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Review: Inhuman #12

Review: Inhuman #12

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Ryan Stegman, Richard Isanove, and Rachelle Rosenberg

New Attilan is under siege by Ennilux, Queen Medusa finally has her mind back after all of the Axis shenanigans, and Black Bolt is back and ready for action. This is an action packed issue that in many ways caps off many of this title’s nagging plot threads from the last year.

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Review: Inhuman #2

Inhuman 2

Artist Variant by FRANK CHO
• New Inhumans are transformed every day as the Terrigen Mist spreads around the world.
• Queen Medusa finds herself face to face with Captain America, and it doesn’t go well.
• Who is Lash and what does he want with the new Inhumans?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

When Marvel decided to bring the Inhumans into a different sort of mainstream during the Infinity event I was a bit hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. It seemed like Marvel was simply giving the Inhumans the X-Men treatment, and I’d just rather read X-titles. Coupled with that was the untimely creator shakeup that saw Matt Fraction solicited to write the book with Charles Soule being the actual writer. This ultimately delayed the title long enough to make me wonder if it was even worth the trouble, but I’m glad I did. Inhuman is a great read and a fun introduction to a new take on an old brand.

The Good

While issue #1 of this series did a great job of setting up the driving story element of all the new Inhumans being “born” due to the terrigen mist cloud circling the globe, ish #2 doesn’t complete ignore this aspect, but puts an emphasis on the current state of the Inhuman Royal Family, namely Queen Medusa, who happens to be the only member left since Black Bolt’s disappearance. We learn a bit more about the new Inhuman Dante through some great training bits with long-time Inhuman Gorgon, and we meet a fascinating new member of the race called Lineage, but this issue really tries to display the nobility and honor of Medusa and the Royal Family, and how she’s been able to keep those foundations intact despite the terrible circumstances they find themselves in. Soule’s pacing is excellent and he’s got a real handle on the story he’s telling. You can tell he’s having a lot of fun with these new Inhumans he’s creating, and it’s a joy to see fresh takes on characters in a world with so many. What is there to say about Joe Madureira’s art? Joey Mad’s work is simultaneously beautiful, epic, and weird; it’s a perfect accompaniment to a story that will change the Inhumans forever.

The Bad

For some reason I assumed that Inhuman was a limited series, event sort, of title. But, looking at the solicits, it’s an on-going title that will have a long-term buildup to something…well, something that we’re not really quite sure of yet. The only real appeal of this title, and this issue overall, is learning the new status quo of a group of Marvel characters whose only appeal is their long, storied, and quite established history. As a long-time Inhuman fan I miss the tried and true Inhumans – Crystal, Triton, etc. – and, although Gorgon seems like he may be a big part of this story, the new Inhumans are eclipsing the greats a bit too much. Vinatos, an Inhuman character introduced in this ish, seems like he’s been a servant of the Royal Family for quite some time, and it feels weird. His HE one of these new Inhumans? If we’re gong to be introduced to new Inhumans we need to know just how “new” they are. This does very little to take away from the overall good story being told.

The Verdict

Inhuman #2 is a strong comic book, introducing new and interesting characters in a world with so many different characters it’s tough to find something new, and is entertainingly telling a story that changes a group of characters created in 1965 in a way that they have never been changed before. While there’s still a reminiscent X-Men feel to the “birth” of new Inhumans, the whole Royal Family feel and sense of belonging that is integral to the Inhumans truly sets the groups apart, and writer Charles Soule is doing a great job of getting this new and updated dynamic across while keeping to what’s made the Inhumans stand apart all along.The Inhumans are flying headlong into the 21st century (finally!) and it’s a really fun ride.

Story: 3.5 Out of 5
Art: 4.5 Out of 5
Overall: 4 Out 5