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COVERED: March 25, 2015

Need to get your comic book eye-candy fix? Then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got your fix COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers for this week.

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Marvel’s ‘Last Days’ Are Upon Us

The LAST DAYS Come For More Heroes This June!

‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘Silver Surfer’, ‘The Punisher’ & ‘Black Widow’ Begin Their LAST DAYS Story Arcs!

The skies grow dark and the end is nigh. Everything they know is about to come to an end. Fledgling heroes, soldiers and beings of pure cosmic energy alike face the end this June. And there is no coming back. Today, Marvel is pleased to present the first issues of four blockbuster LAST DAYS stories, leading in to the highly-anticipated Secret Wars. Beginning in June, be there as these heroes face their final hours and the obliteration of the Marvel Universe! Continue reading Marvel’s ‘Last Days’ Are Upon Us

Preview: Miracleman Annual #1

ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1 Unites Morrison, Quesada, Milligan & Allred!
Presenting Your New Look at This Star-Studded Issue!

New Year’s Eve is about to get even more miraculous as four of the biggest names in comic book history bring you new Miracleman stories for a new generation. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1, uniting celebrated comic creators Grant Morrison, Joe Quesada, Peter Milligan and Mike Allred for one, star-studded issue that should not be missed! Continue reading Preview: Miracleman Annual #1

COVERED: June 25th, 2014

Sometimes you just want to see hot comic book shelf porn. Well, we’ve got you COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers of the week.

Adventures of Superman #14 by JockAdventures of Superman 14

All-New Ghost Rider #4 variant by Felipe SmithAll-New Ghost Rider 4 Smith Variant

All-New Ultimates #4 by David NakayamaAll-New Ultimates #24

Aquaman #32 Bombshells variant by Ant LuciaAquaman 32 Bombshell Variant

Fantastic Four #6 by Leonard KirkFantastic Four 6

Justice League #31 Batman ’66 Variant by Mike AllredJustice League 31 Variant

Ms. Marvel #5 by Adrian AlphonaMs. Marvel 5

Savage Hulk #1 75th Anniversary variant by Alex RossSavage Hul 1 Ross Cover

The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #30 by Guido GuidiTransformers Dawn of the Autobots #30 variant

Review: Silver Surfer #1


Silver Surfer #1

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Mike Allred

Once again the fabled former Herald of Galactus has received another monthly title. This time is couple with a new mysterious girl whom he doesn’t even know. Dan Slott in my personal opinion is a terrible person for the things he’s done on Spider-Man. Terrible things aside he’s really coming through with interesting story. In this title he takes a crack at the Surfer where we last left him gliding through the universe looking to pay retribution for his past sins as a Herald. A mysterious place known as the Impericon is in need of help and ask him to be there Champion. the Surfer is amazed to have never heard of them, and to find out no Herald or Galactus himself can find out about the Impericon. Meanwhile on Earth a young girl by the name of Dawn, the boring one of twins. A girl content to live the rest of her life working a Bed and Breakfast by the shore. When these two worlds collide neither of them know why!

The Good

Honestly I am one of the biggest Mike Allred fans left. Madman waspire and total genius. The Atomics was pure brilliance. I always look forward to what Mike Allred is doing next. I’ve gotta say this issue had a lot of cool things to bring to the table which I’m sure will be address as the tittle unfolds. the whole double introduction with Dawn taking her guests through a tour of the Bed and Breakfast on the tops of the page while Surfer was tour the Impericon on the bottom of the page was solid layout. I think Slott really hit the nail on the head with how to go about writing the Surfer doesn’t seem as disconnect as he’s been written in the past.

The Bad

As far as first issues go this was a great start to hopefully a good title! The premise which had been solicited hasn’t really been introduce into this title yet. I don’t see how this homebody girl is gonna be the one to push the Surfer to take her all over space. I know its nitpicking nut honestly thought that’s what the previews told me. And really and impossible city the Heralds and Galactus can’t find, seemed a little silly. But I will say the city looked really cool. I will also throw out there that Mike Allred’s art simply isn’t for everyone. The classic style in this modern age simply doesn’t hold up with everyone and I totally get that.

The Verdict

I really liked this first issue. It did not wow me on story but it did entice me. I’m gonna give the next issue another shot. And if it goes anything like this issue I will most likely be picking this title up until it falls victim to the Surfer cancellation curse. I really like the collaboration Slott and Allred put forth into this title. Scott’s weird storytelling really goes hand in hand with Allred’s art style. Really makes me hope they take this title to the places it needs to go!

This issue gets 3 ladybug dresses out of 5