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The CBI Retro-Review: Punisher #4 Vol. 2

Punisher_Vol_2_4Script: Mike Baron
Art & colors: Klaus Janson
Letters: Ken Bruzenak

“The Rev”

The Punisher, while on a resupply mission, inadvertently uncovers a plot, set up by a new age cult, to cleanse our society. He doesn’t like this one bit, and sets out to do what he does best.

First off, a little set up. This is came out in November 1987. It was a different world back then, trust me, I remember. Mike Baron’s story is perfectly set for this time period. This just like watching a crime movie set in the eighties. The flow of the story was fantastic. No skips, going from a routine arms resupply, onto a full on investigation of a corrupt organization. Continue reading The CBI Retro-Review: Punisher #4 Vol. 2