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MTAC 2015: ‘Shadow of the Demon Lord’ Panel with Creator Robert J. Schwalb

The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention is in full swing this weekend, and Outright Geekery was there covering all of the cosplayers, news, and panels from the show.

After finishing a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Robert J. Schwalb’s table-top RPG ‘Shadow of the Demon Lord’ is  set to hit store shelves very soon. But, before you get your hands on the game itself, we’ve got you chance to learn everything you need to know about this upcoming RPG directly from the creator himself. Continue reading MTAC 2015: ‘Shadow of the Demon Lord’ Panel with Creator Robert J. Schwalb

Wizards of the Coast Releases Free Player Companion for New ‘Encounters’ Season

Wizards of the Coast is excited to kick off the start of the D&D Encounters Elemental Evil season, which comes on the heels of the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion—a free PDF download chock full of player options, new races and spells for adventurers to get ready to unearth the deception this season.Dungeons and Dragons 2014 Logo

Continue reading Wizards of the Coast Releases Free Player Companion for New ‘Encounters’ Season

Outright News: VOID Tabletop RPG Preview

VOID LogoWe’re not a large operation over here at Outright Geekery. Just a group of passionate and dedicated geeks wanting to share our creativity with the world. So, when I ran across a similar group of passionate geeks with their own unique and creative vision, I was immediately drawn to, and intrigued by, the development of the VOID Tabletop Role-playing Game. So much so, in fact, that I felt compelled to share this new and innovative take on the pen and paper RPG.

What is VOID?

VOID is a tabletop role-playing game, like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, currently in development. While the game is still currently being edited, the CORE Rulebooks are completed, with full game mechanics and a robust and detailed fantasy world already established. The creators of this game have spent years working on VOID, and they are finally ready to take their project to the next level.

What Makes VOID Different?

With so many pen and paper role-playing games currently on the market, the creators of VOID knew they needed to do more than just a cookie-cutter job on their product. And that was their point! They wanted deeper characters, more flexibility, and a more realistic combat system. And that is exactly what is being delivered! VOID does away with traditional character classes in favor of a less restrictive system that gives players opportunities to combine might, magic, sneaking and any other build direction imaginable. Players aren’t stuck on a single character path, and they don’t have to waste precious character levels on otherwise worthless options just to get that single desired perk. Additionally, VOID changes the game with its combat mechanics, does away with a lot of the turn-based style of “traditional” PnP RPGs, offering many actions available for players even when it’s not “their turn”. VOID also changes up the stereotypical elf, dwarf, and other races, promising something completely new and different.

VOID FlyerI know what you’re saying. “This is great, Gaumer, but we’ve heard it all before! Why the confidence in a game you haven’t even played?” I have confidence in VOID for one reason and one reason only: The creators of this game are passionate gamers! They’ve been working on VOID for over a decade, and they just love to play games. They created VOID in order to overcome the limitations they identified in other games, and if their creation wasn’t different and better in some way they wouldn’t be taking their wares to the public with a Kickstarter Campaign.

Why the Kickstarter Campaign?

If their product is so good, why do they need any funding besides sales? Good question, and the answer is: They really don’t! VOID’s Kickstarter Campaign is an attempt to fund the free release of the VOID Core Rulebook. That’s right! They want to give VOID away! But, they also want to give players the best product they can, and that means illustrations for the Monsters and other scenes, as well as the Amazon and Kickstarter funding itself. Additionally, while a PDF version of a role-playing guidebook is great, there’s nothing like having a quality paper tome to reference, and that stuff isn’t free. They’re offering some great and affordable rewards, too, so give them some attention and, if you can, become a backer.

The Verdict

This isn’t a review of VOID Tabletop Role-playing Game, it’s a preview, and I honestly know nothing about how the game actually plays once a group sits around a table and starts rolling dice and such. This is, however, a shining vote of confidence for a product that is still quite early in its evolution. Everything the VOID Team is doing – From the insightful changes, to the world-building, to their recently launched Kickstarter Campaign – stinks of unequaled passion for the entire genre of pen and paper role-playing games, leading me to strongly believe that VOID is going to be a fun and innovative take on a genre of games that has staled over the years. VOID is a game to watch out for, and now is a great time to jump on-board early in the entire process.

VOID World Map