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In Brightest Day: 12/10/14

Welcome back to the second edition of In Brightest Day, the one article where I talk about and review all things Green Lantern that goes on every week. As you may or may not have known, the entire Lantern franchise, five books in total, are currently involved in a super large crossover event entitled Godhead where all the Lanterns from the various corps face off against the New Gods of New Genesis. Last week, we began the beginning of the end of the crossover with a surprisingly funny Green Lantern #37 and continue to march are way towards the finale this week in Green Lantern Corps #37. Continue reading In Brightest Day: 12/10/14

Review: Green Lantern Corps #33

Review: Green Lantern Corps #33

Written by Van Jensen

Art by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

After three long months, finally the Uprising crossover event comes to its conclusion here in this issue with surprisingly personal results for John Stewart. Now if only this issue was easy to talk about without slipping into spoiler territory…

The Good

I have said it before and I will say it again, Green Lantern Corp is a way better book than its companion title, Green Lantern. Whereas Green Lantern is more concerned with great epic conflicts and the tough decisions regarding leadership, Green Lantern Corp is actually about characters and their personal journeys. Never has this been more evident than now as the last issue of Green Lantern was just one big battle, but this issue of GL Corp is about that battle’s fallout as it pertains to Stewart and his relationship with Fatality. Some readers may not like the twist that occurs in this issue, but I did. It solidly progressed Stewart and set the stage for the next story line. Von Daggle and Mogo also had a big moment in this issue that progresses both of their stories immensely. I also love Chang’s artwork in this book. His somewhat cartoony pencils match Maiolo’s bright and vibrant colors perfectly to make a wonderful viewing experience.

The Bad

There is some clunky dialogue in this issue. Yeah, I know they had to explain the big twist, but the twist wasn’t that complicated so the explanation didn’t have to read like it was coming from a robot. I also am unsure about the new villains that were revealed at the end. I know I’ve only seen one page of them and it is way to early to judge, but I already feel like we are going to be seeing more or less the same things we have been seeing for a while in the Lantern franchise. I just want something a little different.

The Verdict

This was a really good issue in my opinion. It doesn’t completely wash away the bad taste that Uprising as a whole has put in my mouth, but it was still really good. The art was great as usual as well as the story, even though it did suffer from some bad dialogue.

Story: 4 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5

Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot: Green Lantern Corps Members

Top o' the Lot Image Updated

From time to time Outright Geekery brings you a slanted and biased opinion on some trivially specific topic of geekery. We call it Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot.

Out of all the comic book teams that exist within the pages of graphic literature, few have the storied history, robust roster, epic scale and makes more sense than the Green Lantern Corps. The Corps is a huge collection of intergalactic cops, and, in the context of creating an interstellar portion of a comic book universe, just makes sense. Having one of these Emerald Knights in each and every corner of the galaxy not only makes for some great opportunities to tell radically different stories, but does so through comparisons to real-world police departments and officers, making the whole concept full of possibilities. And, oh, the members it has! It’s difficult to choose just the Top o’ this Lot, but I’m going to make you a promise: In picking items for this Lot, I shall pick my favs the way I ought, They will be biased and skewed a lot, and I’ll deserve the nerd rage that I begot! Here they are, Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot, Green Lantern Corps Members.

Honorable Mention: Sinestro


Teacher turned would-be tyrant, Sinestro first hit the comic scene with a story so similar to Hal Jordan’s that it was basically the same damn story. Which, nicely, played into the entire teacher/student relationship the two later shared. He only gets Honorable Mention because he’s such a cooler Sinestro Corps member, but he’s cool enough to barely get into my roster.

5. Ch’P and B’dg

Chp B'dg

Come on, they’re anthropomorphic squirrel/chipmunk aliens with power rings! That’s pretty badass, and the kind of intergalactic crazy that is the very appeal of the Green Lantern Corps itself. While Ch’P got bogged down in the whole Crisis on whatever it was, he ended up dead, only to be resurrected (and killed yet again) during Blackest Night, Bd’G was one of the first of the reconstructed Corps and he trained the newest GL Simon Baz fairly recently. In space, weird is good, and these guys are just the right kind of weird, putting them in the 5th spot in this Lot, and there’s more weird coming.

4. Kilowog


Keeping with the overall appeal that the Corps has in the context of having an entire galaxy of unique aliens, Kilowog represents the fact that, at its heart, the Corps is a military police force. And what does every military need: A hardass drill sergeant whipping recruits into tip-top shape. While being an intergalactic R. Lee Ermey may be Kilowog’s main appeal, he’s got a pretty solid history including a brief stint as a celebrity on Earth after a televised  battle with Black Hand, and recently breaking Jon Stewart out of prison. This Top o’ the Lot wouldn’t be complete without him, but the newest GL makes it bit further up my list.

3. Simon Baz

Simon Baz

Alright, I know, the only thing that makes this guy a Green Lantern is the fact that he has a ring. I’m not even sure anyone in the Corps even knows the guy exists. But I don’t care, Simon Baz is a GL for a new generation, and has so much potential that hearkens back to some of the best GL stories of yesteryear that he makes my list. GL used to deal with current and relative issues, and the torn tattooed Muslim with a misunderstood history Simon Baz could bring this much needed brand of storytelling back to comics in a huge way. He may be getting bogged down by ALL the damn events, but, if he wasn’t, he could easily move up a spot or two on the Lot…or not make it at all…Please, don’t screw this character up, DC!!

2. Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan

He may have replaced the original, but Hal Jordan, for most comic fans, is their first Lantern. He’s the star of every major iteration of the character for decades, despite would-be kings of the hill like Kyle, Jon or that little punk Guy. No, Hal is still the best known, and most respected character known as Green Lantern. The history of this character is as important as they come, and everything from the Green Lantern/Green Arrow from the ’70’s up to Geoff Johns great run is some amazing reading. And all of that stars Hal Jordan. The basic fact that he is so well-known, and my first Lantern, puts him within a single spot in the Top o’ the Lot. Hey, it’s biased, remember?

1. Abin Sur

Abin Sur

It’s hard for me to put my finger on exactly why Abin Sur is my favorite GL. Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia for that very first sacrifice that acted as the one and only guide for a young Hal Jordan. Maybe it’s how great the character was used in alternate realities, Flashpoint comes to mind. Maybe it’s just the way he’s been changed and re-explained so many times that the appeal is more comic book meta than anything else; his backstory had more additions than a math class as they made his square peg fit the round hole that was Blackest Night, and they’ve had to explain the reasons for him riding around in a spaceship more than once. But, it’s probably a combination of all of those things, culminating in a character that is uniquely associated with the Corps, may be the most important member of that storied group, and represents everything I love about comics: Don’t let the rules stop you from doing something fun! That puts Abin Sure at the very tippy-top o’ this Top o’ the Lot.

See a mistake? Disagree with the choices? Tell us what you think about this installment of Top o’ Lot, join in the discussion and share your opinion.