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Guess who’s back for a Marvel Review

That’s right fellow True Believers JulesTrue here with a full review of what I thought was best of Marvel this week. Normally I throw a few at you with some basics, but no this time I have two indepth review to go hand in hand!



Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver

Price: 3.99

The tides have turned and the builders begin to lose as worlds fight back under the Avengers Banner. Cap’s call to arms again inspires whole worlds that what was a seemingly lost cause a reason to stand intstead of kneal to those who would call themselves masters. Just when all seems to be right, Cap is given the new “The Earth has fallen”. We slide back again to Ebony Maw as he presents himself to Thane, the new revealed son of Thanos, as he comes to grips with his loss as a healer and new found powers of death( Hickman’s beautiful poetic irony that the Thanos who is love with death would spawn a bring of death). And as if there wasn’t enough going on the Illumaniti now find Wakanda in ruins and Thanos forces at their base in Necropolis.

The Good: This issue is finally the first step in what the wake of Infinity will look like. The event leading to this issue was grim but this is the ray of light we have been waitng for to be shown. Thane finally becomes a character, as does the Maw, though both still remain shrouded we get glipses of whats to become of them. The Avengers finally get breath as to what the hell Thanos has been doing on Earth. The Illumanti really get back involved with whats going on. This issue is deep on the Sci-Fi, as has this entire event. The Art is intensely smashing Dustin Weaver and Jerome Opena graciously bob and weave throughout the issue and its just beautifully done.

The Not so Good: Its another stepping stone sort of issue. The build to what happens next. For some this issue may not be enough action.

Writing: 9/10

Art: 9/10    

Plot: 8/10

Final Verdict: BUY IT!


Avengers #22  

Writer:Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Leinil Fracnis Yu

Price: 3.99                                                                                                                            

Cannonball and Smasher?! Who saw that coming, not even Sunspot. Who is extra bummed they’re hooking up, just kidding. Leaving off where Infinity 5 had started us, The Galatic Fleet now at Cap’s command begin to make their move against Thanos having beaten the Builders. This issue builds hard on what’s the Avengers next move in protecting earth. The next step in the plan? Attack on Titan. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Thats right, mess with Earth and Cap will mess with your homeplanet, BOOM. White Dwarf gets to redeem himself as he leads what forces Thanos has in space against the Avengers. And the scene that steals the show. Captain America and Captain Marvel discuss fate and faith or the lack there of with the young Eden. The Captains make it very apparent there is only the here and now and what they make of it, while Thor shares his thoughts with Eden that he too belives in fate and that they were made it live for these moments and this is what they have waited to do their entire lives. Yes this is the Marvel event for Marvel readers through and through. It has everything, Space, Spaceknights, Avengers, The Whole expaned universe, and its not over yet! The issue ends just when you think its about to start.

The Good: You get a lot of answers in this issue. You see that the Builder fight really is over and what the Avengers plan to do about whats going on Earth. You also get to see whats been going on with some of those awesome characters you forgot were on this ridiculously big team. Lenil Francis Yu was born to draw eyes, and this issue his faces say so much more than the dialogue.

The Not So Good: Like Infinity 5, this issue is a major stepping stone on what is gonna happen next, so unless you’ve read every issue of this event you might feel like this book lacked in action.

Writing: 10/10

Art: 8/10

Plot: 9/10

Final Verdict: BUY IT!                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thats all for now my fellow Marvel Faithful, more to come from me on books this week. See ya next time -JulesTrue

Review: Battle of the Atom Issue #2


X-Men: Battle of the Atom Issue 2
Battle of the Atom Chapter 10! (final chapter)
Writer (main story and epilogue 1): Jason Aaron
Artist: (main story and epilogue 1): Esad Ribic w/ Giuseppe Camuncoli
Writer (epilogue 2): Brian Wood
Artist (epilogue 2): Kristopher Anka
Writer (epilogue 3): Jason Aaron
Artist (epilogue 3): Chris Bachalo
Writer (epilogue 4):  Brian Michael Bendis
Artist (epilogue 4): Stuart Immonen
40 PGS.
Rated T+
Cover Price: $3.99

What the hell did I just read?

Battle of the Atom is over, and while it may have been 4 issues longer than it needed to be, and full of redundant brawls and manufactured nostalgia, in its wake it left quite a few intriguing possibilities for future storytelling, and did a fine job of establishing the new status quo for the premier X-titles. Although the event overall was pulled from the jaws of completely irrelevant by the end of it all, the end itself, namely Battle of the Atom #2, actually felt rushed despite the longer than needed event, and was absurdly second-rate.

The Good

The reveals in the book were, again, the most appealing aspect of the book, with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s actions surely impacting the entire X-Universe for, at least, a couple of months to come, and the interactions between the future and past characters, again, being just plain fun. The fights, while quite problematic, were one of the highlights of the book, and the scenes that mirrored the Original X-Men’s very first adventure were nice to see in a book that hung its hat on nostalgia. The book gets back to the roots of the current Schism between Cyclops’ team and Wolverine’s team, and it was a great reminder of what the entire Battle of the Atom event has, unfortunately, forgotten all about. Keeping some of the characters from the future in the present makes for some great possibilities down the road, I only hope Marvel takes advantage of them properly and doesn’t just throw them in something; There’s an agenda with some loose ends still attached that could make for some terrific tales. The aftershocks from the event were wrapped up nicely, albeit cheaply, to give readers an idea of what’s to come in all the titles that made up the event. The art in the main story, while consistent, paled when compared to that of the epilogue stories, which is more of a compliment to those artists than a slight to Ribic and Camuncoli.

The Bad

This book was so full of bad it’s hard to know where to begin. The art in the main story was not only simplistic and not very detailed at all, but the characters just didn’t look like the characters in many instances. Maybe it’s the fact that this event has had so many artists involved, but the differences in this book were noticeably different. The pacing felt awkward too, and the dialogue seemed to go on unusually long considering the circumstances. Hey, what do I know? Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. just has some really slow missiles, and the guys they have programming their Sentinels were the same guys building the Obamacare Exchange websites, but everything seemed slowed and out of sync. I know this happens in other books all the time, but it was too obvious in this book, and shows a clear lack of creativity. Also, while the inclusion of four (yes, FOUR!) epilogues assured that everyone knows exactly what was going on by the end of the book, it felt like another cheap creative shortcut instead of actually writing a complete and fulfilling story. By the end of the last epilogue I felt like I was reading an advertisement for a series of different comics and not the one I was really reading. From the first panel to the last page, Battle of the Atom Issue #2 felt like a rushed, makeshift bridge over the huge gaps left between a series of event books that never really found a good pace.

The Verdict

Skip this book! Just skip the whole damn Battle of the Atom event, for that matter. Anything this event has impacted in other X-Books will surely be covered on the recap page of the next issue, and that wasn’t very much at all. Sure, we got some team changes that may be fun, and some new future mutants added to the fray even though new mutants have been popping up all over the present anyways. Overall we got a whole lot of manufactured nostalgia that played off of the past we all know, the present we all understand and a future that they simply created out of thin air. It’s that part; the “thin air future”; that ruins the whole event for me. If they would have just kept playing to those points of nostalgia that made All-New X-Men a fun book, Battle of the Atom would have been a whole lot better. Too many meaningless, redundant brawls, an overuse of manufactured nostalgia, and just a blatant overload of unneeded comic book pages takes too much away from an otherwise well-meaning attempt to tell a model mutant tale incorporating classic X-Men elements. Maybe it was a case of “too many cooks, not enough kitchen”, but Battle of the Atom was certainly a case of “too many good ideas, not enough follow-through”.

Previews 302: November 2013 for January 2014

Marvel Previews 16 Previews 302

Whether you call it the Comic Shop’s Catalogue or the Best Bathroom Reading in the World, the monthly edition of Previews is just as much a part of my regular geek reading as the comics it solicits. Outright Geekery takes a look into the near future (no TARDIS required) as we touch on some of the highlights of this month’s Previews.

Marvel Comics

All-New Marvel NOW! begins with fervor in January with a bunch of books getting the renumbering treatment and a few brand new titles joining the Marvel ranks. All-New X-Men #22 see the beginning of the Trial of Jean Grey as the Original X-Men head into space for some galactic goodness. The old school X-gang crosses-over with another Bendis’ written team, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and that should make for some great stuff!

InhumanInhumanity, Marvel’s post-Infinity event of the spring, barrels through the Marvel U with no less than 4 tie-in books, including Superior Spidey and a new book starring the Inhuman Medusa. I’m kind of tired of events after both Battle of the Atom and Infinity, not to mention Forever Evil over at DC, so I’ll be skipping most, if not all, of the Inhumanity. I’m just not very interested.

After decades of legal problems and years of rumors, Miracleman finally comes to the Marvel U in a big time way. The preview suggests two new MM books hit in January, issue #1 at $5.99 and 64 pages, and issue #2 at $4.99 and 48 pages. While these are re-mastered reprints of ‘80’s stuff, they deserve the buzz they are getting. While I’m not jumping on the bandwagon right away, I’ll be looking into these a lot more as January gets closer.

The Ultimate Universe gets closer and closer to being gone as Cataclysm nears its final issue. Are they really going to destroy the Ultimate U? Who besides Miles Morales makes it to the 616 if they do? Things (for once) may truly never be the same. If you’ve ever been a fan of the Ultimate U, seeing its presumed end is going to be worth a read.

Revolutionary War 4 Revolutionary War 3 Revolutionary War 2 Revolutionary War 1Finally from Marvel, we get another British Invasion as Revolutionary War takes its hold on Captain Britain and the rest of the Marvel U from across the pond. With three tie-ins worth of story Marvel is putting some real power behind a seldom used piece of the Marvel U. My bet is we see the same miserable sales numbers the last time Marvel tried to give readers some characters from the UK, but it’s great to see Marvel taking some risks on some really awesome characters. I may have to find some room in my stack for this event.

Look for Outright Geekery’s full preview of All-New Marvel NOW! coming soon!

DC Comics

BlightForever Evil continues in just about every January DC book as the Blight storyline takes over most of the tie-ins. Things get a bit confusing as figuring out the reading order becomes a chore, but I’m on-board for at least a few issues and surely DC will make following this event a bit easier. I’m not fully sold on ANY of the tie-ins so far, but Forever Evil is going to make a statement in one of these damn books. Figuring out which one is like playing roulette, however, and I’m just not willing to play

Batman events are everywhere as ZERO YEAR and GOTHTOPIA are still running strong. While ZERO YEAR has been surprisingly fun to read, I’m not sure I have room for, yet another, event. I’ll be getting ZERO YEAR and a few tie-ins, but GOTHTOPIA is going to have to prove itself to me. Honestly, I’m really getting tired of events!

unwritten_vol2The Vertigo line gives fans more of what they love as The Unwritten Volume 2 drops alongside a special edition version of The Sandman: Overture featuring an extra-sized issue and an interview with comic letterer legend Todd Klein. I’m not one for the same old thing dressing up as more of the same thing, so I’ll be skipping any special editions, but fan-favorite The Unwritten getting a second volume is the perfect jumping on point for interested readers, and I’m a big one of those!

DC and Vertigo both are soliciting some great reprints of one of my favorite strips of all time Spy vs. Spy, and I’d be failing as a fan if I didn’t mention it. The spy-vs-spyUsual Gang of Idiots never fails to impress and make me giggle like a ticklish toddler in a feather factory! A 400 page omnibus for 50 bucks makes me say “Yes Plz!!”

Image Comics

The Third Leg comics-deadly-classof the comics Big 3 publishers offers 3 new number 1’s in January. Marvel big-leaguer Rick Remender brings his own brand of story-telling to his latest title Deadly Class, a story about a high school for assassins and a kid who just can’t make the grade. Remender has yet to disappoint, and I’ll be pulling Deadly Class from the shelves the moment it hits.

Legend Bob Fingerman returns from a 15 year hiatus as Minimum Wage makes its long-awaited comeback. Edgy, slice-of-life stories and Fingerman’s classic art style make this a book to pay some attention to if not pay some cold hard cash to add to your collection.

Finally, comics mainstay Stuart Moore brings us some sci-fi goodness with Egos #1, a twisted tale of a future superhero with “big sci-fi” elements. I’ll be skipping this simply because I don’t have enough room in my stack, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Indy Stuff

IDW creates its own version of Reeces’ Cups as The X-Files and The Ghostbusters crossover in an unlikely but attractive pairing, in an event that shows more creativity in its concept than most Big 2 events have in 12 issues. This is just weird enough to work!

Twilight ZoneThe great J. Michael Straczynski takes us back to “a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind,” in the new title from Dynamite Entertainment The Twilight Zone. I know I should learn my lesson and stop buying comics taken from licensed properties that have absolutely nothing to do with comics, but this is going to be worth the ride. I may wait for the trade, but I will read this.

Also from Dynamite, Fables creator Bill Willingham goes steampunk with Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure. This may be good actually, but steampunk isn’t my thing. Worth a look just to check out Willingham on something new and (hopefully) different, but it’s not finding its way into my hold box.

Judge Dredd is all over this Previews with IDW and 2000AD printing tons of new stuff or reprinting classics. It’s a good time to love the Judge!

Attack on Titan is up to book 8 and they are all being reoffered come January 2014. If you haven’t checked out this manga or the anime, what the hell are you waiting for?

And the Rest

HQConnerTopThe cover to Harley Quinn issue 0 by Amanda Conner now comes in an official t-shirt. It’s my all-time favorite Harley cover!

A 24” Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man looks cool and is just plain fun.

I’ll need some lay-a-way for the Robocop classic figure and the one from the brand new movie hitting next year, both from Play Arts. Dead or alive…

robocop new robocop classic

And way too many statues to cover! They do realize everyone is still going to be broke in January?

That’s it for Previews this month. Pick one up at your local comics shop, or check them out here http://www.previewsworld.com and share your favs with the rest of us!

Review: Wolverine & the X-Men Issue #37


32 PGS
Rated T+
Cover Price: $3.99

X-Men Battle of the Atom has reached its penultimate chapter in Wolverine & the X-Men #37, and the event is absolutely nothing we haven’t seen before from the X-Men. There have been some pretty interesting reveals about a certain future universe, but there are already so many of these alternate universes that the whole thing just seems kind of unimportant. So, in order to fill 10 issues worth of a 6 chapter (max) story, Battle of the Atom has been crammed with repeated, over-the-top fights between various mutant teams, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing if one fight didn’t simply lead to the next. Not only is Wolverine & the X-Men #37 bursting with this overabundance of “I saw that last issue” brawls, but it tries to take advantage of the only appealing aspect of the event in a way that ultimately falls flat.

The Good

The reveals about the relationships between future and present X-Men are really fun, and this issue touches on some of the best. Quentin Quire’s brief encounter with his younger self, Wolverine’s son Raze and his unique powers were spotlighted briefly, and Iceman (again) are highlights of these longtime X-Fan morsels of nostalgic goodness. There’s some fun interaction between Wolverine and Cyclops reminding readers of the current state of affairs of the mutants of the present. The plot is adequately moved along by Jason Aaron, but it is by no means an example of his best showing, and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli is consistently straightforward, while being more spectacle than story.

The Bad

While the reveals are interesting and kind of fun, they just don’t feel meaningful whatsoever. So what if Quentin Quire is the Phoenix in some alternate future/universe? It doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t stick, and nothing in this event feels like it is going to stick. The impact of Wolverine & the X-Men #37 doesn’t feel like it will have any lasting, or even temporary, impact on Wolverine & the X-Men as a title overall. And it’s a real letdown. The interaction between Cyclops and Wolverine is fun, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen in every interaction those two have had for the last 3 years of X-comics. Although the plot is adequately moved along to its end, it’s the same plot from the last three X-books in this series: fight to get to location A, fight to get out of location A, get to location B, repeat. S.H.I.E.L.D. showing up was the only thing close to a surprise in an otherwise predictable book, but even then the helicarrier only acted as another weapon for the Brotherhood to use against mutant-kind. The story may be trying to retell X-stories of old in new ways with time-traveling elements, but it falls flat on the delivery in unimaginative ways. While the art actually shines in some of the battle scenes, those scenes depict the most obvious matchups; the three Icemans fighting, or the three Beasts fighting, for example; and did nothing to help tell the story, and unfortunately helped ruin an otherwise decent aspect of the issue by ramming the entire appeal of “time-traveling mutants” further down the readers’ throats. A necessary course of action as this, regrettably, is the single only appeal of the entire Battle of the Atom event.

The Verdict

The only reason to pick up Wolverine & the X-Men #37 is to get a bit more (and it’s a very small bit) of information about these future versions of the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The issue barely adds anything to the overall event (everyone is pretty much in the same exact fix they were in at the end of the last chapter) and adds absolutely nothing to the Wolverine & the X-Men story overall. There may be something from Battle of the Atom that sticks longer than a few issues into the series’ various titles, including Wolverine and the X-Men, but my bet would be, and history shows, that there’s little chance of that happening. This issue is definitely worth skipping altogether.

Marvel Steamrolls Another Week of Goodness

Well folks its that time again and I’m here to unpack my bag of adjectives and once again let my fellow Marvel Faithful what’s good, oh and its so good this week. Sorry for being Late with the Reviews!

detail (7)

Oh you knew it was coming, New Avengers #11 was a serious tour de force of holy s#*% can they do that? Well just when I thought I knew where this event was taking me Hickman throws yet another wrench into the cogs. I mean seriously, this issue was bad@$$! Not only did I get the incursion at the end of the last issue, I get…SPOLIER ALERT… Other Universe Builders, ExNihli, Thanos in Necropolis, Wakanda getting owned, and the “Illuminati” made to look like they don’t have a handle on anything. Ah, can we just be thankfull for how wonderful Mike Deodato’s art is in this book, because its seriously beautiful. You may have thought you knew where Infinity was going… You were wrond, DEAD WRONG, its going in a direction that scares and excites me, this is def an event for Marvel readers. It was most certainly a buy in the singles!

detail (5)

This title has been flat out nothing short of brilliance. I know what you’re thinking, another Hawkeye book, how many times are they gonna try this? Well the answer is no more, because they got this one right. Hawkeye #13 fills you in on the Hawkguy side of everything has been happening in the book. We finally get to make some progress as to what the hell is Clint gonna do. Matt Fraction and David Aja deliver a book you want in your hands, because believe me its not the same digitally. It has a classic comic feel, with the honest character telling that Fraction usually brings to the table. Hawkeye bumming around getting into nothing but trouble, along side Kate Bishop( Young Avengers Hawkeye), Pizza Dog( A dog he finds at the beginning of this run), and as of an issue ago, Barney Barton (Trickshot, oh if you forgot he’s Hawkeye’s brother). Seriously pick this book up. This issue was a sort of catch up issue which gives you time to pick up the singles/trades!

detail (6)

This ain’t your parents Guardians of the Galaxy, um actually this barely mine. Brian Michael Bendis has turn this title into something completely different, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Guardians of the Galaxy issue #7 brings a lot to the table on where they are gonna go with this book. Angela’s new origin to the Marvel is a nice touch to see the places they wanna take her in this book. The banter is top notch Bendis at his best, seriously IronMan and StarLord going at it with 80’s references had me on the floor. Sara Pichelli’s art is seriously too pretty for this title! Change everyone’s costume around, add Iron Man, Angela( You know that angel lady from Spawn who killed all the hellspawns? You know the one you had a poster of that Greg Capullo drew, yeah that one), and a timey whimey moment where Star Lord experiences the ripple effect from Age Of Ultron, and yeah Bendis has def made it his book.  I can’t wait to see what they do! This issue was a good filler between plots, nothing extravagant a wait for the trade kinda issue.

detail (8)

Oh you knew it was coming. RAZE. Who I assume is Wolverine and Mystique’s kid, or maybe a Sinister experiment, or maybe just mystique’s kid. Being a X-men fan you come to just deal with every possibility and nine times out of ten its whatever you didn’t think of. THIS EVENT IS THE ONE FOR X-READERS!!!! Uncanny X-men #13 you will find the not so Future X-men clashing with the Future X-men with the help of the Current X-men/Scott’s X-men and if you’re following this I’m impressed because I’m lost. SO much betrayal, and you though Game of Thrones was convoluted, Battle of the Atom so much more. With simply brilliant art by the ever talent Chris Bachalo. Everything at once and I love everything about it. I’m gonna say this event has been the most amazing X-Event in years, I will say it has been the most fun in years. As a long time X-reader I know how the series tends to take itself a bit too seriously sometimes, and this is one of those you can sit back and laugh a little about. Plus its just done right, Three writers and it flows like nobody’s business, this was hands down a buy in the singles!

detail (9)

I started with Infinity, and this week I get to end with Infinity. Holy s#!% this was a turn me on my side slap me and call me Gunther issue. This is the dawn of victories and losses. The battle between the Builders and the Avengers continues to heat up as we now see the Accusers and Kree army have left the Kree to join up with Thor. This issue is easily one of the most tense issues of the series. I was biting my fingernails the entire time, and I hate doing that! Lenil Fracis Yu’s art is easily one of the best things about being a Marvel reader right now, he could seriously do covers for the rest of his life and I would go broke buying them all. Jonathan Hickman continues his rollercoaster and is going through some serious loops and maybe has shown us a card in his hand that scares the living crap out of me. We shall wait to find out…Buy it in the singles seriously.

That’s all for now folks, Check out Weekly Rec on YouTube, and get a more well rounded set of review, meaning not just Marvel. Thank ya for your spare time and change- JulesTrue

Opinion: Rumored Marvel Universe Reboot

There’s been a lot of rumor-grinding over the idea that Marvel may be considering an entire or partial reboot of the Marvel Universe, a la DC’s New 52, and Crisis du jour. While it’s been Marvel doing most of the fueling of this fire, and discussing rumors can always be fun, it makes almost no sense for Marvel to change any part of their current formula.

Stirring the Pot


Marvel is the biggest perpetrator of this rumor fest by far, and why shouldn’t they be? Rumors about “big things” spread faster and further, and any promotion is good promotion, especially when it’s the free variety that has no bearing on what will actual get into the pages of a Marvel comic. Time-traveling story-lines abound in the current Marvel U as seen in the pages of All-New X-Men and Age of Ultron, but those sorts of stories have always existed. What makes this time a bit different is the overall inclusion of time-traveling stories throughout the Marvel catalog. Hulk has been time-traveling, the Uncanny Avengers are dealing with Kang, Battle of the Atom has seen numerous time-traveling by numerous characters, Wolverine’s brother Dog, all the Infinity Gems Age_of_Ultron_Vol_1_9except the Time Gem destroyed and Thanos is searching for it, at least two new mutants with time-traveling powers, Spider-Man’s dealing with Horizon Labs time machine and the problem with his 2099 compatriot, and the list goes on. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on the incursions of other universes storyline playing out in the pages of New Avengers. Marvel has certainly set the stage for something great, but it’s really nothing we haven’t seen before.

I can go back a lot further, but I’ll keep it fairly recent for the sake of (relative) simplicity. The Avengers: Disassembled series of storylines paved the way for all kinds of possibilities that could have been the groundwork for a universe-wide reboot. But it didn’t. If anything, the Avengers line got even more complicated and convoluted since. If the goal of a reboot is to simplify and streamline, this major turning point for the headlining Marvel team could have done this, and Disassembledavengers-disassembled occurred in only 2004, less than a decade ago. But it’s not just the Avengers; this trend continued throughout the decade. Hulk had his run on Planet Hulk, the mutants dealt with House of M and its fallout, the galactic side of the Marvel U had its Annihilation and the follow-up Annihilation: Conquest, Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege and, again, the list goes on. Marvel has had the opportunity to take advantage of some major turning points, link them all together, and reboot the entire thing, but, even within the last decade, and even though this trend has persisted in every decade since the 1980’s Contest of Champions, Marvel has not, officially, rebooted their universe. In fact, this trend shows that Marvel continually makes efforts to “soft reboot” the individual properties that make up the universe (The Avengers, The X-Men, etc.) in a more subtle, organic, way than a Tabula Rasa style offering.

It’s Just a Bad Idea

So, Marvel won’t do it because they kind of do it all the time, but it’s also just a bad idea to reboot the Marvel U. I hear and understand the arguments.

“Everything is so convoluted and hard to understand. You can’t get any new readers into a Marvel book!”

First off, I flat-out don’t believe this. I think you can put any issue number one of a Marvel comic book in front of someone and they will get the gist of everything they need to know to fully enjoy that (and only that) comic book. Sure, you may want to know why Wolverine opened a new school, or the specifics of how the Phoenix Force screwed up the Uncanny X-Men’s power, but you don’t need to know those things to enjoy those titles. While I concede that this level of understanding is different for every book and every reader, Marvel hedges their bets and rides a line between “new reader ignorance” and “long time reader knowledge” but a full-on reboot swings the scales in unknown territory.Forever_Evil_1

Marvel isn’t struggling in the comics’ sales department. True, DC took a huge chunk of market share in September thanks to Villain’s Month, but they can’t keep that up every month, and Marvel has continually gotten over on its Big Two counterpart. While I admit that since DC’s own New 52 reboot DC has definitely bridged a gap that has persisted for years, there is simply no drought of comic book sales over at Marvel comics. The other half of this coin is the movie revenue. I just don’t think Marvel is interested in a month or two of heightened comic book sales, the possibility of alienating current readers, or the chance for a complete marketing failure, just for the opportunity to get a few more points of market share over their main competition.

Devil’s Advocate

I can see some perks in a Marvel reboot, though. The chance for creators like Bendis, Hickman and others to recreate some of the most familiar storylines and recognizable character in the history of popular culture is appealing. Who knows? A Marvel reboot could get enough hype to get people back into comics in droves. I know the whole Ultimate line brought a crowd of new comic readers along with its breath of fresh air. While I’d hate to see the Avenger’s stuff Hickman has been working on get the retcon treatment, I can’t think of a better way to bring Peter Parker back. I miss him! Oh, and we’d get another Phoenix story. Marvel definitely needs more of those.

The End

I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be a payoff to all of the time-traveling/universe incursion happenings of the current Marvel Universe. I don’t think anyone disagrees that it will see Ultimate Spidey enter the regular Marvel Universe. We’ve already seen Angela Angelamarveluniversemake her way into the mix. But who know what else will happen? We could see some of the Ultimate Mutants or, dare I say, the Ultimates themselves head on over to the 616, with repercussions echoing the current time-traveling themes of the current books. I’m sure we’ll see, yet another, huge event that will, yet again, shake the Marvel Universe to its core, just like the last World-shattering event where nothing was ever going to be the same, which left everything pretty much the exact same. While the idea of a Marvel reboot makes for great rumor milling, unknown risk/reward, the company’s focus on the screen, current sales numbers, and the Marvel style of constantly redefining their universe through story, makes a complete reboot to the Marvel universe illogical, and quite unlikely.


Marvelous Wednesday for Marvel

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Coming from a week off Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity hits hard this week Part Four of Six was by most accounts EXTREMELY EPIC. The Combo of Dustin Weaver’s beautiful pages with Jerome Opena’s is a symphony of wonderful art to press on this incredible story. As the cover suggest Thor makes his presence known to the builders in a way I was not even kinda prepared for. The good Captain plan begins to unfold for all to see, and the answer to who would win Between Thanos and Blackbolt (which I don’t agree with but how can I argue when its here in cannon for all to see), oh just for kicks THANOS’ son revealed! Quite frankly there is so much more…The Art is top notch, the writing is Prime, This Is A BUY TWICE….


Moving into the next big event between Marvel pages is the ever continuing cluster that is Battle of the Atom, Chapter 7. I have to say I’ve been very impressed how from title to title this event has flowed so well, you’d have no idea three different writers were at the helm of this event. This week its Wood with plain old X-men, and it kicks all the @$$. Very pleased with how his pretty much All Female team takes to the event. Me also being a product of the 90’s I’m always happy to see Jubilee, even if she’s still a vampire(seriously that’s still a thing? Aren’t the X-men convoluted enough?) Well we see yet another twist that was sorta hinted at in the last chapter, except NO ONE SAW THAT NEW CHARACTER COMING. I don’t care if you saw that cover in previews with Him in it, you didn’t see that reveal coming. Don’t know what I’m talking about…READ IT! David Lopez of course provide the kinda visuals you want in an X-book, Its mos def(not the rapper) a Buy in the Singles

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Now if you’re not reading this title you are missing out on one of the best action packed, mindf#(<*ng titles to come out of Marvel in some years. I know what you’re thinking, Captain America, man out of time, Great American Hero, Punched Hitler in the face(seriously cover of issue one, the original issue one, google it) yes the man is all that, but this title takes a look at Cap that hadn’t been really taken. What were his parents like, what would he be like if he was a dad, does he linger on the past too much, is he really acclimating to the present, all of these questions and you get to see Cap Beat some serious @$$. This Issue is pure setup, Cap is struggling after Dimension Z, hangs out with Falcon(so glad he’s relevant again, yeah I think he’s awesome wanna fight about it?). The cover tells no lies and I won’t either when I say you see Pacheco draw Nuke doing some messed up stuff. Rick Remender easily one of my favorite writers out there right now, pick this up in the Singles!!!!

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Well I started with Thor I’m going out on Thor! This book is unbelievably episodic! Jason Aaron has taken Thor and made him exactly what you remember him as before movies, cartoons, and all that hoodoo. The title says it all, its about THOR GOD OF THUNDER, and ironically just in time for the next movie, Malekith the Accursed has made his way of becoming the main villain of this title. Now not gonna lie, Malekith being one of my favorite Thor villains of all time(Yes way over Loki, I know you think that actor is cute but read some books, he’s not that lovable far more vile) but I’m gonna be honest Gorr The God Butcher(Yes he killed whole Pantheons through out the Universe) is a serious hard act to follow. But With Ron Garney’s art, a rag tag team of warriors of the Nine Realms(Thor is the only one from Asgard! I’m excited about that, I’m sorry there’s a lot more to lore and mythology than just the Gods and Warriors of Asgard). Jason Aaron has seriously provided a Thor title for Thor Fans. Loved it, Buy it in the singles!!!

Thats all from the Marvel side of things this week folks, JulesTrue here saying I’ll see you next time, Be sure to catch me ramble on about all things Marvel on Weekly Recs on YouTube, and more to come on here!