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COVERED! April 22nd, 2015

We got your weekly comic book eye-candy fixed COVERED! Here’s some great covers gracing the shelves at your favorite comic shop this week.

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Preview: Hawkeye #1

Take Aim With Your First Look Inside ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1

Nock your arrow and draw back your bow True Believer because Marvel’s Avenging Archer is back for a brand new beginning to the fan-favorite series in ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1! A brand new ongoing series debuting this March, blockbuster writer Jeff Lemire and Eisner-award winning artist Ramon Perez bring you a fresh new look in to the life of Clint Barton as only this high profile, can’t miss creative team could! Continue reading Preview: Hawkeye #1

Top 10 Most Anticipated Comics of 2015

We’ve barely cracked the calendar in 2015 but it’s never to early to ahead to the future, and 2015 is set to be a great one for comic book. The Big 2 are tossing out their usual stock of event titles, but there’s a lot riding on those events, and the promises of change are compelling. It’s the Indy publishers, however, that are a surprising source of anticipation. No matter how you slice it, though, 2015 is going to be a great year for comics, and here’s the books we can’t wait to read. Continue reading Top 10 Most Anticipated Comics of 2015

Opinion: Marvel Comics All-New Now.1

JulesTrue with a long overdue post, because it’s certainly time I join the true ranks over here at OG and put my ten cents in for a rant. Avengers NOW!Recently, Marvel has upped the price tag on certain books, while paradigm shifting lots of teams, and even killing a couple of characters here and there. I’m sure by now everyone has seen the whole Avengers Now picture from Entertainment Weekly. Of course the whole community is in an uproar about all sorts of changes coming out of the House of Ideas. Lots of theories about what the folks at Marvel have planned next for its readers. Lots of questions being asked about what are their goals, who dies next, whats the next event, who’s joining what team, and how much is this all gonna cost?

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Do You Know this Avenger?


Thats right folks the segment you didn’t even know you missed is back! JulesTrue is back in action folks and I’m here to bring you the goods! As we all know Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has quite the roster, and you may not know everyone who’s filled that roster. Well thankfully I do! From East Coast to West Coast. From Secret to Uncanny. I’ll be bringing them to you every week right here on OUTRIGHT GEEKERY!

This week we are going back to the early days of the additions to the roster. This Avenger has been a long standing fave of mine and many will agree a total bad@$$ in his own right. One of the few remaining heroes on the Avengers who doesn’t even have powers. And what else is crazy is he started his career as a villain. That’s right folks this weeks Avenger is everyone’s favorite purple Archer, the guy that has punched Cap and Ironman in the face more than any other hero!


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Comic Book Issues: I’d Like to Read That, But…

My relationship with comics is complicated. It’s a love/hate thing, that leads to irrational and illogical thoughts and habits. It’s easy to say I’ve got Comic Book Issues.

I’d Like to Read That, But…

“I don’t have the money.”

“There was that one bad issue.”

“I really don’t care for this artist/writer.”

These are only a few of the excuses I tell myself to rationalize skipping comic books that I would otherwise pick up and read the hell out of. But these aren’t really good reasons at all. I find cash to buy other books, none of them have perfect runs, and artists come and go. There’s something much deeper going on, and I’m not quite sure what it is.

The Culprits

HawkeyeThere are a lot of books that I’m not getting, that I want to get, but simply don’t jump on and start buying. Hawkeye over at Marvel has been an amazing, award-winning book, a friend actually bought me the first trade, yet I leave it on the shelves every month. I have no reason to not pick up this book besides that maybe I have the first few issues in trade, and I don’t want to start in the middle of the run. But that’s completely irrational.

Green Lantern over at DC is another 250px-Green_Lantern_Vol_5_17one. I used to read this book, actually, but dropped off somewhere around the time of the last Lantern-wide event. Light’s Out, maybe? But that right there is the reason I don’t read GL. All the Lantern books tend to tie into one another so very often that I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t get in on the whole story. But it’s in no way logical to miss out on the one because of a fear of missing out on the many.

G.I. JoeThe biggest regret I have is the licensed independent stuff that I grew up on, that I kind of feel that I’ve outgrown, but can’t help but want to pick up when I glance over them on shelves every week: G.I. Joe and Transformers books. These were my go to titles when I was first cutting my teeth on reading comics, and there’s just something about the zany characters and huge robots, but I think the true appeal that G.I. Joe and Transformers has is its staying power. These brands support multiple books, have been going on for decades in different iterations, and these fun characters just never get old. And the films keep new readers at least a bit interested, I’m just not sure why I’m not more interested. At least, interested enough to pick them up. I think it’s a combination of not knowing where to begin, not wanting Transformersto risk buying 6 more books a month to test the waters, and the trades are just better buys. These brands have a lot of continuity, a lot of titles, and the collected books are cheaper and include all those great covers most of the time. So, maybe I’m not so terrible on this one…besides the fact that I never buy the trades I say I’m going to buy. But that’s different Comic Book Issue I have.

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

Marvel Steamrolls Another Week of Goodness

Well folks its that time again and I’m here to unpack my bag of adjectives and once again let my fellow Marvel Faithful what’s good, oh and its so good this week. Sorry for being Late with the Reviews!

detail (7)

Oh you knew it was coming, New Avengers #11 was a serious tour de force of holy s#*% can they do that? Well just when I thought I knew where this event was taking me Hickman throws yet another wrench into the cogs. I mean seriously, this issue was bad@$$! Not only did I get the incursion at the end of the last issue, I get…SPOLIER ALERT… Other Universe Builders, ExNihli, Thanos in Necropolis, Wakanda getting owned, and the “Illuminati” made to look like they don’t have a handle on anything. Ah, can we just be thankfull for how wonderful Mike Deodato’s art is in this book, because its seriously beautiful. You may have thought you knew where Infinity was going… You were wrond, DEAD WRONG, its going in a direction that scares and excites me, this is def an event for Marvel readers. It was most certainly a buy in the singles!

detail (5)

This title has been flat out nothing short of brilliance. I know what you’re thinking, another Hawkeye book, how many times are they gonna try this? Well the answer is no more, because they got this one right. Hawkeye #13 fills you in on the Hawkguy side of everything has been happening in the book. We finally get to make some progress as to what the hell is Clint gonna do. Matt Fraction and David Aja deliver a book you want in your hands, because believe me its not the same digitally. It has a classic comic feel, with the honest character telling that Fraction usually brings to the table. Hawkeye bumming around getting into nothing but trouble, along side Kate Bishop( Young Avengers Hawkeye), Pizza Dog( A dog he finds at the beginning of this run), and as of an issue ago, Barney Barton (Trickshot, oh if you forgot he’s Hawkeye’s brother). Seriously pick this book up. This issue was a sort of catch up issue which gives you time to pick up the singles/trades!

detail (6)

This ain’t your parents Guardians of the Galaxy, um actually this barely mine. Brian Michael Bendis has turn this title into something completely different, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Guardians of the Galaxy issue #7 brings a lot to the table on where they are gonna go with this book. Angela’s new origin to the Marvel is a nice touch to see the places they wanna take her in this book. The banter is top notch Bendis at his best, seriously IronMan and StarLord going at it with 80’s references had me on the floor. Sara Pichelli’s art is seriously too pretty for this title! Change everyone’s costume around, add Iron Man, Angela( You know that angel lady from Spawn who killed all the hellspawns? You know the one you had a poster of that Greg Capullo drew, yeah that one), and a timey whimey moment where Star Lord experiences the ripple effect from Age Of Ultron, and yeah Bendis has def made it his book.  I can’t wait to see what they do! This issue was a good filler between plots, nothing extravagant a wait for the trade kinda issue.

detail (8)

Oh you knew it was coming. RAZE. Who I assume is Wolverine and Mystique’s kid, or maybe a Sinister experiment, or maybe just mystique’s kid. Being a X-men fan you come to just deal with every possibility and nine times out of ten its whatever you didn’t think of. THIS EVENT IS THE ONE FOR X-READERS!!!! Uncanny X-men #13 you will find the not so Future X-men clashing with the Future X-men with the help of the Current X-men/Scott’s X-men and if you’re following this I’m impressed because I’m lost. SO much betrayal, and you though Game of Thrones was convoluted, Battle of the Atom so much more. With simply brilliant art by the ever talent Chris Bachalo. Everything at once and I love everything about it. I’m gonna say this event has been the most amazing X-Event in years, I will say it has been the most fun in years. As a long time X-reader I know how the series tends to take itself a bit too seriously sometimes, and this is one of those you can sit back and laugh a little about. Plus its just done right, Three writers and it flows like nobody’s business, this was hands down a buy in the singles!

detail (9)

I started with Infinity, and this week I get to end with Infinity. Holy s#!% this was a turn me on my side slap me and call me Gunther issue. This is the dawn of victories and losses. The battle between the Builders and the Avengers continues to heat up as we now see the Accusers and Kree army have left the Kree to join up with Thor. This issue is easily one of the most tense issues of the series. I was biting my fingernails the entire time, and I hate doing that! Lenil Fracis Yu’s art is easily one of the best things about being a Marvel reader right now, he could seriously do covers for the rest of his life and I would go broke buying them all. Jonathan Hickman continues his rollercoaster and is going through some serious loops and maybe has shown us a card in his hand that scares the living crap out of me. We shall wait to find out…Buy it in the singles seriously.

That’s all for now folks, Check out Weekly Rec on YouTube, and get a more well rounded set of review, meaning not just Marvel. Thank ya for your spare time and change- JulesTrue