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Squadron Supreme coming this Fall

SQUADRON SUPREME #1 – Protecting The Marvel Universe
By Any Means Necessary!
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Preview: Fantastic Four #645

The End is FOURever – Your First Look at FANTASTIC FOUR #645!

This April, four will stand together…one last time! Today, Marvel proudly presents your first look at FANTASTIC FOUR #645 – the oversized, senses shattering final issue! James Robinson and Leonard Kirk are joined by a murderers row of fantastic talent to give the First Family the grandest sendoff of them all!

Will the Fantastic Four defeat the Quiet Man and the corrupted forces of the Heroes Reborn universe? Will Johnny Storm get his powers back? Will Reed and Sue be a family again or will it all be torn asunder? Questions will be answered in this main feature story!

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Preview: Fantastic Four #642

The End is FOURever Begins in FANTASTIC FOUR #642!

This January, the countdown begins…and the end of Marvel’s first family is upon us in FANTASTIC FOUR #642 – the first chapter in The End is FOURever! Blockbuster writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk’s epic endgame begins as the Invaders crash headlong into the Fantastic Four and the hunt for Reed Richards and the missing Future Foundation kids takes a dangerous turn! Meanwhile, the mastermind behind the systematic dismantling of the Fantastic Four reveals his ultimate plan. But how does Franklin Richards and his unchecked powers factor in? And why are Jim Hammond, Namor, All-New Captain America and Doc Green hunting the remaining members of the Fantastic Four? Nothing lasts forever. Don’t miss the beginning of the end this January in FANTASTIC FOUR #642! Continue reading Preview: Fantastic Four #642

COVERED: June 25th, 2014

Sometimes you just want to see hot comic book shelf porn. Well, we’ve got you COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers of the week.

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Aquaman #32 Bombshells variant by Ant LuciaAquaman 32 Bombshell Variant

Fantastic Four #6 by Leonard KirkFantastic Four 6

Justice League #31 Batman ’66 Variant by Mike AllredJustice League 31 Variant

Ms. Marvel #5 by Adrian AlphonaMs. Marvel 5

Savage Hulk #1 75th Anniversary variant by Alex RossSavage Hul 1 Ross Cover

The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #30 by Guido GuidiTransformers Dawn of the Autobots #30 variant

Review: Fantastic Four #2


Fantastic Four #2

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Leonard Kirk

Well here it is the make or break for me if this run of Marvel’s first family is gonna be what I’m looking for. The last run fell seriously short of what I was hoping to come out of this title. No offense to Matt Fraction, but Jonathan Hickman’s run was a hard act to follow. Well that being said Robinson had established a very different vibe on this run already. Letting us know that the Fantastic Four are going to fall apart. The last issue was cool but seem bland, set up was cool but throwing the awkward fight with Fing Fang Foom was just ok. This issue kicked it up a huge notch! New fantastacar! Also a swarm of monsters released from the pocket universe Franklin created during Heroes Reborn?! Yeah that’s right Robinson through in that gem. With New York swarmed seemingly the entire Marvel U rolls up there sleeves to help the four out. Only thing is a Hail Mary is thrown and one of the four ends up without their powers.

The Good

Now this was a strong follow up to the last issue! Really hammered in the tone Robinson wants in his Fantastic Four. The pace really picked up, I was afraid this was gonna be bogged down with wordy drama, boy was I was wrong. The Fantastic Four are just one if those titles you really have to nail with the right amount of Sci-Fi, drama, and action. After this issue I have to say I think James Robinson was the right call to put in the game. Leonard Kirk delivers a killer look to the title. The red Four costumes are just awesome. I have to say I was surprised how much the monsters coming out of Franklin’s pocketverse had me intrigued. I’ve really got to give it to Robinson for reaching back to Heroes Reborn and putting it back into our heads!

The Bad

Why does Ben Grimm have to go back to shorts?! Seriously I’ve always hate the shorts on him. I loved in FF when he got the pants and the boots. Why can’t I have that in red?! Not enough Future Foundation kids! I got to see them more in the last issue! They have become such a cool device to use in the title, I would like to see more of them. I feel short changed when you have so many good characters to use in this title and like the last run I feel like there all not being put to good use. I know its only issue two, and I understand the main focus should be on the four, but a tiny bit more FF wouldn’t hurt.

The Verdict

Was a much better start to this run. While I enjoyed the last issue I wasn’t sure if I could commit to the rest of this run. I can’t give the for sure answer just yet. I can say I really enjoyed what was done in this issue. Its still not Hickman’s run but I can def say its already better than Fraction’s run. Leonard Kirk’s art is just awesome, seeing him draw some of the Avengers was a wonderful little gem in this. The ending had me wanting the next one which is always a good thing. I’m gonna keep this on my pullist!

Gets 3 clobbering times out of 5