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Review: Inhumanity One-Shot


Rated T

The dust has barely begun to settle on Marvel’s Infinity event, and the House of Ideas is already throwing readers headlong into their next universe-wide mega-happening, Inhumanity. So, to give any reader who may have skipped Infinity entirely, and to add a bit more fuel to an event not quite reaching momentum in a landscape full of events, the Inhumanity one-shot reviews those pertinent moments of Marvel’s last event, while giving some insight on Inhuman history. While this one-shot sets up a foundation for what’s to come, it suffers from not making what’s to come very attractive.

The Good

Looking back at Infinity, the stuff that focused on the Inhumans was awesome! While it wasn’t as epic as the whole galactic war “side story”, it was some dramatic change to the entire landscape of the Marvel U and is so ripe with potential for interesting stories that getting the gist of the whole thing if you missed Infinity is integral. The Inhumanity one-shot does a fantastic job of filling readers in on all the Inhuman backstory spilling out of Infinity, without all the baggage of the Avengers leading a galactic army against a seemingly unbeatable foe. The ish goes even further into giving readers all sorts of Inhuman backstory, who knows, may or may not be needed to enjoy any other comics stamped with an Inhumanity moniker across its top. Olivier Coipel’s artwork is brilliant, and this book may be worth getting just for the panels of Hawkeye, and there’s only, like, three of those! As good as all that is, however, I just didn’t get it.

The Bad

While I’m sure Marvel has a huge, epic plan with adding thousands and thousands of super-powered Inhumans to the Marvel Universe, the one-shot built to get readers excited about that huge, epic plan did nothing to actually get me any more excited than Infinity itself did. Sure, there was some explanation of Inhuman history and whatever that was interesting, but, considering the entire status quo of the Inhumans has changed, it felt quite unnecessary and, even if it is necessary to enjoy whatever may come next, the delivery was weak. Ultimately, the overall tone of the ish was one of impending doom for the Inhumans, but there was also an underlying sense that the dawn of a new Inhuman Age would be a good thing, leaving me a bit confused. Certainly there’s some potential in this dichotomy, but I’ve seen that somewhere before…umm, let me think…every damned X-Men book for that past 25 years!! Been there; done that; got the t-shirt.

The Verdict

I was in no way, form or fashion interested in Inhumanity, Inhuman or any of the tie-ins to that effect. After Infinity, I was looking forward to having some event-free time with my Marvel Comics. But, in some deep place in my heart, I was kind of hoping the kick-off to the event, this Inhumanity one-shot, would change my mind. It’s probably the whole Jack Kirby thing. Alas, this book was not very good. The art barely redeems a book full of recaps, history lessons, and an uninteresting story. I gave them a chance to sell me on something I really didn’t want to get into, and they failed miserably. I should probably thank Marvel for saving me a few bucks on upcoming tie-ins.

Previews 302: November 2013 for January 2014

Marvel Previews 16 Previews 302

Whether you call it the Comic Shop’s Catalogue or the Best Bathroom Reading in the World, the monthly edition of Previews is just as much a part of my regular geek reading as the comics it solicits. Outright Geekery takes a look into the near future (no TARDIS required) as we touch on some of the highlights of this month’s Previews.

Marvel Comics

All-New Marvel NOW! begins with fervor in January with a bunch of books getting the renumbering treatment and a few brand new titles joining the Marvel ranks. All-New X-Men #22 see the beginning of the Trial of Jean Grey as the Original X-Men head into space for some galactic goodness. The old school X-gang crosses-over with another Bendis’ written team, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and that should make for some great stuff!

InhumanInhumanity, Marvel’s post-Infinity event of the spring, barrels through the Marvel U with no less than 4 tie-in books, including Superior Spidey and a new book starring the Inhuman Medusa. I’m kind of tired of events after both Battle of the Atom and Infinity, not to mention Forever Evil over at DC, so I’ll be skipping most, if not all, of the Inhumanity. I’m just not very interested.

After decades of legal problems and years of rumors, Miracleman finally comes to the Marvel U in a big time way. The preview suggests two new MM books hit in January, issue #1 at $5.99 and 64 pages, and issue #2 at $4.99 and 48 pages. While these are re-mastered reprints of ‘80’s stuff, they deserve the buzz they are getting. While I’m not jumping on the bandwagon right away, I’ll be looking into these a lot more as January gets closer.

The Ultimate Universe gets closer and closer to being gone as Cataclysm nears its final issue. Are they really going to destroy the Ultimate U? Who besides Miles Morales makes it to the 616 if they do? Things (for once) may truly never be the same. If you’ve ever been a fan of the Ultimate U, seeing its presumed end is going to be worth a read.

Revolutionary War 4 Revolutionary War 3 Revolutionary War 2 Revolutionary War 1Finally from Marvel, we get another British Invasion as Revolutionary War takes its hold on Captain Britain and the rest of the Marvel U from across the pond. With three tie-ins worth of story Marvel is putting some real power behind a seldom used piece of the Marvel U. My bet is we see the same miserable sales numbers the last time Marvel tried to give readers some characters from the UK, but it’s great to see Marvel taking some risks on some really awesome characters. I may have to find some room in my stack for this event.

Look for Outright Geekery’s full preview of All-New Marvel NOW! coming soon!

DC Comics

BlightForever Evil continues in just about every January DC book as the Blight storyline takes over most of the tie-ins. Things get a bit confusing as figuring out the reading order becomes a chore, but I’m on-board for at least a few issues and surely DC will make following this event a bit easier. I’m not fully sold on ANY of the tie-ins so far, but Forever Evil is going to make a statement in one of these damn books. Figuring out which one is like playing roulette, however, and I’m just not willing to play

Batman events are everywhere as ZERO YEAR and GOTHTOPIA are still running strong. While ZERO YEAR has been surprisingly fun to read, I’m not sure I have room for, yet another, event. I’ll be getting ZERO YEAR and a few tie-ins, but GOTHTOPIA is going to have to prove itself to me. Honestly, I’m really getting tired of events!

unwritten_vol2The Vertigo line gives fans more of what they love as The Unwritten Volume 2 drops alongside a special edition version of The Sandman: Overture featuring an extra-sized issue and an interview with comic letterer legend Todd Klein. I’m not one for the same old thing dressing up as more of the same thing, so I’ll be skipping any special editions, but fan-favorite The Unwritten getting a second volume is the perfect jumping on point for interested readers, and I’m a big one of those!

DC and Vertigo both are soliciting some great reprints of one of my favorite strips of all time Spy vs. Spy, and I’d be failing as a fan if I didn’t mention it. The spy-vs-spyUsual Gang of Idiots never fails to impress and make me giggle like a ticklish toddler in a feather factory! A 400 page omnibus for 50 bucks makes me say “Yes Plz!!”

Image Comics

The Third Leg comics-deadly-classof the comics Big 3 publishers offers 3 new number 1’s in January. Marvel big-leaguer Rick Remender brings his own brand of story-telling to his latest title Deadly Class, a story about a high school for assassins and a kid who just can’t make the grade. Remender has yet to disappoint, and I’ll be pulling Deadly Class from the shelves the moment it hits.

Legend Bob Fingerman returns from a 15 year hiatus as Minimum Wage makes its long-awaited comeback. Edgy, slice-of-life stories and Fingerman’s classic art style make this a book to pay some attention to if not pay some cold hard cash to add to your collection.

Finally, comics mainstay Stuart Moore brings us some sci-fi goodness with Egos #1, a twisted tale of a future superhero with “big sci-fi” elements. I’ll be skipping this simply because I don’t have enough room in my stack, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Indy Stuff

IDW creates its own version of Reeces’ Cups as The X-Files and The Ghostbusters crossover in an unlikely but attractive pairing, in an event that shows more creativity in its concept than most Big 2 events have in 12 issues. This is just weird enough to work!

Twilight ZoneThe great J. Michael Straczynski takes us back to “a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind,” in the new title from Dynamite Entertainment The Twilight Zone. I know I should learn my lesson and stop buying comics taken from licensed properties that have absolutely nothing to do with comics, but this is going to be worth the ride. I may wait for the trade, but I will read this.

Also from Dynamite, Fables creator Bill Willingham goes steampunk with Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure. This may be good actually, but steampunk isn’t my thing. Worth a look just to check out Willingham on something new and (hopefully) different, but it’s not finding its way into my hold box.

Judge Dredd is all over this Previews with IDW and 2000AD printing tons of new stuff or reprinting classics. It’s a good time to love the Judge!

Attack on Titan is up to book 8 and they are all being reoffered come January 2014. If you haven’t checked out this manga or the anime, what the hell are you waiting for?

And the Rest

HQConnerTopThe cover to Harley Quinn issue 0 by Amanda Conner now comes in an official t-shirt. It’s my all-time favorite Harley cover!

A 24” Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man looks cool and is just plain fun.

I’ll need some lay-a-way for the Robocop classic figure and the one from the brand new movie hitting next year, both from Play Arts. Dead or alive…

robocop new robocop classic

And way too many statues to cover! They do realize everyone is still going to be broke in January?

That’s it for Previews this month. Pick one up at your local comics shop, or check them out here http://www.previewsworld.com and share your favs with the rest of us!