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Thats right folks the segment you didn’t even know you missed is back! JulesTrue is back in action folks and I’m here to bring you the goods! As we all know Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has quite the roster, and you may not know everyone who’s filled that roster. Well thankfully I do! From East Coast to West Coast. From Secret to Uncanny. I’ll be bringing them to you every week right here on OUTRIGHT GEEKERY!

I figured since I’m just jumping back in the saddle I’d see if you were paying attention which an Avenger many of you should recognize. An Avenger who just recently made his silver screen debut alongside some X-Men. Son of a very famous villain, a member of a once cooky quartet, and twin of a very wicked witch! This week I have the Silver Speedster himself!



Pietro Maximoff and his twin sister, Wanda, were born in Wundagore in the nation of Transia. Wundagore a science city where the High Evolutionary held his genetic experiements. Wundagore stood high in the mountains so those the scientist who lived their could experiment away from the outside world. Their mother, Magda, was terrified of their father might find them. After the children were born Madga fled leaving the children with her midwife Bova. Bova was a genetically engineered cow. Magda walked out in to the could snow of the mountains to die, terrified of what her husband would do if he found her and
their children.


The High Evolutionary decided to step in seeing that Bova could not raise the children and agreed to find foster parents. Django and Marya Maximoff were chosen. A gypsy couple who had wandered through into the mountains having just lost their own twins. As kids Pietro and his sister Wanda travel around a lot. Their foster father Django would steal food constantly to help feed them. At the time Pietro’s powers began to manifest. Just when things seemed to be going well, villagers Django had been stealing from grew angered by his actions and attacked the gypsy camp! Pietro grabbed his sister and used his super speed to get them out of there.


They would spend the next several years living off the land and trying to control their powers. Pietro had an easier time understanding and controlling his powers than his sister. Wanda had a stroke of bad luck using hexes to control her powers and would occasionally destroy things on accident.  Pretty soon she gained a reputation through the countryside and people believed her to be a witch. Pietro did all he could to protect his sister but soon found himself overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to hurt them. While facing down a mob of angry villagers the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutant, Magneto, saved the twins. Magneto offered them refuge with the Brotherhood, costumed, and named them Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch!


Quicksilver then spent the next period of his life as a member of the the Brotherhood of Mutants. ¬†Quicksilver felt he had an obligation to serve Magneto for saving him and his sister, even if he disagreed with some of Magneto’s ideas. Quicksilver soon become a constant frontrunner in the Brotherhood’s campaigns against humanity utilizing his superspeed to finish jobs quickly! Famously aided the Brotherhood in their early battles against the Orignal X-Men!


After Magneto was defeated at the hands of the mysterious alien The Stranger, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch quit the Brotherhood of Mutants. The twins for a time sough refuge in Transia once again. When they heard Captain America was seeking recruits for a new Avengers team, Quicksilver convinced his sister that they should join the team. Quicksilver saw salvation for what they had down with the Brotherhood in working for the Avengers. Cap accepted Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch into the Avengers. Alongside Hawkeye the four of them became known as the “Kooky Quartet”.


Now we could end it here since Quicksilver would pretty much remain an Avenger off and on for the rest of his hero career, well his on X-Factor now but really he still works for the Avengers. However I can’t skip a vital part of the story that happens shortly after he marries Crystal of the Inhumans. Thats right Quicksilver married Crystal not Johnny Storm( The Human Torch, but you knew that). After the birth of his daughter Luna, Quicksilver learns his real father in none other that the Master of Magnetism himself. The man who saved them that fateful day and named him Quicksilver! Thats right Magneto is Quicksilver’s father! BAM! Bet you didn’t see that coming. Far more shocking then Luke and Vader!

Father's Day

Quicksilver Joined the Avengers in Vol 1 #16!
And just for kicks Quicksilver being awesome!