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Preview: UNITY #14

Unity_014_CoverA_LarosaUNITY #14

Handbook Variant by FRANCIS PORTELA
Variant Cover by RYAN LEE

JANUARY 28, 2015

A world on fire! Unity vs. The United!

A dark secret at the heart of the Unity team has led the world to the brink of global war. Only Unity and their international counterparts, The United, can broker a peace…but that might not work, seeing as how they’re trying to kill each other. All hope lies with Unity’s newest team member, who may not be able to shoulder the weight of the world!

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Preview: Ninjak #1

First Look: NINJAK #1 – The New Ongoing Series by Kindt, Mann, and Guice Strikes in March!

Every master spy… had to start somewhere. This March, the past and future of MI-6’s deadliest operative collide in the pages of an all-new ongoing series from VALIANT NEXT!
Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of NINJAK #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the long-awaited VALIANT NEXT ongoing series by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, Mind MGMT), and superstar artists Clay Mann (Gambit) and Butch Guice (Captain America)! On March 11th, the search for the Shadow Seven starts here as Ninjak begins an international manhunt for the secretive figureheads behind the Webnet terror network…and unearths their classified connection to his own never-before-revealed origin and training!Ninjak #1 Banner
Then: meet inexperienced MI-6 recruit Colin King on his first mission in the field as he learns the basics of spycraft and counterintelligence, and develops a volatile relationship with his first handler. Now: Colin King is Ninjak, the world’s foremost intelligence operative, weapons expert, and master assassin. And he’s hunting the Shadow Seven – a secret cabal of shinobi masters with mysterious ties to his training and tragic past.

Preview: THE VALIANT #2


Cover by PAOLO RIVERA (NOV141677)
Valiant Next Variant by PAOLO RIVERA & TOM MULLER
Interlocking Variant Cover by JEFF LEMIRE & MATT KINDT

JANUARY 21, 2015

From comic book superstars Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera – the year’s most epic new adventure ratchets up the stakes as Bloodshot is drafted into the eons-old war against mankind’s oldest, darkest enemy! 

The Immortal Enemy has crawled out from the black depths of history to destroy this generation’s Geomancer and send Earth back to the Dark Ages! Now…the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and Kay McHenry must overcome their worst nightmares before the unlikeliest of white knights rides in to save the day. Will he be enough to battle back the unyielding evil that threatens to plunge the Valiant Universe into the darkness?

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Preview: The Valiant #3

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of THE VALIANT #3 (of 4) – the next colossal chapter of the VALIANT NEXT comic book event ten thousand years in the making by New York Times best-selling writers Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Green Arrow), Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT), and Eisner Award winning artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil). On February 18th, the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and Geomancer come together to face down their worst nightmare in the Immortal Enemy, but even with the indestructible fury of Bloodshot to aid them…it won’t be enough! Continue reading Preview: The Valiant #3

Preview: Divinity #1

First Look: DIVINITY #1 – Matt Kindt & Trevor Hairsine Introduce Valiant’s Most Powerful New Force in February!

Earth is about to meet a new god. And he’s a communist. How long can it be before the first confrontation between mankind and DIVINITY begins? 
Valiant is proud to present your first look inside DIVINITY #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of the new prestige format VALIANT NEXT limited series from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (ETERNAL WARRIOR, X-Men: Deadly Genesis). On February 11th, don’t miss the beginning of an astonishing new era as the being called DIVINITY makes his landmark first appearance…and changes the world in his wake.Valiant Comics Logo - Featured

Review: Justice League of America #10

Justice League of America 10

Written by MATT KINDT
On sale DECEMBER 11
32 pg

I’m pretty sure it’s not as literal as it sounds and won’t be lasting forever, but DC’s latest epic event, Forever Evil, continues its long march through many DC books, including all of the Justice League titles. As I mentioned in a previous JL-book review, however, each of the three individual Justice League books is taking a unique look at certain aspects of the overall event, with some good things and bad being left in the wake. While JL proper has been taking us on a fun-filled ride through the lives of the individual members of the Crime Syndicate, and JL: Dark has been a lackluster journey through something altogether different and only loosely associated with Forever Evil, Justice League of America has been sitting somewhere in the middle. Yes, the title is completely different, but it remains inherently Forever Evil, and issue #10 sticks to that trend. Although this title is taking on elements and characters that could make it the best of the Forever Evil tie-ins, like other Justice League tie-ins to Forever Evil, the issue is getting bogged down in the slow crawl that is the Forever Evil event itself. Despite a big reveal and some interesting character interactions, a mediocre origin story and seemingly cheap tactics bring JLA down enough to make this issue less than spectacular.

The Good

Despite four artists (two on pencils and two more on inks) and an entire company devoted to the coloring working on this issue, the ish does not suffer artistically from there being so many cooks in the kitchen. The art is consistently good throughout; there’s a ton of detail in each and every panel; those panels are quite diverse with sprawling two-page splashes, brilliantly done full-page offerings, and great story-telling done from beginning to end. While I didn’t really care that much about Stargirl’s origin it was nicely told, and didn’t take too much away from the overall story being written. The real gold in this book is the interaction between Manhunter and Stargirl as they attempt to rectify their current desperate situation, although the “how” behind that fix left me wanting. I hate spoilers in my reviews but one’s coming, so be warned and skip to The Bad right now if you must, but the reveal that the entire JL is being imprisoned inside Firestorm and the matrix itself was, while pretty damned predictable, vindicating to say the least. There’s a really interesting element to this reveal that I hope doesn’t get lost somewhere between now and the end of the Forever Evil event.

The Bad

Understanding that, perhaps, Stargirl was, herself, stuck in the prison along with the other JL members did nothing to help keep her origin story entertaining. I kept waiting for the hook of that aspect of the story to show itself, and, sadly, it never did. The desperate matter that Stargirl and Manhunter deal with in this ish, although quite fun on the surface, seemed equally desperate as a lackluster effort to get from Point A (the end of last issue) to Point B (the rest of this arc). Yes, I know, that IS the goal, but the approach in this case felt way to clunky, and the culminating solution was so cheap that I flipped back and forth a couple of times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I hadn’t.

The Verdict

Although the artwork, surprisingly, makes issue #10 of Justice League of America almost redeemable, I cannot advise you to pick up this issue. There’s really nothing going on in this issue that won’t be covered down the road as a part of the event tie-in, the big reveal, while interestingly fun, was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning, and Stargirl is nowhere near as intriguing as she needs to be to deserve any kind of origin story, especially in a book meant to make the Forever Evil event more enjoyable. So, unless you are hooked on those pencils, or just have a thing for Stargirl, skip this ish, reread the previous issues in this arc, and wait for what’s coming next. Because, as this filler issue alludes to, there’s plenty to come.

Review: Justice League of America Issue #8


Justice League of America #8
Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Doug Mahnke
32 Pages
Cover Price: $3.99

If you haven’t been keeping up with the happenings of the current DC Comics Universe-wide mega-event Forever Evil, you’ve missed way too much to cover in any sort of depth in this review. Basically, The Crime Syndicate has taken over the earth and, as far as any of us were led to believe, The Justice League, save at least one or two, were *gulp* DEAD! Of course, no one in their right mind actually thought DC would kill off a huge chunk of A-list heroes, at least not in one fail swoop, but this did, however, continually beg the question among fanboys: Where the hell is The Justice League? Well, JLA issue 8 begins to paint the intriguing answer to that question, while raising a few more of its own.

The Good

Before I get into the meat of the matter I have to give some credit to Doug Mahnke’s art in this issue. While the art was generally consistent throughout, stunning panels sporadically leap from the pages with every other flip of the book as different members of The Justice League are seen emotionally distraught to the point of relative paralysis. This terrific work on pencils drives an equally interesting story as we discover, via the unlikely team-up of Martian Manhunter, Stargirl and the Jason Rusch half of Firestorm, other members of The Justice League trapped in a prison that preys on each of their greatest qualities in the context of their weakest moment. Wonder Woman struggles against her own honor and mortal/immortal duality; Captain Marvel is set loose in a playground of destruction without consequences that only a super-powered child could fully appreciate; Flash sits motionless as the thought of being fast enough to do ALL things hinders his ability to do anything else; Superman seeks justice for a murder he himself committed as he is consumed by his enormous guilt. This prison is yet another example of just how sinister the Crime Syndicate truly is, and I can’t think of any worse sort of jail than one that causes a constant mind$%^& for those inside. The issue tried to answer a few more questions, but I’m wishing writer Matt Kindt plays the same sort of mind$%^& with his audience, and hoping these “answers” are anything but. There’s definitely room for plenty of cerebral twists and turns in this story, I just hope it doesn’t end up being the same straight line this issue ended up being.

The Bad

Although we got some “okay” answers to some pretty important questions, that’s just about all we got: Straight-line story from end to end, no twist, no hooks, just revelation. Such an important question that surrounds a huge moment in the overall event (i.e. The Justice League’s surmised death) deserves something better than “Oh, Martian Manhunter and Stargirl aren’t affected by the prison.” Maybe there’s more to it than that, and I certainly hope there is, but as of this issue there are big and obvious holes in an otherwise perfect and insidious plan carried out by the Syndicate. My gut tells me this is too big of a ball for DC to drop, but it’s an observation worth mentioning and worth worrying about. Those holes, which may in fact not be holes at all, are still not wide enough to ruin an otherwise fascinating story surrounding a fascinating way to subdue The Justice League. While I don’t particularly care for the way Doug Mahnke draws Martian Manhunter, and his quality tends to waver a bit depending on the angle of the characters he’s drawing, these are minor nitpicks at best and do nothing to take away from the overall enjoyment of the issue.

The Verdict

If you are reading or thinking about reading DC Comics’ Forever Evil event this is a worthwhile grab. While it may not pan out to be everything it could potentially be, it has the potential of being THE book for seeing The Justice League get their stuff back together and move toward taking the fight back to the Crime Syndicate. If you’re not reading Forever Evil, however, this book is going to be a major waste of time and money. There’s nothing here that isn’t inherently Forever Evil, and someone looking for a good, run-of-the-mill Justice League story is going to be very disappointed. It’s a really good event tie-in issue, answers some questions, brings up some others, has a ton of potential and does exactly what a book like this is supposed to do: Get me to buy the next issue. Which I will, without a doubt, be doing.