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Preview: Fantastic Four #645

The End is FOURever – Your First Look at FANTASTIC FOUR #645!

This April, four will stand together…one last time! Today, Marvel proudly presents your first look at FANTASTIC FOUR #645 – the oversized, senses shattering final issue! James Robinson and Leonard Kirk are joined by a murderers row of fantastic talent to give the First Family the grandest sendoff of them all!

Will the Fantastic Four defeat the Quiet Man and the corrupted forces of the Heroes Reborn universe? Will Johnny Storm get his powers back? Will Reed and Sue be a family again or will it all be torn asunder? Questions will be answered in this main feature story!

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Review: Infinity Man and the Forever People #2

Infinity Man and The Forever People 2

Review: Infinity Man and the Forever People #2

Story by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen

Art by Tom Grummett, Scott Hanna, and Mike Atiyeh

The Forever People have a problem. Something has destroyed one of their outposts on Earth so now Big Bear and the gang have to check it out. Little do they know that problem is actually a bunch of prying mantis dudes. Yeah… this book is a little odd.

The Good

Infinity Man finally decides to show up in his own book! Yay! The art is better this month as well. Giffen’s art last month was a little too blocky for me, so its just nice to see that Grummett knows how to draw people that have proper body proportions. This issue also has a lot more action that the first issue, so that’s something. Honestly, the only thing people will be talking about is the surprise appearance of a very big character on the first page. It leads to nothing, but it is still a pretty big shocker.

The Bad

Jumping straight into things can be a fun thing to do. Justice League United is doing that right now to great success. The difference between these two titles, though, is that the cast of JLU is already known and popular characters, so you don’t have to take the time to get to know them because we already do. We are two issues into Infinity Man and the only two characters whose names I could tell you off the top of my head is Big Bear (because he is ridiculous) and Infinity Man (his name is in the title). That’s a problem. The other problem is that we are only two issues into this thing and already there is a different art team on the book. So much for creative consistency. I would complain more about it, but I actually thought the art was better in this issue than in the last one. The characters aren’t as blocky and it is a lot easy to follow the actions in the panel. Oh, and this isn’t really isn’t something bad necessarily, but is Infinity Man basically Captain Planet?

The Verdict

The ideas inside this book is interesting and the shocker on the first page is cool to see. Unfortunately, this is all buried underneath an incredibly uninteresting script. Maybe over time this book can find its footing and be fun, but this is the New 52 we are talking about and this book is not going to have that time.

Story: 2 out of 5

Art: 3 out of 5

Overall: 2.5 out of 5

Review: Ultimate FF #1

detail (23)

Ultimate FF #1

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov

Artist: Mario Guevara & Tom Grummett

The Ultimate Universe has experienced a crack in the fabric of reality. One that let the 616 Galactus to enter the Ultimate Universe and wreck it. The world left in chaos, what heroes the Ultimate Universe had did their best to stop Galactus. However New Jersey was lost, and the world blamed S.H.I.E.L.D. for being unable to deal with the event. Former members of the now defunct original Ultiamtes Iron Man and Falcon have joined forces with Invisible Woman to start the Ultimate Future Foundation. A team not only capable of helping the world with disasters but a think tank comprised of geniuses coming up with solutions to the world’s problems. In their first outing they look to stop one of the many anomalies created after Galactus entered their universe. For those who didn’t read Cataclysm: Ultimates they introduce Ultimate Machineman(Danny Ketch with the power of the Gal Lak Tus swarm) and Phil Coulson(Ultimate Phil Coulson has a better hairline).

The Good

The art that Guevara and Grummett deliver in this issue is a certain cut above the standard superhero title. It has a sketchy flow to it that allows the story to really feel like its moving. The look to the Ultimate FF is serious a solid design to them that the Ultimate Universe as always sorta been known for. I’ve really enjoyed Fialkov’s work so far on the various titles he’s grabbed onto in the Ultimate Universe. I feel since this is his first he gets to start he can really open up and bring new things to the Ultimate Universe. This issue just breathes potential. I would def say this is one of those first issues that just grabbed me and made me excited about the places it could go.

The Bad

I would say for some the slight inconsistencies in the way the main characters are drawn page to page might upset some. I didn’t really mind, things like that come with the art style used in the title. However it can be a bit of a pain if you expect more out of the artist. I’m gonna be honest when I say I’m a little sick of the Phil Coulson gimmick. I get that he’s a character that people who don’t read the comics everyday can identify with. But do we really need Phil Coulson in the Ultimate Universe?

The Verdict

I loved this issue. I’m one of the few Ultimate Universe fans here at Outright Geekery and feel its my job to let you know that this is def worth picking up. Even if you’ve never really jumped on an Ultimate Universe title before this is a great jumping on point. They’ve started over and this is probably the best thing so far the Ultimate Universe has brought yet. The characters are wonderfully put together. Fialkov really has made a statement with this issue that he’s gonna take the Ultimate Universe in a whole new direction. Not only that taking small bits from easily one of my favorite titles from 616, but making it very different from what the original FF was like. I’m sold and ready for the next one.

A solid 4 not Hickman’s FF but still good out of 5