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The 5 Series We Want Bendis on Next

MBrian Michael Bendisarvel’s resident creative mastermind Brian Michael Bendis will once again be on the move later this year. First, he revolutionized the Avengers to the point of Hollywood Blockbuster powerhouses, then he did the awesomely absurd with time-traveling and terrorist X-Men heroes. Later this year Bendis will be moving away from his current X-series and moving on to something else. Where he’s going is still a mystery, but we have a few series we’d like to see him tackle next. Continue reading The 5 Series We Want Bendis on Next

A Mighty Surprise


Mighty Avengers #3

Writer: Al Ewing

Penciler: Greg Land

Not got lie I personally thought this title was just gonna be really gimmicky with the whole ‘Racially Diverse’ Avenger line-up. But it has definitely found itself in to my haul of the week since it’s started. This issue solidified a strong title, banter between Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Hero is just down right funny. SHUMMA GORATH. While the team scramble to deal with Thanos’ invasion, they find themselves face to face with Shumma Gorath courtesy of the Ebony Maw messing with Dr. Strange’s mind, which was a cool tie-in to what had been going on in New Avengers. The Team pulls together and begins its first victory tethered together as The Mighty Avengers.

The Good

The Banter between teammates and comments they make to themselves makes this one of those feel natural sort-of super hero books. Its def got a honesty to the characters. The use of of Photon,or should I say Spectrum, as she now wants to called, and the Blue Marvel is just down right awesome. This def feels like the team Superior Spider-Man can stay on. The opening arc wraps in this but it leaves enough lose ends I want the next one.

The Bad

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Greg Land’s art. It was perfect for the Ultimate Universe, they hyper real style, it seems out of place in the 616 for me, but I’m one guy. White Tiger seems a little out of place on this line-up but that’s not really bad its just what I had to say to not make this issue look incredible.

Writing: 8/10


Final Verdict: Buy It.

That’s all from me, more to come from me at Weekly Recs. And be ready to catch more of the Outright Geekery on there coming soon…very soon!