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A Big Old Thanks to the Competition

Last Thursday night members of the Outright Geekery Crew set off on an adventure none of us had ever before undertaken. An adventure fraught with suspense, wit, cunning, and a little bit of danger. For last evening, we played Avengers Trivia!

Avengers Trivia PosterTo celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, comic book and pop culture website Four Letter Nerd and local comic book shop Comic Collector Live – The Store hosted a game of Marvel Movie Trivia at the local Brixx Pizza. Now, I could use this article to brag about how the Outright Geekery Team dominated all the rounds, including the Expert Comic Book Trivia Round, but we here at OG are in no way sore winners. And anyways, we would have felt like winners even if we hadn’t gotten a single question correct.

“Competition.” It’s a word that often brings a sense of negativity along with it. “Dog eat dog”, “win at all costs” sorts of feelings. But, 4LNin more ways than one, it’s competition that made this night of trivia so much fun, win or lose. As many long-time readers of Outright Geekery know, we ourselves are a comic book and pop culture website that happens to have an affiliation with a local comic book shop, just like Four Letter Nerd. Despite these similarities and the competitiveness that one may think would accompany such a scenario, our hosts weren’t only gracious and welcoming, but seemed legitimately excited for us to be there. While this wasn’t really a surprise to me at all since I’ve known some of the guys at 4LN for awhile now, it’s something I felt was worth sharing, especially in a world that seems too cutthroat too often.

Trivia Night
Image Courtesy of 4LN

The other aspect of “competition” at 4LN’s Avenger’s Trivia was the other teams that played with us, and our hats go off to some really passionate and knowledgeable Marvel Movie fans. A special thanks to the teams Young Justice (great players) and Nick Fury’s Bowling Commandos (not a typo, and an awesome name). It was a great atmosphere, a whole lot of fun, and the competition was fierce and made for one hell of a game. The local Brixx Pizza wasn’t too shabby either, and if you live in or around the Nashville, TN area check them out in Hendersonville at the Streets of Indian Lake. Great people, great pizza.

“Competition” casts a negative light far too often in our society. It doesn’t have to mean going for the jugular, kill or be killed, or any of the other barbaric terms that are so needlessly applied to something that is far better and more worthwhile. It’s about belonging, and getting together with people. Total strangers sharing a passion that has the uncanny ability of creating new friends, and that’s exactly how the Outright Geekery Crew felt leaving that game Thursday Night. We’d made a whole lot more friends!

Again, we’d like to thank 4LN, CCL – The Store, Brixx Pizza and everyone that came out and made it a great night!