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Review: The Superior Spider-man #32

Review: The Superior Spider-man #32

Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, and Antonio Fabela

Spider-Ock is back in action and goes on another adventure, this time hopping through space and time in hopes of finding a way back home after saving Horizon Labs from a temporal implosion. Unfortunately, a mysterious mass murderer of Spider-men may have something to say about that. Continue reading Review: The Superior Spider-man #32

Opinion: Superior Spider-Man Series

Superior Spider-Man, the Spider-Man we needed

but not the Spider-Man we deserved


Now I’m sure many have made their judgments about this series almost before they  read the first issue probably even decided it was not for them when they read the solicitation. I’m gonna throw the hand up for the foul when I say I was one of those people who had been convinced Dan Slott held the entire Marvel Editor Team at gunpoint to let him get away with it. However despite my loathing for the entire concept I picked up the first issue. Readying myself for what looked like to be another Brand New Day debacle I had already gone through with Slott previous on his long Spider-Man run. I myself began to question if Dan Slott had actually lost his mind. I also worried if Ryan Stegman had lost his senses when I saw his name across the first issue. Thankfully to say when I picked up that first issue and read it, I felt proven wrong. I do not by any means like to feel like I called it wrong. I actually can actually say with a clear conscience that I not only felt like I was wrong to have dismissed the first issue of Superior Spider-Man but feel like you might be in the wrong for never giving it a chance!


First thing Slott got right with this series was getting Mary Jane Watson out of the picture. I know many of you are a huge fan of MJ. I’m sure you absolutely hate Brand New Day, I also thought it was a load of bull. But you have to agree since then MJ has felt pointless to have in a Spider-Man series anymore. I felt a sigh of relief when Otto as Spider-Man kicked Ms. Watson to the curb. I’ll be honest when I say I loved Anna Maria Marconi as Otto’s love interest. A new kind of love interest for a very different kind of Spider-Man made sense. It showed a lot of depth to Otto’s character. The Superior Spider-Man would not be one who was for image but of intellect and understanding. As their relationship grew I felt serious endearment for Otto. I found the way Otto began to establish his relationship with Aunt May to be the right approach for Spider-Man, trying to not leave her hanging all the time.


A serious defining moment of course comes when Massacre lets himself out of the psyche ward with a killing a few people. Massacre then decides to go to a burger joint and kill everyone for the hell of it. The mass murderer even decided to take it to the next step when asking a cola company to secret sponsor him stating that the burger franchise had risen in sales since he murdered everyone in the place. With a Mocha Cola shirt on, Massacre goes on another Spree only to be found immediately courtesy of the Superior Spider-Man’s swarm of spider-bots. Peter Parker as Spider-Man promised he would never let Massacre kill again, Otto decided there was only one way to insure that. To murder Massacre with his own gun. Otto of course having once been the villain knew Massacre’s promises to change were hollow and knew sooner or later the villain’s blood lust would cost the lives of innocent people.


When Otto discovered that Parker had not ever gotten his doctorate, he immediately plunged himself into school. Something I thought was a brilliant way to maintain the old school aspects of Spider-Man in the school atmosphere. Even better the teacher who stood in his way was a former colleague of Octavius, someone whom he absolutely loathed. After he attained his doctorate he put in a lot of hours to Spider-Man tech and Horizon Labs. Somethings go down with Alchemax, Spider-Man 2099 pops up, and bam no more Horizon Labs. Instead Otto opens up Parker Industries. Totally genius way to expand on the idea of the Superior Spider-Man. A way to capitalize on what Spider-Man has always been capable of doing with his genius and skills. This is where Slott def had my attention on what he would do with this new Spider-Man.

detail (21)detail

Superior Spider-Man was a long breath of fresh air that the Spider-Man Franchise desperately needed. The story of redemption for a villain who had it harder than most had remembered. So much was accomplished which had been long left for longing in the series. Even 2099 Spider-Man made a cool man out of time comeback which is pretty cool(no offense to Peter David but I’ve never been a big fan of the character). Spider-man not only finished college(which almost took 50 years to do?) but started his own company where he could make money off of his brilliant inventions. For once it was Spider-Man on top, and no it didn’t bother me it was Otto and not peter. I really enjoyed the fan service Slott delivered whether it was Peter or Otto it was most certainly Spider-Man. The title was gripping, funny, dark, and intense. The Goblins had a resurgence and the Sinister Six were only 5 members. I’m sad to say it is over but it was a fun ride, and can say I’m a little disappointed that Peter returned now when I had really grown to love the Superior Spider-Man. At least in true homage to the character Slott had established he sacrificed everything for the woman he loved, and that is what made him the Superior Spider-Man.

Review: Superior Spider-Man #31

detail (21)


Superior Spider-Man #31

Writer: Dan Slot & Christos Gage

Artist:Giuseppe Camuncoli Will Sliney

Dan Slott may still be a terrible person but for a totally different reason this time around. Like many I hated the idea of Otto Octavius being Spider-Man at first. But honestly as the title went on it really grew on me. In fact I feel a little let down I don’t have another year without Peter. I’m sure you’re reading this and yelling “Blasphemy!” but it’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Not only is this the final issue but the finale of the Goblin Nation story arc.Otto became overwhelmed and out matched by the Green Goblin and gave Peter his body back. Peter Parker once again Spider-Man gets into his classic costume and quickly realizes he has no idea what the hell has been going on. After some quick updates as to where his love ones are he’s off to take out the Goblins. A lil team-up with 2099 Spider-Man who pissed at first realizes he’s now in the company of the Real Spider-Man, and quickly makes himself ready. The Spider-Men now take to the streets ready to take on the Goblin’s Nation and win back New York.

The Good

I really dug the way Dan Slott decided to wrap up the series. In tandem with Christos Gage’s epilogue in the back the story really feels at an end. Camuncoli was the perfect person to bring Peter Parker back to life in the pages. Camuncoli’s facial expressions nail just how emotional this issue gets for everyone as Peter tries to understand just what Otto had been doing while using his body. Never been a huge 2099 Spider-Man fan but I’ve really gotta say Dan Slott has sold me on him in this series. I really enjoy his reasoning for being in the standard 616 and I like his relationships with both Peter and Otto. 2099 Spider-Man with Spider-Man kicking Spiderslayer and Goblin tail was just nothing but everything I ever wanted in a big Spider-Man issue. Of course like all of the Superior Spider-Man series not everyone is gonna enjoy it. But I have(and you can here me rant about it in a soon follow article Superior Spider-Man: The Spider-Man we needed but not the Spider-Man we deserved.)

The Bad

I stand by what I say in that the series ended before it should have. Dan Slott of course always intended to bring Peter Parker back, whether he admitted it or not. But I can’t help but feel cheated by the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about to hit theaters and now we are getting a relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man. Feels a little close doesn’t it? I mean there was at least another good year of stories out of Otto being Spider-Man and can’t help but feel hoodwinked by the ending of another chapter in Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Saga. Still not as bad as Brand New Day. I’m selfish when I say I wanted to see Humberto Ramos doing the art at some point in this issue. Not Will Sliney, no offense who does the art in the epilogue.

The Verdict

I was quite the fan of the Superior Spider-Man and I’m sad to see it come to an end. It was a wild ride that I simply was always left guessing till the very end and I really loved that about this title. So few superhero on-goings are willing to be weird and unpredictable the way Superior-Spider-Man was. Now that Peter is back maybe the masses who hated the title for no reason can give it a read and see the missed out on some really fun story. The art was amazing. The story was spectacular. The series was superior. See what I did there. I picked it up and you should too. If you haven’t been reading the story please go to your nearest local comic store and grab the trades. Dan Slott will surprise you.

this gets 4 Dan Slott’s killing a Spider-Man out of 5

Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits

Top o' the Lot Image UpdatedIt’s been a crazy couple of years for Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and the next couple of years promises even more craziness. We’ve seen Peter go from swearing to make sure No One Dies, to being offed himself by Otto Octavius in the fan-frenzied swap that became Superior Spider-Man, to coming back from the dead (like we knew he would) some time in the next couple of months or so. The future is even crazier with Learning to Crawl being announced, and an idea so crazy that writer Dan Slott needs every single Spider-Man that has ever lived to tell the tale. There’s a sequel to yet another Spidey film due out soon, and I’m not sure the character has ever been as popular as he is right now. And that popularity is well-deserved. Spidey’s been a mainstay in comics for, like, ever, and the Web-Slinger (almost) never fails to impress. With so much going on with Spidey Spider-Man Logolately it’s easy to know he should get some attention in the Top o’ the Lot, but deciding what to focus on is another problem altogether. Spider-Man and Peter have so many aspects to their lives that the possibilities for Spidey lists are endless. With endless possibilities comes endless lists, and, since I have the time, this’ll have to be a series of lists, and I might as well start somewhere. So, without further ado, we build a backpack out of webbing, stick our street clothes to the Chrysler Building, and run down a slanted and biased list of Spider-Man’s coolest threads in Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits.

Honorable Mention: The Classic Red and Blue (With Web Armpits!)

Amazing Spider-Man 1 It’s impossible for me not to put this suit on the list. It’s too classic, too important, and too damned cool to keep it off. Every other suit that has come after this has some part of it’s elements, not matter how far apart, taken from this very first suit. The web-shaped lines, the Spider logo, the subtle blue/blackness, even those crazy web armpits, have been copied again and again, and can be seen in just about every iteration in the rest of the Lot. It’s a slanted and biased list, yes, but I haven’t completely lost my mind just yet, and this suit has to have at least a mention in a Top o’ the Lot o’ Spidey’s Suits. Peter built it best way back when, and although other suits are more streamlined and high-tech, you never forget your first.

5. Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Pater Parker’s suit was pretty awesome, but it wasn’t really anything different, Ultimate Spider-Maneither. Mile Morales’ suit, on the other hand, is beautiful, new, and different, and stands as a testament to Miles’ harder, more direct approach to taking on the persona of the Web-Slinger. The almost entirely black suit, with blood red spider accents on the mask, chest, back, and hands is so subtly different, yet so obviously “Spider-Man” that, from a fashion standpoint, this suit quite deservedly could be at the number 1 position in this Lot. But being in the Top isn’t just about fashion, and this great looking suit lacks any bells and whistles, doesn’t have nearly as a good of a story behind it, and comes from a universe I really couldn’t care less for. I do really love that design though.

4. Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-ManIf you haven’t heard by now, you probably deserve to have it spoiled anyways. For quite some time now, Peter Parker’s body has been scientifically possessed by the persona of Doctor Octopus. But, some of Peter’s good qualities rubbed off on Doc Ock, birthing the All-New Superior Spider-Man. The debate about how good or bad this title has been will continue until the end of time, but there’s almost no debating how nice the suit change from Amazing to Superior was. Sure, it’s the same old deign with nothing more than a pronounced darker black being used in the primary, but there was an emotional attachment to the change that really helped signify the overall change from Peter to Octavius. I have to admit, I’m going to miss it.

3. Black Suit

Secret Wars 8Back in Black

There’s no denying this one! Whether it was the debut during Secret Wars, the whole greatness of the symbiote suit, or the return of Peter’s darker side during Back in Black, the all black suit is the epitome of the the fan-favorite uniform of the web-slinger. It screams emotion in all of it’s forms – whether it was Peter’s struggle with Venom to Peter dealing with his own internal struggles – and also had some pretty high-tech alien perks that came along with it. Sure, there was that whole being taken over by an alien, but Oh, the power! Good on you, Peter!

2. The Future Foundation Whites

Spider-Man FFFor a minute or two, during Hickman’s run on The Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm presumably died protecting the rest of the fam, and Spidey joined the team to take his place. In remembrance of The Human Torch, the team retired the traditional blues for bit, and started wearing these badboys. Not only did this have the emotional tie-in because of Peter and Johnny’s friendship, but the suit, created by megamind Reed Richards, was all kinds of high-tech. While it had all of the FF’s communications tech built in, the suit was made of unstable molecules, and its color could be changed with just a thought from the wearer. But I’m so happy Peter decided to keep thinking the way I do, because those whites were awesome! But nothing beats the tech and look combo in the tippy Top spot o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

1. Iron Spider-Man Suit

Iron Spidey Suit2Iron Spidey Suit1Again, for only a brief time, Tony Stark went all Bruce Wayne on everyone, and decided to take Peter Parker under his wing as a protege. This quickly led to Tony building an advanced Spider-Man suit for Peter, and, Oh, Man, was it ever awesome! Not only did it have all kinds of Stark Tech built-in, which aided Spidey in detecting badguys and communicating with allies, but Tony threw in some extra spider arms just be safe. Yeah, I’m not sure what the hell Stark was thinking, either. I thought he was off the sauce! Either way, this suit also had a huge impact on an important part of Spidey’s life, Marvel’s Civil War, and the change away from this suit has a big does of feels to it. The suit was later worn by a whole team of weird clones that made up the team of the Scarlet Spiders, but I think Marvel is trying to forget about that. But I’ll never forget this suit, and that’s why it sits at the very Top o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

Scarlet SpidersSee a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.


A Mighty Surprise


Mighty Avengers #3

Writer: Al Ewing

Penciler: Greg Land

Not got lie I personally thought this title was just gonna be really gimmicky with the whole ‘Racially Diverse’ Avenger line-up. But it has definitely found itself in to my haul of the week since it’s started. This issue solidified a strong title, banter between Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Hero is just down right funny. SHUMMA GORATH. While the team scramble to deal with Thanos’ invasion, they find themselves face to face with Shumma Gorath courtesy of the Ebony Maw messing with Dr. Strange’s mind, which was a cool tie-in to what had been going on in New Avengers. The Team pulls together and begins its first victory tethered together as The Mighty Avengers.

The Good

The Banter between teammates and comments they make to themselves makes this one of those feel natural sort-of super hero books. Its def got a honesty to the characters. The use of of Photon,or should I say Spectrum, as she now wants to called, and the Blue Marvel is just down right awesome. This def feels like the team Superior Spider-Man can stay on. The opening arc wraps in this but it leaves enough lose ends I want the next one.

The Bad

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Greg Land’s art. It was perfect for the Ultimate Universe, they hyper real style, it seems out of place in the 616 for me, but I’m one guy. White Tiger seems a little out of place on this line-up but that’s not really bad its just what I had to say to not make this issue look incredible.

Writing: 8/10


Final Verdict: Buy It.

That’s all from me, more to come from me at Weekly Recs. And be ready to catch more of the Outright Geekery on there coming soon…very soon!