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COVERED: February 11th, 2014

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Review: Nightcrawler #1

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Nightcrawler #1

Writer: Chris Claremont

Artist: Todd Nauck

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking. Chris Claremont is at it again? Didn’t we leard after X-Men Gold last year? No, and believe it or not this issue was better than expectations lead me to believe. Now we all know Chris Claremont’s work on Uncanny X-Men back in the day changed the game. Claremont’s Dark Phoenix Saga is still probably one of the greatest epics told in comics. However times have changed and so have comics. Well So did Claremont on this issue, no more thought bubbles this time around folks! As Nightcrawler sets into the new Jean Grey School he’s amazed at the spectacle of the new students. While his main concern is the Well being of Wolverine who’s lost his healing factor. As Nightcrawler gets his bearings he reminisces about Excalibur with Rachel Grey and visits his once lover Amanda Sefton(The Second Magik).

The Good

This is such a solid start to a solo Nightcrawler book, its shocking. Piggy backing off of Jason Aaron’s Amazing X-Men this feel like it poured out of the most recent issue. I expected it to be bogged down with Claremont’s previous undertakings with Nightcrawler but instead took a good fresh start. Chris Claremont taking a more modern approach to this issue was beyond worth the purchase alone. Last year’s X-Men Gold had me skeptical to see if my childhood hero could still hang. Claremont proves in this issue he’s not the George Lucas of comics and can adapt to this Modern Age. Todd Nauck on a Marvel Comic book again just feels right. I absolutely loved the feel of this issue. A soulless Nightcrawler now finds hismelf a man out of time and lost in the home who grew to love so much.

The Bad

As awesome as this issue turned out to be, it def felt like a build-up kinda issue. Also if you had’t read any of Jason Aaron’s Amazing X-men you would literally have no idea what was going on. So much of where this title begins is from various other sides of the X-Verse. Also seeing Amanda Sefton again felt a little cheap. A romance of Nightcrawler’s from the Claremont days, and did make me scratch my head a little.

The Verdict

This is certainly an issue one. But as far as Claremont’s return to writing X-books this feels exactly the way you want it to be. A fresh Modern start to a X-Men Legend! The pairing of Nauck and Claremont just feels perfect. Its like the art you just expect for Claremont to have move his story. I’m absolutely impressed. I honestly picked up this issue expecting to talk a little smack on my hero, and instead found he can adjust to the times. I will def be picking up the next issue.

This issue gets 3 Jules misjudged Claremont out of 5

The Geeks of the Square Table Episode 10


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Episode 10

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Review: Amazing X-Men Issue #1


The Quest for Nightcrawler Part 1 of 5
Written by JASON AARON
Art and cover by ED MCGUINNESS
32 PGS.
Rated T+
Cover Price $3.99

Killing off fan-favorite characters has become a mainstream trend in pop-culture, with everything from Walking Dead to Game of Thrones to EVERYTHING Joss Whedon has ever done (damn you, Whedon!!) revels in making their audiences weep and rage in bitter agony. Lucky for us comic book fans, the sadness is only temporary, because death in comics, to the chagrin of many a comic book fan, is also quite temporary. And so we have Amazing X-Men issue #1 and the return of the long deceased (thought deceased?) Nightcrawler. Despite having to jump over a few holes in the plot, AXM #1 is a great comic book, and shows even greater potential.

The Good

Ed McGuinness’ art is, to borrow the adjective, Amazing! He seamlessly links epic landscapes to grand fight scenes, and does so with a design style all his own. His broad panel and full page character drawings are remarkable, but he still helps navigate the reader nicely through the overall plotlines. The plotlines themselves, while a bit confusing to a reader unwilling to ignore a few things, were seamed together nicely, and the reintroduction of two (yes, two!) fan-favorite mutants was really well done. It’s an overall good, first chapter in what will, probably, be an arc that runs a couple of issues too long, but there’s enough in this first chapter to keep the pages flipping. As a reader of Wolverine & the X-Men I enjoyed this being a follow-up to some hints Aaron dropped in that title, and it’s awesome to see a full-on Jean Grey School X-Team…finally!

The Bad

I’ll begin this Bad with a Good: I can’t say a single bad thing about the art, and AXM may be worth picking up just for that reason alone. However, there are gigantic holes in several of the plot-points this book seems to be hinging on, and, without spoiling anything, I would think that Heaven would be a safer place, and mutant psychics wouldn’t be that inept. While these holes may be filled in down the road, they shouldn’t take anything away from the rest of the story, and they don’t really take away from how good Amazing X-Men issue 1 was overall.

The Verdict

Jump on this today! It’s the start of something that is going to end up being a spectacular run of X-Comics. Jason Aaron has yet to disappoint on any of his other offerings, and McGuinness, for the first few issues at least, will surely continue to impress. Yeah, I know, they’re bringing a character back from the dead…AGAIN! Just do what I do: Ignore the entire death, pretend Nightcrawler’s been around the whole time, and enjoy an awesome start to what looks to be a great run for an Amazing new X-Team.