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Archie Comic’s ‘Worlds Unite’ Adds More Video Game Characters

Popular SEGA and CAPCOM Franchises Join Archie Comics’ Sonic/Mega Man Crossover Event “Worlds Unite”

Archie Comics crossover event set to include characters from STREET FIGHTER, MONSTER HUNTER, SKIES OF ARCADIA, and other popular video game franchises by SEGA and CAPCOM.

Worlds Unite posterArchie Comics is proud to announce that “Worlds Unite,” the sequel to 2013’s smash-hit “Worlds Collide” crossover storyline featuring Sonic the Hedgehog & Mega Man, will expand to include popular video game franchises from SEGA and CAPCOM, including “Street Fighter,” “Monster Hunter,” and more.

Expanding beyond the focus on the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, “Worlds Unite” will also feature characters from the fan favorite SONIC BOOM and MEGA MAN X universes. Continue reading Archie Comic’s ‘Worlds Unite’ Adds More Video Game Characters

Top o’ the Lot: Old-School Arcade Games

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

Arcades are all but a thing of the past. You can find a good one here or there, but I give almost no credit at all to the Dave & Buster’s of the world and their brand new arcades with their brand new games. With the amazing quality of home console video games, the arcade just loses the feel it once had. But I vividly recall summer days at my local bowling alley throwing quarter after quarter in those slots, and I thought I’d give a biased and slanted rundown of my trip down the road of cabinet video game nostalgia. So, without further ado, we spend way too much money, put our quarter on the ledge and call “NEXT”, as we run down Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Old-School Arcade Games.

Honorable Mention: Bubble Boy Hockey

Bubble Boy HockeyI didn’t spend as much money on this classic arcade game as the others on this list, but it was an amazing and quite memorable game. It was really easy to get into heated games of Bubble Boy Hockey, rematches were often immediately demanded, but my favorite memory of this game was just how good of a wingman it made. Get a girl to help you on defense and you’re sure to get to first base in no time. Yes, I put a baseball reference in a hockey post. It changes absolutely nothing.

5. Spyhunter

Spyhunter1I’m not sure why I liked it so much; I’m not sure why my arcade still had this sitting around in the ’90’s; but I’m glad I did and I’m glad it was! Although it debuted in 1983, Spyhunter had staying power that was greater than the sum Spyhunter2of its parts.  A neat steering wheel, fun premise, better than average graphic, cool gameplay features, and killer music all made this “driving game” a way too difficult quarter eater that I just couldn’t get enough of. I love driving games, but if I had to choose one, it’s this one, and that’s why it’s in the Top o’ the Lot.

4. NBA Jam

NBA Jam1Hanging at the arcade was all about playing with your friends, and nothing got gamers playing video games than sports games, and, in the 90’s, there was no better arcade sports game than the legendary NBA Jam. Up to four players, 2 on 2, basketball action, with so much arcade flare that the ball literally caught on fire, a really fun code system that I never quite got the hang of, and actual players from the greatest league on the planet. I’ll take the Orlando Magic. Young Shaq FTW!!NBA Jam2

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tmnt1This game holds a special place in the hearts of just about every gamer who grew up able to play this game in its heyday, and it was just about the only game where I’d hand over a quarter to a complete stranger and all but command them to help me kick some Foot ass. But get 4 friends with 5 bucks worth of change in their sagging pockets and you’ve got an afternoon of outrageous fun. Sure they made a console version later and it was actually quite good, but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the original, and it deservingly sits in the middle of this week’s Lot. It would have been higher if I wasn’t so damned dominating on the next two games.tmnt2

2. Street Fighter 2

My local bowling alley n the 1990’s (which was also a huge arcade) had two games sitting on either side of the main entrance, and every night there would be lines of players calling Street Fighter 2“NEXT” for each of them, and this was one of them. Street Fighter 2 was a game-changer for fighting arcade games and would change the entire genre forever. It never really got any successful after this one, but I never needed it to be. I was a powerhouse with Blanka, and Bison, and even Zangief and Balrog, but my main man was Dhalsim, and my Yoga Fire combos were devastating. But I was a pansy compared to my prowess on the Top spot o’ this Lot.

1. Mortal Kombat 2

MK2Not only was I really, really good at this game, but I was really, really good with each and every character. It was almost an illness I had for an entire summer as I sought out codes and strategies for this game anywhere I could, and there was no internet! I read magazines at the local supermarket and wrote down page after page of everything from special stage uppercut finishers to the outlandishly nonsensical Babalities. I’d easily spend 20 bucks on a Friday afternoon just practicing for the Friday night rush, and then fight 40 or 50 matches in a row beating anyone with the audacity to dare drop a quarter in a slot and face me. I may have been a showoff, and I may have pushed a semester or two’s worth of college in quarters down plastic slots, but those skills will pay off…like right now!



See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.


The Best Video Game Soundtrack Renditions

 Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time

Quite possibly one of the more unique interpretations of a soundtrack genre-wise, but it is one hell of a good one. Have you ever heard acid jazz? I can’t say I have before listening to this. However, every single song on this record is crafted differently, retaining the familiar melodies that made the original Chrono Trigger music so amazing. You might describe this album as schizophrenic, with each song having its own personality, yet representing the tone of album as one arrangement. Some are chaotic, others are relaxing. You might not even like any of the renditions on this album, but it is hard to deny the creativity that Yasunori Mitsuda composed himself.

 Smooth McGroove VGM a cappella: Volume 2

Really any compilation of Smooth’s versions of popular video games tunes is a great listen, however volume two contains some really standout choices like the Moon Theme from DuckTales and Dr Wily’s Castle from Mega Man 2. As the title of the album reads, each is an a cappella version of a popular chiptune, which might seem weird at first, but it actually works out quite well and is not hurtful to the ears at all. In fact, it’s quite pleasing. Smooth McGroove is talented, creative and a lot of these selections can be found on his YouTube channel.

 Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale

While piano collections exist for a lot of the Final Fantasy game soundtracks, it’s good see that the best Final Fantasy and the best Final Fantasy soundtrack got even more love here. From Nobuo Uematsu, you’re treated to 11 orchestrations from the FFVI lineup. Some of them turn out differently than you may imagine, but that does not detract from their quality. If you like the melodies from any Uematsu composition, this is for you.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing… Live!

The entirety of this recording was performed by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra … live! The themes from most of your favorite Nintendo franchises are performed with mastery and embodied with plenty of character. What you thought were tunes actually become accurate, full length instrumentations that are very enjoyable to listen to. Most of the pieces are about three minutes long, but there is a 14 minute medley that will please any Nintendo fan instantly.

175px-OC_ReMix_Super_Street_Fighter_II_Turbo_HD_Remix_Official_Soundtrack_front_cover[1]Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix OST

Back when SF2THDR was released, everything about it was sharpened; this also included the soundtrack which was left up to OverClocked ReMix. Just starting up the game to the main menu, hairs raised on the back of my neck. The feeling of nostalgia went to straight awesomeness. All of the music from the original Street Fighter II have been remixed and remastered for the game. Sure, you can toggle back to the original music and many would probably prefer it that way. But I’m telling you this is excellent work and it shouldn’t be ignored.