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Top o’ the Lot: My Favorite SDCC Announcements

Comic Con International in San Diego has come and gone, but we’re still all giddy about all the news that came from the hype-fest that is SDCC. TV, Movies, Toys, and, yes, of course, Comics were all everybody I know has been talking about for the past few days. While I lean a bit more toward the comic books news, I also had some other top choices of news tidbits from the show. So, without further ado, we don’t put that cosplay outfit away just yet, wish we’d have seen just one more panel, and try to get that smell out of our nostrils, with Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: My Favorite SDCC Announcements. Continue reading Top o’ the Lot: My Favorite SDCC Announcements

SDCC: Best Hits TV

San Diego Comic Con International may be over, but we’re not done talking about all the fun. We’ll be bringing you articles on all the news, previews, and awesome that came from the west coast last weekend all week long with recaps, commentary, podcasts, and more. There was a bunch of talk about DC’s upcoming TV lineup, but that wasn’t the only TV buzz at ComicCon this year.

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