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Spider-Island Comes to Battleworld

Spider-Powered Heroes Take to the WARZONES! in SPIDER-ISLAND #1!

This July, enter an arachnid-infested realm like you’ve never seen as SPIDER-ISLAND #1 crashes into Battleworld this July! Two exciting creative teams bring you two stories per issue jam-packed with wallcrawling and webslinging!

First writer Christos Gage and artist Paco Diaz bring you a domain under siege! The Spider-Queen has won, turning her domain into an island full of Spider-Madness. Peter Parker has been lost, her dangerous gambit all but complete. With Spider-Man defeated and captured, all hope lies in the hands of Flash Thompson – the symbiote wielding hero known as AGENT VENOM! But does he stand a chance?

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‘Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows’ Becomes Part of Secret Wars

The Parker Family Swings Into the WARZONES! in

This June, not even the Amazing Spider-Man is safe from the Secret Wars – and neither are you True Believers! Prepare for a seismic Spidey story the likes of which has to be read to be believed in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 – a new Secret Wars series! Blockbuster creators Dan Slott and Adam Kubert pull out all the stops on this next evolutionary step for Peter Parker.

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3 Questions About Spider-Man Moving to Marvel Studios

We wonder. We ponder. We think. And that leads to the search for knowledge. I only have three questions! (Editor’s Note: There are always more than 3 questions)

Spider-Man LogoThe Internet has cracked in half with the news that Marvel Studios and Sony have come to terms that allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Movie Universe, joining the ranks of the Avengers, The Inhumans, and all those other characters. We’ll see a Spider-Man solo flick, Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War, and his future in the MCU is finally secured. But this leads to a plethora of questions about the news, but I only have 3. Continue reading 3 Questions About Spider-Man Moving to Marvel Studios

The 5 Series We Want Bendis on Next

MBrian Michael Bendisarvel’s resident creative mastermind Brian Michael Bendis will once again be on the move later this year. First, he revolutionized the Avengers to the point of Hollywood Blockbuster powerhouses, then he did the awesomely absurd with time-traveling and terrorist X-Men heroes. Later this year Bendis will be moving away from his current X-series and moving on to something else. Where he’s going is still a mystery, but we have a few series we’d like to see him tackle next. Continue reading The 5 Series We Want Bendis on Next

Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far)

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

It’s quite difficult for me to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2014, and it’s been an incredible six months of comic books. From the Big 3 publishers of Marvel, DC, and Image, to the lesser known independent publishers, the first half of 2014 has been chock full of comic book awesomeness. Since we’re such big comic fans here at Outright Geekery, we’d be negligent in our geekly duties if we didn’t put a spotlight on the best of these books from all of these great publishers, and we’re starting this 4 week series of Tops o’ the Lot with Marvel Comics. So, without further ado, Excelsior! Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far). Continue reading Top o’ the Lot: Marvel Comics of 2014 (so far)



Now I know what you are thinking, who cares about Ultimate Marvel? Well for one JulesTrue does, and I’m here to let you know it’s pretty frickin awesome if you give it a chance. Once a week I’m gonna hit you with a story arc from the Ultimate Marvel Universe starting from the beginning. I’ll spotlight on whats brilliant, what’s not so brilliant, and what might be a good idea for the 616!

This week being the first week only makes sense for me to start with what started it all! That’s right folks we start with the Ultimate Universe’s namesake and launch title! From the creative minds of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagely came this gem!



The new millineum had just kicked off and Marvel had decided to launch a new branding. Ultimate Spider-Man was the first in this new alternate universe. Meet the new young and relevant teenage Peter Parker. We hit the scene in Osborn Industries and Norman Obsorn and company are trying to crack a new Super Soldier Serum. A experimental spider goes missing while the experiement s are being conducted. Meanwhile kids from Midtown High are on a field trip. Among them is Peter Parker, a young brilliant scientist with dreams of someday maybe working in a place like Osborn Industries. While on the the experimental spider bites Parker on the hand. Curious about the incident incase of lawsuit Osborn has Parker tracked incase of any side effects.


After several instances of fainting and displaying extraordinary strength and reflexes, Peter realises the bite gave him powers. On one occasion, Peter breaks his bully, Flash Thompson’s hand. Flash’s family then decides to sue the Parkers! Peter begins to grow interested in just how far he can push his abilities. He quickly joins a local wrestling circuit as the “Amazing Spider-Man” where they give him his costume.  Peter also anonymously pay for his Aunt May and Uncle Ben’s legal fees.


Peter does not reveal this secret double-life to anybody, not even his crush Mary Jane Watson and friend Harry Osborn. Peter flees the wrestling organisation after being accused of stealing. Disgruntled, he allows a burglar to escape after robbing a deli owner. Peter returns home where his aunt and uncle berate him for his failing academic grades. Ben informs Peter of the “with great power, comes great responsibility” ethos that Peter’s father abided by. Peter runs away only to return to find that Uncle Ben had been murdered by the same burglar Peter had earlier ignored. Peter tracks down Ben’s killer, subdues him and hands the killer over to the police, now understanding what Ben had previously told him.


Meanwhile, Norman Osborn injects himself with an OZ formula, gaining confidence by tracking the effects the spider formula had on Peter. As a result, Norman turns into the monstrous Green Goblin. The Goblin destroys the lab, kills several scientists and leaves Dr. Otto Octavius, another scientist, for dead. All this is seen by Harry Osborn who runs home to find his mother dead and his house in flames, noticing his father’s goblin form leaving the scene.


Peter, having now invented web-shooters for his alter-ego, Spider-Man, went back to school to find the Green Goblin destroying it. After a small skirmish in the school, Spider-Man leads the Goblin to the bridge where the NYPD confront him. The Green Goblin is shot off the bridge. The NYPD also turn on Spider-Man who retreats. Peter goes back to the school, using the excuse that he had been crushed under a chalkboard. Harry moves to live with relatives elsewhere.


Needless to say this is a strong opening arc to what will be an incredible title. Bendis really nails the idea of a Spider-Man for a more relevant generation. This is my Spider-Man the one I feel the most connection for. Mark Bagley’s art is just classic and really sets the tone for how this title plays out. His character designs really created the Ultimate Universe. I loved this arc, and I’m sure you will too! Check it out and check out all my upcoming Ultimate Arc Articles coming your way!!!

Do you know this Avenger?


I’m sure you’ve shouted it, seen it in a comic book, heard it in a movie, maybe in a cartoon, but do you know everyone who’s answered that call? Well thankfully I do, and once a week we will inform you on who you might have missed on the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

While I’m sure many of you are quite familiar with this Avenger, but unless you keep up with the current rosters, you may not have known this very famous Marvel Superhero made his way to be a member of the illustrious team of Marvel. A hero who has been called amazing, spectacular, friendly, sensational, superior, and in this case avenging. Well of course I’m talking about…


The one and only Spider-Man!

Many know the tale of Peter Parker for which I will cover only briefly, I’m here to really tell you of how he became an Avenger. Of course we can’t get there without starting in Queens, NY where Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Parker a brilliant young mind attended Midtown High where he was constantly picked on and belittled. While on at a public science exhibit he was bitten by radioactive spider. The then 15-year old Parker was forever changed. With his new found strength and gift to stick to walls young Parker did what any sensible person would do and try to make money. After taking out wrestler Crusher Hogan on Television as Spider-Man he became a sensation! Paired with an Agent and a costume, Spider-Man for a moment was on top of the world. Everything of course would change when he decided not to stop a burglar stating it was not his problem. Days later the same burglar would break into the Parker home and would kill Ben Parker trying to rob them. Spider-Man tracked him down and to his horror realize who his Uncle’s murderer was. That night Spider-Man took to heart what his Uncle had told him, what we all have come to learn, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Amazing Fantasy 015-12AF15P11

Spider-Man would take on many trials and tribulations in the time after his origin. Peter Parker would become a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle, a newspaper which would trash talk Spider-Man. Unlike the Avengers or The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man was very hated by the public. Much like the X-Men, Spider-Man was always struggling to do what was right when the very people he helped saw him as a menace. Not only that but he would end up with quite the rogues gallery full of very powerful villains. Thankfully high school was behind him and Parker began attending Empire State University. While at college Parker became friends with a sorta high school bully Harry Osborne and met Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man’s luck was quite thin as he took at the heavy hitters of the super-crime world they began to find a very common goal in wanting him dead. In fact Spider-Man six toughest villains would form their own team with the soul purpose of killing him, The Sinister Six(Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and The Vulture). Thankfully they couldn’t agree to work all together and Spider-Man defeated them one by one.


As if that wasn’t crazy enough Spider-Man had an even bigger issue, Peter Parker’s love life. Betty Brant(Coworker at the Daily Bugle), Mary Jane Watson(Niece of neighbor Anne Watson), and of course the very wonderful Gwen Stacy(Peter’s first true love and fellow student at Empire State). The women in Spider-Man’s life would change him forever. Betty was captured and held hostage by the original sinister six and would ultimately end their relationship. When the Green Goblin(Norman Osborne father of Peter’s college roommate Harry) discovered who Spider-Man was under the mask trouble hit. The Goblin kidnapped then girlfriend and true love Gwen Stacy and led Spider-Man to the Brooklyn Bridge. Atop of the Bridge the Goblin dropped Gwen and Spider-Man tried to stop her from falling to her death by webbing her which ultimately killed her. Spider-Man enraged immiadately took to stopping the Green Goblin which thanks to the Goblin’s own glider led to his death.This took a heavy toll on Parker and though he would spend much of his time with Mary Jane Watson things would always be in flux.


Of course a great many more things would happen to Spider-Man. During the Secret Wars he would get the original symbiote his first black suit. The symbiote would drive him nuts and he tried to get rid of it which lead to Eddie Brock getting it and Brock became Venom.Spider-Man would be cloned, think he was a clone, be cloned again, I think Gwen was cloned, lots of clones at one point. Parker gets married to Mary Jane Gwen and Norman Obsborn’s twins show up, yeah I know, something about inheriting the goblin formula caused a rapid pregnancy and rapid aging. Believe me a lot of things happen to Spider-Man before he became an Avenger, I can’t recant them all. So, after the Scarlet Witch/Avenger’s Mansion Incident which Dissembled the Avengers, Electro shuts down the security system for the Raft Maximum Prison for super villains! Parker sees the power outage at the Raft as a blessing for getting out of seeing a Hugh Grant movie with his wife MJ. Hitchhiking onto a helicopter Spider-Man almost makes it to Raft until a bolt of lightning strikes the helicopter. Spider-Man quickly recovers along with one of the helicopter’s passenger Captain America. Spider-Man assists with stopping the breakout earning him a place on the new reformed Avengers!


So since Spider-Man has joined, The Avengers have split in two, then the Skrulls revealed they’d been invading, then the villians were Avengers, then the heroes took over again, then the Avengers fought the X-Men, then Doctor Octopus took over his body, I’m sure he thinks this was the best time to join the Avengers!

Spider-Man joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in New Avengers vol 1 #1

Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Villains

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

We continue with our series of Spider-Man lists and posts leading up to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, and this time we tackle the villains that loved to tackle Spidey. And, boy, are there a ton of villains to choose from! There’s two obvious way to approach this list: The easy way, and the hard way. From my very first entry in this Lot, you can tell I’m going the hard way. So, without further ado, we shake a sinister fist, have heard just about enough wisecracks, and start to think about committing crimes in Cleveland instead of New York, as we run down our slanted and biased list in Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Villains.

Honorable Mention: The Sinister Six

Yeah, this list becomes a bit tougher to get through when you immediately take the Top Six off the board Sinister Sixfrom the start. But it had to be done! There are far too many really cool Spidey villains to leave any of these guys off the list, and, thankfully, Marvel wrapped them all up in a nice little package in 1964’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1. If they could do it with the good guys, why not the bad guys? And the Sinister Six was the Marvel’s villainous version of the Avengers. The team was led by Doc Ock, and with Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture all teaming up against the Web-slinger, but Spider-Man ended up winning at the end…again. There may have been other versions of the team, but nothing beats the original, and the lineup is about as classic Spidey villain as you can get.Sinister Six2

5. Scorpion

Scorpion Former Private Investigator turned guinea pig, Mac Gargan was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to discover how Peter Parker gets such good picture of Spider-Man, but was later entered into an experimental procedure where he gets the characteristics of some kind of animal. And in Mac’s case, it was a scorpion. Scorpion had amazing strength, could stick to stuff, and that suit gave him some great perks, but Mac was a moron and Spidey was always able to outsmart the lummox. That’s a shade of green that cannot be ignored, and the direct ripoff of Spidey’s powers makes Scorpion a villain that I always enjoyed seeing get his ass handed to him.

4. Mister Negative

Mister NegativeThis is a relatively new villain to the Spidey-verse is kind of a ripoff of Kingpin Wilson Fisk, but there’s enough of a twist that it gives the character a standalone quality all his own. Martin Li may seem like a good intentioned philanthropist, but he’s secretly the head of Chinatown organized crime syndicate. Yeah, that old bag. He didn’t hang around very long, but he was an integral part in a lot Peter’s renewed family struggles of late, but his Superior replacements hasn’t had to deal with good old Negative. And with a name like that, I couldn’t help but give him a spot on this Lot.


3. Rhino

RhinoThe Russian muscle with the super strong polymer suit, Aleksei Sytsevich was just a poor immigrant trying to make his way. Rhino may have been just a lumbering hulk of a beast in the early days of Spider-Man, but later in the series Rhino became an emotional torn character with a ton of heart that readers could really relate with. Forgiveness aside, Rhino remains one of the greatest Spidey villains of all time. Yes, he only really had one move – run straight ahead – but he did it so well. Spidey saw it coming just about every time, though, and Rhino always ended up serving time behind bars…and then escaping…repeat…

2. Venom

Venom2Arguably the most recognizable of all of Spidey’s foes, the alien symbiote known as Venom famously began his life in Marvel Comics as a really big help to Spider-Man. Spidey first acquired the symbiote in the Secret Wars, and he loved it! Great fit, sleek color, and great enhancements, including an endless supply of webbing, what wasn’t to love? Little did Mr. Parker know that the alien was making him *pinky to cheek* eeeevvviill! He eventually rid himself of the black goo, but all kind of folks have donned the symbiote since to varying degrees of strangeness. Eddie Brock is, of course, the most famous of the human half of the beast known as Venom, but one time Scorpion Mac Gargan also wore the black monster suit, before Venom got nerfed with Flash Thompson waring the thing. It’s not the the new Flash/Venom is bad, but I like my Venom a whole lot more villainous, and Flash is anything but. Still, Venom represents in this list, and he’s earned the next to the Top spot o’ this Lot. Leaving the one, the only…

1. The Green Goblin

Was there ever really any doubt? No other Spidey villain could have possibly filled out this Green Goblin2list, and that includes every single member of the team in the Honorable Mention slot. Norman Osbourne takes super-hero potion, becomes insane, tries to take over New York as a criminal warlord. But, as always, Spider-Man foils Gob’s plot, and this sets into motion one of the most exciting and recognized superhero rivalries in all of popular culture. He was the first to figure out Spidey’s true identify, he was the mastermind of the Clone Saga, and he killed Gwen Stacy, Peter first and one true love (Ouch! It still hurts). Good old Gob’s continues to do his work in other parts of the Marvel U throughout his storied history, but nothing will ever top being Spider-Man’s number 1 nemesis. Green Goblin makes the top, because that’s exactly wear he belongs.Green Goblin1


See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.


Review: Superior Spider-Man #31

detail (21)


Superior Spider-Man #31

Writer: Dan Slot & Christos Gage

Artist:Giuseppe Camuncoli Will Sliney

Dan Slott may still be a terrible person but for a totally different reason this time around. Like many I hated the idea of Otto Octavius being Spider-Man at first. But honestly as the title went on it really grew on me. In fact I feel a little let down I don’t have another year without Peter. I’m sure you’re reading this and yelling “Blasphemy!” but it’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Not only is this the final issue but the finale of the Goblin Nation story arc.Otto became overwhelmed and out matched by the Green Goblin and gave Peter his body back. Peter Parker once again Spider-Man gets into his classic costume and quickly realizes he has no idea what the hell has been going on. After some quick updates as to where his love ones are he’s off to take out the Goblins. A lil team-up with 2099 Spider-Man who pissed at first realizes he’s now in the company of the Real Spider-Man, and quickly makes himself ready. The Spider-Men now take to the streets ready to take on the Goblin’s Nation and win back New York.

The Good

I really dug the way Dan Slott decided to wrap up the series. In tandem with Christos Gage’s epilogue in the back the story really feels at an end. Camuncoli was the perfect person to bring Peter Parker back to life in the pages. Camuncoli’s facial expressions nail just how emotional this issue gets for everyone as Peter tries to understand just what Otto had been doing while using his body. Never been a huge 2099 Spider-Man fan but I’ve really gotta say Dan Slott has sold me on him in this series. I really enjoy his reasoning for being in the standard 616 and I like his relationships with both Peter and Otto. 2099 Spider-Man with Spider-Man kicking Spiderslayer and Goblin tail was just nothing but everything I ever wanted in a big Spider-Man issue. Of course like all of the Superior Spider-Man series not everyone is gonna enjoy it. But I have(and you can here me rant about it in a soon follow article Superior Spider-Man: The Spider-Man we needed but not the Spider-Man we deserved.)

The Bad

I stand by what I say in that the series ended before it should have. Dan Slott of course always intended to bring Peter Parker back, whether he admitted it or not. But I can’t help but feel cheated by the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about to hit theaters and now we are getting a relaunch of the Amazing Spider-Man. Feels a little close doesn’t it? I mean there was at least another good year of stories out of Otto being Spider-Man and can’t help but feel hoodwinked by the ending of another chapter in Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Saga. Still not as bad as Brand New Day. I’m selfish when I say I wanted to see Humberto Ramos doing the art at some point in this issue. Not Will Sliney, no offense who does the art in the epilogue.

The Verdict

I was quite the fan of the Superior Spider-Man and I’m sad to see it come to an end. It was a wild ride that I simply was always left guessing till the very end and I really loved that about this title. So few superhero on-goings are willing to be weird and unpredictable the way Superior-Spider-Man was. Now that Peter is back maybe the masses who hated the title for no reason can give it a read and see the missed out on some really fun story. The art was amazing. The story was spectacular. The series was superior. See what I did there. I picked it up and you should too. If you haven’t been reading the story please go to your nearest local comic store and grab the trades. Dan Slott will surprise you.

this gets 4 Dan Slott’s killing a Spider-Man out of 5

Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits

Top o' the Lot Image UpdatedIt’s been a crazy couple of years for Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and the next couple of years promises even more craziness. We’ve seen Peter go from swearing to make sure No One Dies, to being offed himself by Otto Octavius in the fan-frenzied swap that became Superior Spider-Man, to coming back from the dead (like we knew he would) some time in the next couple of months or so. The future is even crazier with Learning to Crawl being announced, and an idea so crazy that writer Dan Slott needs every single Spider-Man that has ever lived to tell the tale. There’s a sequel to yet another Spidey film due out soon, and I’m not sure the character has ever been as popular as he is right now. And that popularity is well-deserved. Spidey’s been a mainstay in comics for, like, ever, and the Web-Slinger (almost) never fails to impress. With so much going on with Spidey Spider-Man Logolately it’s easy to know he should get some attention in the Top o’ the Lot, but deciding what to focus on is another problem altogether. Spider-Man and Peter have so many aspects to their lives that the possibilities for Spidey lists are endless. With endless possibilities comes endless lists, and, since I have the time, this’ll have to be a series of lists, and I might as well start somewhere. So, without further ado, we build a backpack out of webbing, stick our street clothes to the Chrysler Building, and run down a slanted and biased list of Spider-Man’s coolest threads in Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits.

Honorable Mention: The Classic Red and Blue (With Web Armpits!)

Amazing Spider-Man 1 It’s impossible for me not to put this suit on the list. It’s too classic, too important, and too damned cool to keep it off. Every other suit that has come after this has some part of it’s elements, not matter how far apart, taken from this very first suit. The web-shaped lines, the Spider logo, the subtle blue/blackness, even those crazy web armpits, have been copied again and again, and can be seen in just about every iteration in the rest of the Lot. It’s a slanted and biased list, yes, but I haven’t completely lost my mind just yet, and this suit has to have at least a mention in a Top o’ the Lot o’ Spidey’s Suits. Peter built it best way back when, and although other suits are more streamlined and high-tech, you never forget your first.

5. Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Pater Parker’s suit was pretty awesome, but it wasn’t really anything different, Ultimate Spider-Maneither. Mile Morales’ suit, on the other hand, is beautiful, new, and different, and stands as a testament to Miles’ harder, more direct approach to taking on the persona of the Web-Slinger. The almost entirely black suit, with blood red spider accents on the mask, chest, back, and hands is so subtly different, yet so obviously “Spider-Man” that, from a fashion standpoint, this suit quite deservedly could be at the number 1 position in this Lot. But being in the Top isn’t just about fashion, and this great looking suit lacks any bells and whistles, doesn’t have nearly as a good of a story behind it, and comes from a universe I really couldn’t care less for. I do really love that design though.

4. Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-ManIf you haven’t heard by now, you probably deserve to have it spoiled anyways. For quite some time now, Peter Parker’s body has been scientifically possessed by the persona of Doctor Octopus. But, some of Peter’s good qualities rubbed off on Doc Ock, birthing the All-New Superior Spider-Man. The debate about how good or bad this title has been will continue until the end of time, but there’s almost no debating how nice the suit change from Amazing to Superior was. Sure, it’s the same old deign with nothing more than a pronounced darker black being used in the primary, but there was an emotional attachment to the change that really helped signify the overall change from Peter to Octavius. I have to admit, I’m going to miss it.

3. Black Suit

Secret Wars 8Back in Black

There’s no denying this one! Whether it was the debut during Secret Wars, the whole greatness of the symbiote suit, or the return of Peter’s darker side during Back in Black, the all black suit is the epitome of the the fan-favorite uniform of the web-slinger. It screams emotion in all of it’s forms – whether it was Peter’s struggle with Venom to Peter dealing with his own internal struggles – and also had some pretty high-tech alien perks that came along with it. Sure, there was that whole being taken over by an alien, but Oh, the power! Good on you, Peter!

2. The Future Foundation Whites

Spider-Man FFFor a minute or two, during Hickman’s run on The Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm presumably died protecting the rest of the fam, and Spidey joined the team to take his place. In remembrance of The Human Torch, the team retired the traditional blues for bit, and started wearing these badboys. Not only did this have the emotional tie-in because of Peter and Johnny’s friendship, but the suit, created by megamind Reed Richards, was all kinds of high-tech. While it had all of the FF’s communications tech built in, the suit was made of unstable molecules, and its color could be changed with just a thought from the wearer. But I’m so happy Peter decided to keep thinking the way I do, because those whites were awesome! But nothing beats the tech and look combo in the tippy Top spot o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

1. Iron Spider-Man Suit

Iron Spidey Suit2Iron Spidey Suit1Again, for only a brief time, Tony Stark went all Bruce Wayne on everyone, and decided to take Peter Parker under his wing as a protege. This quickly led to Tony building an advanced Spider-Man suit for Peter, and, Oh, Man, was it ever awesome! Not only did it have all kinds of Stark Tech built-in, which aided Spidey in detecting badguys and communicating with allies, but Tony threw in some extra spider arms just be safe. Yeah, I’m not sure what the hell Stark was thinking, either. I thought he was off the sauce! Either way, this suit also had a huge impact on an important part of Spidey’s life, Marvel’s Civil War, and the change away from this suit has a big does of feels to it. The suit was later worn by a whole team of weird clones that made up the team of the Scarlet Spiders, but I think Marvel is trying to forget about that. But I’ll never forget this suit, and that’s why it sits at the very Top o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

Scarlet SpidersSee a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.