking to take down the Romans and reclaim his home when he’s suddenly taken by a strange alien race. Yeah I know that turned pretty quickly. The vine abduct the best specimens and take them to harvest for them. Enter the Visogoth Aric and his quest to return home and slay his captors. Along the way gets one of the most powerful weapons in the known Galaxy. Hello Game of Thrones meets Battlestar Galatica. Of all the Valiant titles this one can stand on its own with never having to mingle with the others, however that’s not to say it wouldn’t be cool. I just think this story has so much more going on and shouldn’t be restricted by being a 2hour film. This series could go the distance. Continue reading Top o’ The Lot: Non-Big 2 Comics That Should be TV Shows