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COVERED: August 6th, 2014

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Guardians of the Galaxy 10

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Penicls: Kevin Maguire

Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Of all the titles going on in Marvel this isn’t the most intense, gripping, changing the way things are gonna be story. This title is fun, and is consistently a fun read. During a slow week, or a heavy week, its hard not to pick up this tittle. Brian Michael Bendis has definitely put a touch of sarcasm into this title with every move forward. Angela and Gamora open this issue by F#*king up the Baddoon Brotherhood, or sisterhood, they didn’t check the parts. I loved seeing these two make back-handed compliments and bashing people in! Searching for the now missing Thanos having no idea where he is, the Guardians are on a man hunt tracking the Mad Titan down! Lurking in the subplot Angela continues to look for answers as to why the hell she is here, and how she can get back to Heaven.

The Good

Kevin Maguire and Brian Michael Bendis provided the exact kind of issue I wanna read on New Years day. I didn’t need epic, I didn’t need intense plot, I didn’t need to soak in metaphors, I needed a good ol’ @$$kick fest with whit and tact. Bendis has found the right balance in this title when to take it serious, and when just to have a little fun with it, this is def the latter kind of issue. Kevin Maguire just solid characterr work and panel layout. I was really taken in with how this issue went about Angela and Gamora’s relationship in the coming title.

The Bad

If you haven’t enjoyed this current run, this isn’t gonna be your favorite issue, while very action packed did little to further where the plot is about to go. Seemed very odd this iss right before the Trial of Jean Grey? I mean they’re seriously clueless on how the events of Infinity ended? Seriously? Just completely ignorant on that one? I felt cheated no Iron Man already, I mean I totally get it, but it was seriously cut supershort.

The Verdict

This was still a fun read, the art totally does the title justice. I’ve really enjoyed what Bendis is doing for the franchise and expanding their roles in the 616, I can’t wait for the Trial of Jean Grey, I can’t wait for the expanded roster with Captain Marvel. It was a wait for the trade kinda issue, but with not much out this week  would def suggest grabbing it for a quirky little read.