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Geek Yen! – Hot Toy’s Avengers: Age of Ultron MARK XLIII 1/4 Scale Figure

Yen: verb 1. feel a longing or yearning. That’s exactly how we feel about the stuff we love, but, more importantly, it’s really how we feel about the stuff they make out of the stuff we love. Toys, statues, posters, pogs; we love it all, and we WANT it all. It’s Geek Yen!

So, there’s this little movie coming out next month about a group of heroes getting beat up by a robot, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Yes, Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to explode on to screens world-wide, bust the Box Office wide open, and earn a ton of cash, but some of that cash will be made away from the theaters altogether. With so much swag coming out to accompany this film, I wanted to put a focus on something really nice. This figure may look like just another suit of Ironman Armor, but it’s a sweet piece. Twenty inches of beautiful, shiny, posable Stark Tech. Deets below. Continue reading Geek Yen! – Hot Toy’s Avengers: Age of Ultron MARK XLIII 1/4 Scale Figure

Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits

Top o' the Lot Image UpdatedIt’s been a crazy couple of years for Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and the next couple of years promises even more craziness. We’ve seen Peter go from swearing to make sure No One Dies, to being offed himself by Otto Octavius in the fan-frenzied swap that became Superior Spider-Man, to coming back from the dead (like we knew he would) some time in the next couple of months or so. The future is even crazier with Learning to Crawl being announced, and an idea so crazy that writer Dan Slott needs every single Spider-Man that has ever lived to tell the tale. There’s a sequel to yet another Spidey film due out soon, and I’m not sure the character has ever been as popular as he is right now. And that popularity is well-deserved. Spidey’s been a mainstay in comics for, like, ever, and the Web-Slinger (almost) never fails to impress. With so much going on with Spidey Spider-Man Logolately it’s easy to know he should get some attention in the Top o’ the Lot, but deciding what to focus on is another problem altogether. Spider-Man and Peter have so many aspects to their lives that the possibilities for Spidey lists are endless. With endless possibilities comes endless lists, and, since I have the time, this’ll have to be a series of lists, and I might as well start somewhere. So, without further ado, we build a backpack out of webbing, stick our street clothes to the Chrysler Building, and run down a slanted and biased list of Spider-Man’s coolest threads in Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Spider-Man’s Suits.

Honorable Mention: The Classic Red and Blue (With Web Armpits!)

Amazing Spider-Man 1 It’s impossible for me not to put this suit on the list. It’s too classic, too important, and too damned cool to keep it off. Every other suit that has come after this has some part of it’s elements, not matter how far apart, taken from this very first suit. The web-shaped lines, the Spider logo, the subtle blue/blackness, even those crazy web armpits, have been copied again and again, and can be seen in just about every iteration in the rest of the Lot. It’s a slanted and biased list, yes, but I haven’t completely lost my mind just yet, and this suit has to have at least a mention in a Top o’ the Lot o’ Spidey’s Suits. Peter built it best way back when, and although other suits are more streamlined and high-tech, you never forget your first.

5. Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Pater Parker’s suit was pretty awesome, but it wasn’t really anything different, Ultimate Spider-Maneither. Mile Morales’ suit, on the other hand, is beautiful, new, and different, and stands as a testament to Miles’ harder, more direct approach to taking on the persona of the Web-Slinger. The almost entirely black suit, with blood red spider accents on the mask, chest, back, and hands is so subtly different, yet so obviously “Spider-Man” that, from a fashion standpoint, this suit quite deservedly could be at the number 1 position in this Lot. But being in the Top isn’t just about fashion, and this great looking suit lacks any bells and whistles, doesn’t have nearly as a good of a story behind it, and comes from a universe I really couldn’t care less for. I do really love that design though.

4. Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-ManIf you haven’t heard by now, you probably deserve to have it spoiled anyways. For quite some time now, Peter Parker’s body has been scientifically possessed by the persona of Doctor Octopus. But, some of Peter’s good qualities rubbed off on Doc Ock, birthing the All-New Superior Spider-Man. The debate about how good or bad this title has been will continue until the end of time, but there’s almost no debating how nice the suit change from Amazing to Superior was. Sure, it’s the same old deign with nothing more than a pronounced darker black being used in the primary, but there was an emotional attachment to the change that really helped signify the overall change from Peter to Octavius. I have to admit, I’m going to miss it.

3. Black Suit

Secret Wars 8Back in Black

There’s no denying this one! Whether it was the debut during Secret Wars, the whole greatness of the symbiote suit, or the return of Peter’s darker side during Back in Black, the all black suit is the epitome of the the fan-favorite uniform of the web-slinger. It screams emotion in all of it’s forms – whether it was Peter’s struggle with Venom to Peter dealing with his own internal struggles – and also had some pretty high-tech alien perks that came along with it. Sure, there was that whole being taken over by an alien, but Oh, the power! Good on you, Peter!

2. The Future Foundation Whites

Spider-Man FFFor a minute or two, during Hickman’s run on The Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm presumably died protecting the rest of the fam, and Spidey joined the team to take his place. In remembrance of The Human Torch, the team retired the traditional blues for bit, and started wearing these badboys. Not only did this have the emotional tie-in because of Peter and Johnny’s friendship, but the suit, created by megamind Reed Richards, was all kinds of high-tech. While it had all of the FF’s communications tech built in, the suit was made of unstable molecules, and its color could be changed with just a thought from the wearer. But I’m so happy Peter decided to keep thinking the way I do, because those whites were awesome! But nothing beats the tech and look combo in the tippy Top spot o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

1. Iron Spider-Man Suit

Iron Spidey Suit2Iron Spidey Suit1Again, for only a brief time, Tony Stark went all Bruce Wayne on everyone, and decided to take Peter Parker under his wing as a protege. This quickly led to Tony building an advanced Spider-Man suit for Peter, and, Oh, Man, was it ever awesome! Not only did it have all kinds of Stark Tech built-in, which aided Spidey in detecting badguys and communicating with allies, but Tony threw in some extra spider arms just be safe. Yeah, I’m not sure what the hell Stark was thinking, either. I thought he was off the sauce! Either way, this suit also had a huge impact on an important part of Spidey’s life, Marvel’s Civil War, and the change away from this suit has a big does of feels to it. The suit was later worn by a whole team of weird clones that made up the team of the Scarlet Spiders, but I think Marvel is trying to forget about that. But I’ll never forget this suit, and that’s why it sits at the very Top o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

Scarlet SpidersSee a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.


Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Comic Book Bureaucrats

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

From time to time Outright Geekery brings you a slanted and biased opinion on some trivially specific topic of geekery. We call it Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot.

Power, esteem, respect, a cushy office and power! There’s nothing quite like a government job for security, authority and maybe doing some good in the world. Perks? Those aren’t perks; those are the tools of the trade, just like manipulation, charisma and outright dictatorship! Elected, appointed, stolen. It doesn’t really matter. The agenda? Usually it’s purely for personal gain, dressed in the guise of freedom, equality and safety. Either way, these are the Kings and Knights on the Chess Board of life who just love making the Pawns do their bidding. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we absolutely power our way through a Top o’ the Lot featuring a who’s-who of bureaucratic blatherskites blustering blatantly buggy banter. We tell you one and one makes three because I’m. The. Cult. Of. Per. Son. Al. Ity. in Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Comic Book Bureaucrats.

Honorable Mention: Dr. DoomDr. Doom

I wasn’t sure if iron-fisted dictatorship qualifies as bureaucracy, but I don’t care. Latveria is a Utopia under Doom’s benevolent rule…benevolent, that is, as long as you agree with whatever Doom says. Now that’s streamlined efficiency any bureaucrat could appreciate. There are no lines at the Doomstadt DMVs. Hey, just sayin’. Doom squeezes in just because he IS the red tape, and the epitome of what every other bureaucrat in the Lot believes themselves to be. Well, all but one.

5: Mitchell Hundred

MitchellHundred1Ex Machina wasn’t your typical comic book offering, and the most appealing parts of the title weren’t the super-heroics (although they were quite fun!), it was the political intrigue. Mayor Hundred wanted to do some real good for his city without hiding behind a mask, and the political ploys and tricks he used made for a great piece of graphic literature. Mayor Mitchell Hundred is a hell of a politician, which is the only thing that gets him into the Lot at all, but, deep down, he’s a really good man, which makes me like him way too much to call him out as a stereotypical bureaucrat. There’s other NYC mayors for that.

4: J. Jonah Jameson

Like Peter Parker didn’t have it bad enough time working at his paying gig snapping pics for Triple J, things elevated to a whole new level when Spidey’s JJJ2biggest critic became New York City’s top dog. The Anti-Spider Squad was soon created and everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger had one more pain in the ass to add to the monthly butt-kickings. The tides may be turning a bit as Spidey’s Superior counterpart has been putting Mayor Jameson in his place, but there’s no telling what Ultimate end Jonah will have to his political career (pun intended), because two Spidey’s swinging around NYC may be more than one mayor can handle.

3: Tony Stark, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

IronmanFor a few brief months, between the events of Marvel’s Civil War and their Secret Invasion, Tony Stark was put in charge of the world’s most advanced and intrusive international espionage and action organization. And, man, was he a dick about the whole thing! It was Ironman’s way or the highway as Tony established teams of Avengers in all 50 States in the failed Initiative, opened a school to train young heroes that still exists to supply fodder for Avenger’s Arena’s Murder World, and transferred government funds to his own corporation in the form of no-bid contracts. But I’m sure a solid gold Heli-Carrier was a necessary expenditure. Proof that a good businessman doesn’t always make for a good politician (are you listening, Trump?), Stark did such a terrible job that he was replaced by…wait for it…Norman Osbourne! Tony may have been a mislead ideologue in his own right, but he’s got nothing on the next red-taper in the Lot. A good bureaucrat knows how to rile up a crowd and gain support, and nothing riles up the base like some good old-fashioned fear.Gold Hellicarrier

2: Senator Robert Kelly

“I stand in the shadow of a man who said a house divided against itself cannot stand. I stand in the shadow of a man for whom the preservation of the union — and the ideals and hopes and freedoms for which it stands — was worth any price, even his own life. Now, as then, this land we love faces a clear and present danger, to its liberty and its future. For Abraham Lincoln, the challenge was slavery. For us, on this cusp of the 21st century, it is mutants!”

SenatorKelly1Yeah, Kelly said that! He turned the inherently racial issue of slavery into a call to action for injustice against a different race! It wasn’t only a brilliant piece of storytelling thanks to legends Chris Claremont and John Byrne, but it stands as an identifying example of real-world social conflict. Looking back it seems a bit cheap taking the stereotypical fear-mongering political bureaucrat to a factor of asshole, but Senator Kelly worked as both the villain and the hapless patsy; just like a good bureaucrat. I wouldn’t mind seeing a return of this sort of political story in the current X-Titles, but Senator Kelly’s way with words back in the day give him the second spot in the Top o’ this Lot. While Kelly ran for the job of top U.S. bureaucrat, the character in the Top spot o’ the Lot made the Oval Office his bitch!

1: President Lex Luthor

President LuthorFirst he all but destroys Gotham City, and then runs on a platform that decries the current administration’s handling of Gotham City’s destruction! If that’s not the work of the most brilliant bureaucrat I have more. Luthor pulls a Kryptonite asteroid toward the Earth, blames Superman for it, and most of the planet believes him, including a team of heroes that he sends to kill Batman and Superman! He allowed alien invasions to occur just to sell more LexCorp weapons. He only served three years, but, oh, they were a grand few, and if it wasn’t for those pesky Tights and Capes who knows how great America could have been? Anyone currently reading DC’s Forever Evil cannot argue that Lex was right!

See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.