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Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: November 19th, 2014

outright-geekery Logo NewNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week. What are you looking forward to reading this week? Continue reading Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: November 19th, 2014

Marvel Unveils Oddest Summer 2015 Teaser Yet

The Marvel teasers keep coming, and this one may be the craziest one to date. Could this be an erasing of the debacle that was One More Day/Brand New Day for Spider-Man? And, if so, does this suggest that ALL of Marvel’s Summer 2015 teasers are looking to retcon a more complex universe into a simpler one? We’ll have to wait to find out, but here’s the teaser.

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Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #9

Amazing_Spider-Man_9_CoverSpider-Verse is Here!


Written by DAN SLOTT
Variant by GABRIELE DELL’OTTO (SEP140824)
Interlocking Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG (SEP140825)
Marvel Animation Variant by JEFF WAMESTER (SEP140826)
Rocket Raccoon & Groot Variant by RYAN STEGMAN (SEP140827)

FOC – 10/13/14, On-Sale 11/05/14 Continue reading Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #9

Preview: Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors “The Vulture”

Marvel has sent us an advanced preview of this week’s brand new episode of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors titled The Vulture, airing this Tuesday at 9PM/8C.

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Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far)

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

It’s quite difficult for me to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2014, and it’s been an incredible six months of comic books. From the Big 3 publishers of Marvel, DC, and Image, to the lesser known independent publishers, the first half of 2014 has been chock full of comic book awesomeness. Since we’re such big comic fans here at Outright Geekery, we’d be negligent in our geekly duties if we didn’t put a spotlight on the best of these books from all of these great publishers, and we’re starting this 4 week series of Tops o’ the Lot with Marvel Comics. So, without further ado, Excelsior! Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far). Continue reading Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far)

Top o’ the Lot: Disabled Marvel Characters

Top o' the Lot Image UpdatedOne of the inherent qualities of Marvel comics is the way it showcases people overcoming challenging obstacles while dealing with inherent flaws. Whether it was a nerdy kid dealing with new found coolness or a doctor struggling with his own anger issues, Marvel Comics have always had a way of showing that heroes could be just like us, and, logically, we could be just like heroes, no matter our flaws. But, when the obstacle our hero must face is a bit more apparent and specific it adds an additional layer of importance that makes the real-world comparisons that much more significant to society as a whole. When a reader can walk away from a book with some perspective, knowledge, and a bit more understanding…well, it’s just one of the things that makes comics great. So, without further ado, we present another installment of Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Disabled Marvel Characters.

Honorable Mention: Curt Connors

Curt ConnorsCurt Connors was a gifted battlefield surgeon until a blast injured his right arm and it had to be amputated. Driven by this loss, Doctor Connors worked on a serum that would regrow his lost limb, the same way reptiles are able to regrow lost appendages, and one experiment-gone-wrong later, The Lizard was born. The long-time Spidey villain is one of THE most popular of the wall-crawlers Lizardmenagerie of badguys, but good ole Doc Connors only gets a mention because of his alter-ego’s popularity and the inherent nature of the villain’s origin within the context of this List. It could be said that Connors disability, or rather the desire to remove it, drove him mad, leading him to throw caution and commonsense out the window and take the path toward villainy. But it’s cooler to look at the Lizard as an even worse disability than the one Connors was trying to fix…makes you wonder.

5. Misty Knight

Misty KnightMercedes “Misty” Knight was an officer with the NYPD who lost her right arm while saving uncountable lives preventing a bomb attack. Unwilling to take a desk job because of her stubborn perseverance and drive to make a difference, Misty retired from the police force only to be given a bionic arm by Tony Stark granting her great strength and allowing her to take up her super-heroic shenanigans once again. Personally, I love the hair, and her on again/off again romance with Danny Rand notwithstanding, Misty is a great character, and she’s a respectful representative of the hundreds of police officers injured every year protecting American streets.

4. Husk

Paige Guthrie, the mutant known as Husk, has had a unique and important story during Husk2her relatively short history. Created in 1984, Husk is the brother of X-Man Cannonball, and when his mutant power revealed itself, Paige did everything she could to find out if she herself was a mutant. Upon finding out her power was the ability to shed her skin, Husk went into a deep depression, an illness that had yet to be dealt with in quite this way prior to Paige. Since then Paige has continued to be used as a tool for writers to deal with this serious and often ignored state of mind that can very easily become debilitating. While this use of the character has been seen as Husk1recently as Wolverine & the X-Men, Husk’s ability to shed her skin and become anew is such a creative and appropriate way to deal with something as serious and misunderstood as depression I knew she had to be a part of this list. In this case, like many other Marvel characters, Husk’s true power is over us, the readers.

3. Daredevil

Blinded as a child by a radioactive substance that falls from the back of a truck (in Hell’s Kitchen, New York no less), Matt Murdock becomes the Man Without Fear, Daredevil, as his other senses become supercharged due to the same accident. A sonar-like hearing, heightened sense of touch, and even super-smelling make Daredevil one of the coolest characters in all of comics, but also one of the most compelling. As Matt Murdock, the character known as Daredevil is a lawyer by profession, and the way he used his disability to help hide that alter-ego was a fascinating take on the whole context. I’d be in for a beating if I didn’t put Daredevil on this list, and his stock is in no fear of sliding as a Daredevil TV series is due out on Netflix in the next year or so.

2. Professor X

Professor X 2Any Marvel Comics fan worth his weight in adamantium recognizes the statement Stan Lee was making with 1963’s The X-Men, and it’s heralded as one of the most timely pieces of fiction supporting the entire equality movement of the 1960’s. While race, gender, and overall social equality were relatively blatant, the Civil Rights movement also empowered disabled groups to take direct action against discrimination, poor access to help, and Professor X 1inequality, demanding a social solution instead of the failing medical model. With all issues regarding equality, it’s been an uphill battle, with the Americans with Disabilities Act coming in 1990, with room for improvement still apparent today. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, Charles Xavier was by far the most powerful mutant in the world (at least until the Phoenix came along), and while his depiction made for a great role-model, his example and the perspective he provided was landmark. Professor X is still at the height of his popularity, with the current blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past making about a billion bucks at the box office.

1. Flash Thompson

Flash ThompsonAlthough Eugene “Flash” Thompson may be best known for bullying Peter Parker in High School, the way Marvel has utilized the character relatively recently has been nothing short of Spectacular in its own right. Leaving his job as a P.E. teacher, Flash re-enlists in the Army out of pure selfless patriotism to fight in the Iraq War. While on patrol, his platoon is ambushed, with Flash taking several bullets to his legs. Despite his wounds, Flash still manages to save his commanding officer, but winds up needing both his legs amputated below the knees. Although this earns him the Medal of Honor, Flash quickly sinks into a depression, only to be called back to duty for an experimental military project called, Agent Venom. That’s right, through the magic of science and more than a bit of the willpower only a war veteran could have, Flash becomes an all-new, all-heroic version of the villain known as Venom. Now a super-soldier in his own right, Flash/Agent Venom has recently taken to the stars in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s been so fun. Flash Thompson’s story of bravery, injury, loss, and unwillingness to give up symbolizes the heart of our fighting men and women in uniform, and is an example of the mettle our armed forces show each and every day. Agent Venom1

See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.

Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: June 4th, 2014

outright-geekery Logo NewNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week. What are you looking forward to reading this week?


Jules: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #2

The last issue was beyond solid. The last page left my jaw on the floor. Is Ultimate Peter Parker Back? Will Miles’ father come back? Miles has a whole lot to figure out! David Marquez owns up to his new Young Gun title. Bendis has honestly yet to slow down on this title. I am super stoked for this issue. You should be!

MM Ultimate Spider-Man 2

• After the mind-blowing reveal at the end of the first issue, miles life will NEVER be the same again.
• With SHIELD gone, the biggest villain in SPIDER-MAN history is out and nothing can stop him.
• Miles has made a huge choice about the woman he loves. Will he live to regret it?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Taylor: Original Sin #3

With our villains’ identities revealed, this issue will hopefully delve in to their motivations, all while our heroes are being exposed to some long-buried secrets. This issue should play an important role in fleshing out the plot of the overall book, and could go a long way towards establishing the event’s success or failure.

Original Sin 3

ORIGINAL SIN #3 (of 8)
VARIANT cover by Gabriele Dell’otto
• In the wake of last issue’s explosion of secrets, the heroes of the Marvel U are reeling, leaving Nick Fury to stand alone.
• He Who Holds the Eye is still on the run, and now we meet his boss, the villainous mastermind behind the raid on the Watcher’s lair.
• And in deep space, the Winter Soldier leads a team that uncovers the most bizarre murder of all.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Christian: The New 52 – Futures End #5

It could have gone two ways with my pick this week, but since both of my choices are weekly books, there will be another one next week, so I flipped a coin and Batman Eternal lost out over The New 52 – Futures End #5. This title has been hit or miss in its first month, but the stage is set for something really big to go down in this issue. Mr. T is a badass mother – shut your mouth – and we hopefully see his evil, universe destroying tech this week.

Futures End 5

Cover by RYAN SOOK
On sale JUNE 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Mr. Terrific unveils his latest technical achievement – but will it take over the DC Universe? Plus, Firestorm’s inner conflict explodes!


Gaumer: Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3

There once existed a time at Marvel Comics when labels like writer, artist, cover artist, storyteller, and the like weren’t so damned important. Steranko, Kirby, Ditko. Yeah sure, these guys are artists, okay. But you know what else they were? Amazing writers! There’s a certain quality that a comic book adopts when there’s one person – a single creative mind – doing EVERYTHING on a title, and that’s exactly what we’ve been getting with Kaare Andrews’ Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. I’m hoping that the same creative synergy Andrews has been gifting readers in the first two issues continues in this book, and I’ll find out first thing Wednesday.

Iron Fist 3

VARIANT cover by Jerome Opeña
• Ninja nurses versus killers in suits!
• Our villain’s face revealed, and it’s one terribly close to Danny Rand’s heart!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99


Those are our picks, what’s on the top of your stack this Wednesday?

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Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: May 7th, 2014

outright-geekery Logo NewNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week.


Jules: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Brian Michael Bendis has been delivering a Spider-Man tale for my generation since it’s inception at the tail end of the 90’s. This recent reboot comes at a solid time in the Ultimate Universe as the rebuild after 616 Galactus destroyed New Jersey. Now a member the fresh, young Ultimates, how will Miles Morales continue his life and the legacy of Peter Parker the original Ultimate Spider-Man? I’m ready to pick this one up!

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man 1

Variant Cover by FIONA STAPLES
Variant Cover by Brandon Peterson
• MILES is back in action with a new status quo and a new outlook on life!
• A BIG BIG BIG villain from PETER PARKER’s past is alive and well and about to turn New York upside down!
• The last page will have ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN fans SCREAMING!
• This issue can’t be missed!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Taylor: She-Hulk #4

She-Hulk has been the most pleasant surprise of the year for me, and I’m looking forward to this new issue. With the promise of a showdown with Dr Doom, it’ll be interesting to see how Charles Soule keeps up his blend of super-heroics and legal intrigue. Should be fun!

She-Hulk 4

Cover by KEVIN P. WADA
• Jen’s new client Kristoff Vernard has been kidnapped by his dad, DOCTOR DOOM!
• What does fellow lawyer (and recently outted Man Without Fear) MATT MURDOCK know about it?
• It’s an international jailbreak, She-Hulk Style, as Charles Soule (INHUMANITY) and Javier Pulido (HAWKEYE) take us to Latverian soil!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99


Christian: Detective Comics #31

Another week, another issue of Batman, but this time it’s not Eternal or vs. Bane, it’s the tour de force of art known as Detective Comics by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. The job this dynamic duo did on The Flash was special, but the seeing them work on the Bat last ish was an amazing thing to behold. Can’t wait to get into this comic come Wednesday!

Detective Comics 31
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Combo pack edition: $4.99 US
Retailers: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the order form for details.
Death comes to Wayne Manor – and the number one suspect is Bruce Wayne! In order to solve this mystery, Batman’s investigations will lead him to the mysterious man known as Sumo!


Gaumer: The New 52 – Futures End #1

Yes this is just a really big What If? sort of book, yes it’s a weekly investment, and yes I wish they’d punctuate better (of maybe it’s a bunch of futures ending??), but the FCBD #0 issue of this series really got me going, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Batman Beyond travels back in the day to stop Brother Eye from putting the Borg on the entire DCU. This one is going to be fun!

Futures End

Cover by RYAN SOOK
1:50 Variant cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON
On sale MAY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
Five years from now, the DC Universe is reeling from a war with another Earth, leaving the world unprepared for an approaching evil that threatens to destroy the future. Can a time-traveling Batman Beyond help a massive cast of the DCU’s finest avert the impending apocalypse? Find out in this new weekly series that will forever alter the direction of The New 52! In this debut issue of The New 52’s weekly series, Batman Beyond arrives five years later! Grifter turns against humanity! And a Justice League member DIES!


Jesse: Nailbiter #1

Image Comics has been hitting the shelves really hard with number 1’s lately, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The publisher adores topics and stories that the Big 2 won’t touch with a 10-foot pole, and my pick this week is a testament to that fact. Serial killers solving crimes isn’t anything new, but when Scott Snyder says something is a great idea, you listen and listen hard.

Nailbiter 1

art / cover: MIKE HENDERSON
MAY 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99
JOSHUA WILLIAMSON & MIKE HENDERSON deliver a mystery that mixes Twin Peaks with the horror of Se7en!
Buckaroo, Oregon has given birth to sixteen of the vilest serial killers in the world. An obsessed FBI profiler investigating the town has suddenly gone missing, and now an NSA Agent must work with the notorious serial killer Edward “Nailbiter” Warren to find his friend and solve the mystery of “Where do serial killers come from?”
“If Josh died I wish he’d leave NAILBITER to me in his will so I could say it was my idea.” — Scott Snyder (SEVERED, Batman, American Vampire)


Those are our picks, what’s on the top of your stack this Wednesday?

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Bygone Geekery: Spider-Man’s Animated History

In keeping with our series of Spider-Man related posts leading up to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on May 2nd, I wanted to give some attention to Spidey’s more Spider-Man Logoanimated side. For many a geek of all ages, their first introduction to comic book characters, including Spider-Man, was in the form of a cartoon. And with the history of Spider-Man animated shows it’s easy to see why. While Spider-Man first appears in comics in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, his first animated show premiered in 1967, only 5 short years later. In the overall history of the character, it could be argued that TV animation has been just as important to Spidey’s success as the comic book.

Spider-Man (1967 TV Series)

Spider-Man’s first stint into animation was Grantray-Lawrence Animation’s ironically titled Spider-Man, and it was a very well received show by the standards of the day. It originally ran for only 3 years, but found a new distribution deal in 2007 and Disney currently earns cash from this show in one way or another. While the show’s theme song quickly became synonymous with the character and remains a piece of pop culture to this very day, the show has been the genesis of some off-color and absolutely hilarious internet memes recently. I throw these episodes in when I’m reading old Spidey comics. The levels of campiness are almost overwhelming.


The Electric Company

“Hey, you guys!” Did you know that Spider-Man had a recurring skit on 1970’s children’s show The Electric Company? Well, now you do. It may not be animated or even a full-on show, but I think it’s cool! Kind of creepy, but cool.


Spider-Man (Toei TV series)

In the late 1970’s, Toei Company produced a Japanese version of Spider-Man that simply could not have worked anywhere else. Maybe the short run of the show means it didn’t work in Japan either, but the special effects were kind of top notch considering, and once, just once, I’d like to a giant Spider-Man robot show up in the comics.


Spider-Man (1981 Series)

The 1981 iteration of the show was also short-lived, running only 6 months between 1981 and 1982, but this series was way ahead of its time. Great animation, all the right Marvel villains, and spot-on characterizations (for a kid’s cartoon, anyways) made the show a terrific precursor to one of the most beloved Spidey toons of all time.


Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981 Series)

Maybe the preceding show was nothing more than a testbed for this one, but Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was the first animated Marvel show to really get it right. Great characterizations led the success, but an amazing cast – including X-Men legend Iceman and newcomer created just for this show Firestar – and a slew of cameos of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and others made this show a must watch, and, let me tell you something, it still stand up…kind of.


Spider-Man (1994 Series)

Even though Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends ran for two long seasons, after it was taken off the air there was a decade long drought of Spidey animated TV, but it came back with a radioactive spider blood vengeance with the 1994 series. Modern animation, great writing, and stories taken right out of the source material all made for a gem of a cartoon. Putting this show on the air was a big risk for Marvel during a period when DC owned the big screen blockbuster movies, but the risk paid off, and all of Marvel’s animated shows that followed took their cues from this success.


Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 Series)

They can’t all be winners. By the turn of the last century, kids were off of superheroes and onto different, more imported properties like Pokemon and Digimon. Fox barely gave this show the attention it deserved, airing only a handful of episodes originally, rerunning the entire first season almost a year after its initial release, and leaving the 1st season cliffhanger an unfinished car crash of a cartoon series. The futuristic take was interesting, but it’s hard to beat the original, and viewers just didn’t get it, didn’t want to try to get it, or both.


Spider-Man The New Animated Series (1994 Series)

This was the MTV Spider-Man. By 1994 the computer age had dawned, and CG animation had reached its heyday. So, MTV jumped on the chance to make a Spidey for the modern age, with a great coat a paint, but not much else. Terrible voice acting, even worse characters, and next to no story whatsoever spoiled this show to the point where it left a bad taste in the viewers mouths. MTV had some great animation, but this certainly was not one of them.


The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008 Series)

By the time of the 2008 release of The Spectacular Spider-Man producers had pretty much gotten over all of their pompousness, and got back to exactly what worked: classic animation with a modern leaning, traditional Spider-Man stories starring traditional Spider-Man characters, and outright quality. This was a gem of a show, and I was thankful to have a show that was reminiscent of the 1994 show that I could enjoy with my kids the same way I enjoyed the ’94 series. It’s a tough call, but this may be my favorite of all of Spidey’s animated outings. It may not be the best, but the memories I created around the series stand out a lot more than any of the series themselves. Which is really what Spidey animations throughout the generations are all about.


Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)

Marvel’s latest Spider-Man animated series takes a tested proven formula for building a Spidey cartoon, and simply adds a different blend of source material. Ultimate Spider-Man hit comic store shelves well over a decade before this show premiered, and that very successful run translated beautifully to the small screen in animated form. If the Ultimate Spider-Man comic was the Spider-Man for the new Modern Age of comics, Ultimate Spider-Man the animated series is the animated series for the new Modern Age of Marvel on the screen. Taking lessons from previous animation efforts, as well as from the success of Marvel’s Movie Universe, it’s great to see Marvel and Disney make money off of a property they simply can’t touch with a film. This is, almost, the next best thing…almost.


While the comic books will always be the source material of Spider-Man, it’s incredibly hard to argue the fact that Spidey has found a broad appeal from his animated offerings. You have to leave the house and find a comic book shop to find a book for a kid, and even then a comic may not appeal to the kid the same way a TV show that is delivered directly to a living room TV can. It’s hard to imagine a Spidey without these shows, and who knows if Spidey would have reached huge mass appeal without them. There are so many Spidey stories from the comics still to make it into the animation scene, as well, and, again, who knows, maybe we’ll see a Superior Spider-Man series someday. I won’t hold my breath.

Most of these shows can be found on Netflix, Amazon, or (even better) Youtube, so get to Googling and get your retro Spidey-toon fix.


Do you know this Avenger?


I’m sure you’ve shouted it, seen it in a comic book, heard it in a movie, maybe in a cartoon, but do you know everyone who’s answered that call? Well thankfully I do, and once a week we will inform you on who you might have missed on the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

While I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with this Avenger, but unless you keep up with the current rosters, you may not have known this very famous Marvel Superhero made his way to be a member of the illustrious team of Marvel. A hero who has been called amazing, spectacular, friendly, sensational, superior, and in this case avenging. Well of course I’m talking about…


The one and only Spider-Man!

Many know the tale of Peter Parker for which I will cover only briefly, I’m here to really tell you of how he became an Avenger. Of course we can’t get there without starting in Queens, NY where Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Parker a brilliant young mind attended Midtown High where he was constantly picked on and belittled. While on at a public science exhibit he was bitten by radioactive spider. The then 15-year old Parker was forever changed. With his new found strength and gift to stick to walls young Parker did what any sensible person would do and try to make money. After taking out wrestler Crusher Hogan on Television as Spider-Man he became a sensation! Paired with an Agent and a costume, Spider-Man for a moment was on top of the world. Everything of course would change when he decided not to stop a burglar stating it was not his problem. Days later the same burglar would break into the Parker home and would kill Ben Parker trying to rob them. Spider-Man tracked him down and to his horror realize who his Uncle’s murderer was. That night Spider-Man took to heart what his Uncle had told him, what we all have come to learn, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Amazing Fantasy 015-12AF15P11

Spider-Man would take on many trials and tribulations in the time after his origin. Peter Parker would become a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle, a newspaper which would trash talk Spider-Man. Unlike the Avengers or The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man was very hated by the public. Much like the X-Men, Spider-Man was always struggling to do what was right when the very people he helped saw him as a menace. Not only that but he would end up with quite the rogues gallery full of very powerful villains. Thankfully high school was behind him and Parker began attending Empire State University. While at college Parker became friends with a sorta high school bully Harry Osborne and met Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man’s luck was quite thin as he took at the heavy hitters of the super-crime world they began to find a very common goal in wanting him dead. In fact Spider-Man six toughest villains would form their own team with the soul purpose of killing him, The Sinister Six(Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and The Vulture). Thankfully they couldn’t agree to work all together and Spider-Man defeated them one by one.


As if that wasn’t crazy enough Spider-Man had an even bigger issue, Peter Parker’s love life. Betty Brant(Coworker at the Daily Bugle), Mary Jane Watson(Niece of neighbor Anne Watson), and of course the very wonderful Gwen Stacy(Peter’s first true love and fellow student at Empire State). The women in Spider-Man’s life would change him forever. Betty was captured and held hostage by the original sinister six and would ultimately end their relationship. When the Green Goblin(Norman Osborne father of Peter’s college roommate Harry) discovered who Spider-Man was under the mask trouble hit. The Goblin kidnapped then girlfriend and true love Gwen Stacy and led Spider-Man to the Brooklyn Bridge. Atop of the Bridge the Goblin dropped Gwen and Spider-Man tried to stop her from falling to her death by webbing her which ultimately killed her. Spider-Man enraged immiadately took to stopping the Green Goblin which thanks to the Goblin’s own glider led to his death.This took a heavy toll on Parker and though he would spend much of his time with Mary Jane Watson things would always be in flux.


Of course a great many more things would happen to Spider-Man. During the Secret Wars he would get the original symbiote his first black suit. The symbiote would drive him nuts and he tried to get rid of it which lead to Eddie Brock getting it and Brock became Venom.Spider-Man would be cloned, think he was a clone, be cloned again, I think Gwen was cloned, lots of clones at one point. Parker gets married to Mary Jane Gwen and Norman Obsborn’s twins show up, yeah I know, something about inheriting the goblin formula caused a rapid pregnancy and rapid aging. Believe me a lot of things happen to Spider-Man before he became an Avenger, I can’t recant them all. So, after the Scarlet Witch/Avenger’s Mansion Incident which Dissembled the Avengers, Electro shuts down the security system for the Raft Maximum Prison for super villains! Parker sees the power outage at the Raft as a blessing for getting out of seeing a Hugh Grant movie with his wife MJ. Hitchhiking onto a helicopter Spider-Man almost makes it to Raft until a bolt of lightning strikes the helicopter. Spider-Man quickly recovers along with one of the helicopter’s passenger Captain America. Spider-Man assists with stopping the breakout earning him a place on the new reformed Avengers!


So since Spider-Man has joined, The Avengers have split in two, then the Skrulls revealed they’d been invading, then the villians were Avengers, then the heroes took over again, then the Avengers fought the X-Men, then Doctor Octopus took over his body, I’m sure he thinks this was the best time to join the Avengers!

Spider-Man joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in New Avengers vol 1 #1