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Dynamite Entertainment to Make Statues and Stuff



Dynamite Entertainment, a leading publisher of original and licensed comic books, graphic novels, and e-books, expands its extensive merchandising program with its proud announcement of a creative partnership with The Brewing Factory, the merchandise development company founded by Georg Brewer. The partnership will grow the Dynamite product line with new three-dimensional categories, most notably collectible statues and toys.  The first projects will be a line of female character statues, Women of Dynamite, debuting with a Vampirella statue featuring the iconic comic book heroine and horror hostess (sculpted by Jason Smith and based on the artwork of J. Scott Campbell), and slated for release in June 2015.BrewingFactoryLogo-BlackBlue Continue reading Dynamite Entertainment to Make Statues and Stuff

Geek YEN! – Matrix 1/12th scale Armored Personnel Unit

Yen: verb 1. feel a longing or yearning. That’s exactly how we feel about the stuff we love, but, more importantly, it’s really how we feel about the stuff they make out of the stuff we love. Toys, statues, posters, pogs; we love it all, and we WANT it all. It’s Geek Yen!

The Matrix trilogy may not have ended as well as most like, but there’s no denying the sci-fi film franchise has a ton of awesome associated with it. Much of that awesome comes from the futuristic craft of all sort, including both hovercraft and, yes, APUs. The Armored Personnel Unit was a heavy-hitting, machine killing, exo-suit of sorts with one hell of a set of machine guns. This replica of the APU is pristine in its detail, and at 13.5 inches tall it’s a masterpiece. I want it! Continue reading Geek YEN! – Matrix 1/12th scale Armored Personnel Unit

Previews 303: December 2013 for February 2014


Whether you call it the Comic Shop’s Catalogue or the Best Bathroom Reading in the World, the monthly edition of Previews is just as much a part of my regular geek reading as the comics it solicits. Outright Geekery takes a look into the near future (no TARDIS required) as we touch on some of the highlights of this month’s Previews.

Marvel Comics

All-New Marvel NOW! hits its stride in February with a stream of new number 1’s, as well as old numbered issues rebranded with a huge “1” on their cover. Look out for Outright Geekery’s full preview of every single issue 1 dropping as a part of All-New Marvel NOW! later this week, but there were a few standouts in this month’s offerings.

superior-spider-man-27Superior Spider-Man issue 27 begins a new arc called Goblin Nation, and things are getting serious! Green Goblin’s underworld army takes all-out war to Spider Island, and I just don’t get it. Since when is Green Goblin smarter than Otto Octavius? What could be so meaningful to grant this issue being called “…the biggest event in the entire Superior Spider-Man Saga”? Something major is going down, and the early outrageous guesses put one Peter Parker under the purple hood of the Green Goblin! Could it be? Probably not, but who could have possibly predicted Doc Ock donning Spidey’s web shooters? Is it so far-fetched that Dan Slott wouldn’t do it again? Yeah, maybe it’s just ANOTHER Goblin story, but we really miss Peter, and he’s got to come back sometime, right? Just remember, you heard it here first!

Another noteworthy observation from Marvel this month is the revelation that Rick Remender will be taking over duties on New Avengers and (according to the cover anyways) he’s putting the focus Doctor Strange! Remender + Doc Strange X Illuminati / Simone Bianchi on pencils = Freakin’ AWESOME!!

The Ultimate Universe event Cataclysm wraps up, but we already knew that was coming. Wolverine_and_the_X-Men_41What’s truly striking is the lack of any other solicits for any other Ultimate books. Could this really be the end of Marvel’s Ultimate line? Who will live, who will die, and who, if anyone, makes the jump to the 616? Even if you’ve never read an Ultimate title in your life the end of this may just be worth picking up.

On a sadder note, this month sees the end of one of my favorite titles of late, Wolverine and the X-Men. This book has been a ton of fun, and I for one do not want to see it go away. Jason Aaron truly took the entire idea of a mutant school to the Nth degree. I’m really hoping we see these characters and this location again sooner rather than later, but either way it’s been a hell of a fun ride.

DC Comics

The event extravaganza continues over at DC with Forever Evil trudging along, First Contact starting in Batman/Superman and World’s Finest, and Gothtopia takes over way too many Batman titles. But there’s more than just events to talk about over at DC, and there’s quite a bit to be excited about.

Justice League #28 sees the Metal Men jumping into the Forever Evil fray. I’m not sure what they’ll bring to the fight, but I just adore this team, and it’s going to be fun no matter what! Let’s just hope they get to stick around for a while after Forever Evil is over.

The Daily Planet’s favorite reporter gets her own title, in the Superman: Lois Lane One-Shot dropping on February 26th, and it’s definitely something different. There’s no way that Lois could carry her own ongoing title, or could she? If this is good maybe, we’ll find out!

Supergirl_28Supergirl #28 is just spewing crazy-talk as Kara becomes the recipient of, wait for it…a Red Lantern ring! While this is, yes, a kick off to another event, namely Red Daughter of Krypton, this may just be too cool to pass up even for the most seething event hater. A Kryptonian with a Red Lantern ring is going to something worth checking out.ALL-STAR_WESTERN_28

Finally, DC’s favorite disfigured wild-west bounty hunter finds that the present-day isn’t all bad, gets those scars looked at, and modern medicine changes Jonah Hex forever in All-Star Western #28! I’m not sure how many Hex fans like his treatment in the New 52 present, but, by the looks of his plastic surgery, he won’t be going back in time to his old-west origins anytime soon.

Image Comics

The third leg of comics Big Three has a ton of new number 1 issues to talk about, as well as way too many collections to cover here. But those number 1’s look incredible!

Anthony Johnston and Justin Greenwood bring a new crime series with an attitude all its own, The Fuse. The twist? The story takes place on an Earth orbiting colony! 22,000 miles up, there is no backup. Yeah, this looks cool as hell!

Undertow #1 by Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov brings a brand new pulp monster adventure, with a twist on the City of Atlantis that has never been seen before. This book looks really interesting, but it’s not something I see myself picking up for month after month. Give me a few issues, make them good, and give me a payoff. Otherwise, I’m leaving this sitting on the shelf. I’m going to have to wait to learn more about this one.

The RevengerAnother Image issue 1 drops this month, with Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill’s over-the-top violence in The Revenger #1. A washed-up action movie star finally hits it big, just in time for him to lose everything. The first thing he loses? His damn face! Literally, the first page of the solicit shows a guy having his face ripped off. Yeah, this is going to be cool!

Finally, from J. Michael Straczynski comes Apocalypse Al #1, the story of private detective Alison Carter and a world teetering on the edge of supernatural destruction, and only Al can save the day. Gun-toting imps and zombie detectives are just some of the goodness JMS has in store in this one. Grab it as soon as you see it. This one is going to be fun!


IDW has a new release of some of the greatest works the legend Jack Kirby has ever done with Jack Kirby New Gods Artist’s Edition.

The X-Files Conspiracy continues through some of IDW’s books, including TMNT and Transformers. That’s just plain weird!

The “You can’t unsee that shit!” comic of all-time, Crossed, counts down the days until title creator Garth Ennis returns in Crossed: Badlands #50. If you care at all about those no-caring Crossed you’ll want to check this out.

Boom! Studios is all about some Robocop with no less than four tie-ins for the timeless character who’s getting a brand new movie in 2014. I guess you can’t have too much of a good thing, but Boom! is definitely testing that theory.

Marvel Comics current Ultimate Smasher Joshua Fialkov gives us some Indy love with Oni Press’ The Bunker. This is going to sail under the radar, but do not miss it.

And the Merch

The Official Starships Collection of Star Trek vessel miniatures continue as the USS Equinox and a Ferengi Marauder join a slew of others. If you’re a Trekkie and you haven’t checked these out run, DON’T WALK, to your local comic shop!

DC and ARTFX+ has an amazing New 52 Shazam statue dropping, but that’s not all. There’s a companion Black Adam statue dropping soon after! That’s a pretty pair of badass statues!

There’s a cute little Yoda Backpack T-shirt coming Yoda Tout, and it’s exactly what you’d think it was.

Previews Apparel also has a great retro Transformers T that is on my “buy list” as of “right now”!

Do I need a Captain Marvel dress? No, but my wife does!

Captain Marvel DressWe end this review of Previews with something especially different. A replica of Nightwing’s Arsenal of crime fighting gear from the game Batman: Arkham City. Hand-finished and hand-painted with the LED action you’d hope for in replica Escrima Sticks. It’s a Limited Edition, as you may have guessed, so jump quick!Nightwing Replica

That’s it for Previews this month. Pick one up at your local comics shop, or check them out here http://www.previewsworld.com and share your favs in the comments!