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Review: Void

[Cover Art Image]

Written by Herik Hanna
Art by Sean Phillips
Published by Titan Comics
Cover Price: $9.99

Void is a tale of loneliness, madness, and horror. John is the lone survivor of Goliath 01, a very large space prison ship. The ship itself has been riddled inert after a collision with some space debris but John’s real problem is Colonel Mercer, the ship’s captain. It turns out he went crazy and killed everyone on the ship and is out to kill John too. Can John defeat Colonel Mercer, survive the loneliness of space, get the ship working, and find help? Continue reading Review: Void

Advanced Review: Death Sentence

Written by Monty Nero

Art by Mike Dowling

Publisher: Titan Comics

Release Date: July 22, 2014

Cover Price: $22.99

Death Sentence is the hard back collection of the six-part series from writer Monty Nero and artist Mike Dowling. It is the story of three very different individuals, Veirty, Weasel, and Monty, who catch a very deadly std. They catch the G+ Virus, a virus that kills whoever has it in six months. Its not all bad,though. The virus also grants incredible superpowers. This is a very adult tale about what happens when you about to confront death and what you would do if you had the power to do whatever you wished. Overall, it is a very interesting and pretty good tale that I think you would enjoy.

The Good

If I can say one thing after reading this book, its that Monty Nero really knows how to write some funny and interesting dialogue. The characters Monty and Weasel in particular are always a delight to read. Monty is such a faux intellectual prick and Weasel is just such a little… weasel for a lack of a better term. You can tell Nero really cared about these characters and really tried to flesh them out. The best thing about this book is how it takes sex, stds, superpowers, and a couple other themes and ideas and created a very adult story. There is a sense of respect in the pages for those people who really do get the call that they have only months to live. ¬†Almost never were things done just for shock value, and when they were, it was done by the character that was a shock comedian. It served the story. ¬†Mike Dowling’s art is also really good. It has kind of a gritty feel in the pencil work that works really well for a story about sex and ultimately death. There are also a ton of crazy superpowers on display in the second half that Dowling does an awesome job realizing on page.

The Bad

One of the few problems with this book is that it takes it a little while to start rolling. Once Nero manages to get the plot where it needs to go it is super fun and really interesting stuff. That is not to say the beginning of the book was bad. As I said earlier, Nero has a really good way with dialogue, especially when he is writing either Weasel or Monty. So not much may be happening early on, but it still manages to be pretty entertaining. The only other real problem with the book is that it just kind of ends. There is no real conclusion and the conclusion you do get is very much up for interpretation. I’m sure this was on purpose, and Nero did claim in the commentary that he was going to do more Death Sentence down the line, so maybe this one won’t bug me for that much longer. The only real issue I had with the art is that sometimes the faces of people were a little off. It is mainly with side characters that don’t matter, like a random newscaster, so its not really a big deal.


Titan Comics really have done a fine job with this trade. It is really nice. Its a hard back, but it doesn’t have that annoying sleeve to take off. The binding of this book is excellent. The pages are laid out in the book to where you can see all the art and read all of the words, a problem that I’ve been having recently with many trades that I’ve read from the DC and Marvel. There are also a ton of special features in the book. You have your typical cover gallery in the back and your intros in the front, but what sets this trade apart from others is the commentary in the back. Monty Nero and Mike Dowling took the time to write a commentary for almost every major scene in every issue. Its actually quite impressive and really does shine some extra light on the events that occur. This is how I want my trades to look.

The Verdict

I liked this book. The physical book in and of itself is great, the story is very interesting, and the art is pretty cool. If you are in the market for something different than your typical super hero book then pick this one up. Just be warned that this is a very adult oriented book so don’t be surprised by the amount of sex, nudity, and graphic violence in it.

Story: 3.5 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Presentation: 5 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5