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DC Weekly: 12/31/14

I‘m back! Sorry about last week, folks, but with Christmas, family coming in, and a particularly bad stomach bug, I didn’t have the time to put out a DC Weekly. All things are back to normal in the household, though so I’m back just in time for DC to be closed for the week… Well at least they still put out their weekly titles but that’s it. Continue reading DC Weekly: 12/31/14

Review: Batman #32

Batman 32
Review: Batman #32
On sale JUNE 25 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T                                    The penultimate issue of ZERO YEAR is here! Batman gets one step closer to the endgame with The Riddler as the final chapter of ZERO YEAR: SAVAGE CITY draws closer to its stunning finale!

Batman, Lucius Fox, and Jim Gordon try their last desperate attempt to find the Riddler and end the Zero Year, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems when the Riddler is involved and the full extent of his plan is finally revealed with satisfying results.

The Good

Greg Capullo has been delivering some of the best art of his entire career in this book. The whole thing is simply fantastic. Dany Miki is no slouch either. Very rarely do you see a Batman book with such rich and vibrant colors. Usually they are always dark and dreary, but as nature is taking over the city, it is great to see some other colors at play. The story is pretty good here too. There are some twists and turns, as to be expected with a Riddler arc, but nothing to extraordinary. That said, this is still easily the best Riddler story to come out in years. The call back to the game Nigma and Bruce played earlier this year was pretty great too.

The Bad

There really isn’t anything bad with the issue itself. Its beautifully drawn and well written, as always. Sure, some of the twists were things we have seen before, but it was still done well. The problem with this story line is and forever will be the necessity of it and whether it was worth halting an entire year’s worth of current Batman stories for this one origin story. That’s an argument for a different column, though. Here I am just supposed to tell you what I thought of the issue at hand and I say its a good read.

Story: 4 out of 5                                                                                                                       Art: 5 out of 5                                                                                                                   Overall: 4.5 out of 5