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Convergence Roundup: Week 2

Convergence Roundup: Week 2

This week, the focus of the Convergence tie-ins fall squarely on the Zero Hour time period. With that in mind, many of these issues have a very 90’s feel to them, especially considering that one of the cities that Zero Hour Metropolis has to fight is the San Diego from Jim Lee’s Wildstorm universe. Overall, I think the quality of the tie-ins are better this week than last week, but there were also no stand outs like last week’s Question #1. Just in case you missed how awesome that issue is then you can see all my thoughts about it and last week’s other tie-ins here.

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3 Questions About DC’s Creator Changes

We wonder. We ponder. We think. And that leads to the search for knowledge. I only have three questions! (Editor’s Note: There are always more than 3 questions)

DC recently dropped news about some new titles and some old titles getting a shakeup to their creative teams, and I have a few questions about the changes. Continue reading 3 Questions About DC’s Creator Changes

Review: Future’s End Green Arrow #1

Review: Future’s End Green Arrow #1

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Out of all the Future’s End one-shots that are getting pumped out of DC this month, Green Arrow is really the only one I was excited about. It marks the end of the Lemire/ Sorrentino run on the title and is really the only book that seems to have any real implications with Future’s End as a whole what with Ollie being killed back in Future’s End #1. So is it worth it to pick this one up? For the most part, yeah. Continue reading Review: Future’s End Green Arrow #1

Review: Green Arrow #33

Green Arrow 33Review: Green Arrow #33

Written by Jeff Lemire                                                                                                    Art by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo

Well, that escalated quickly. Green Arrow is back in Seattle for five minutes and already a team of assassins want to kill him, an old colleague is kidnapped, and his long lost sister pops in wanting to be his partner. Ollie will figure something out… I think.

The Good

It is so great to see these old villains again. Its been such a long time since I’ve seen anything with Killer Moth, Dart, or Brick in it and they do not disappoint here as the assassins that Richard Dragon has sent after Green Arrow. Another thing that doesn’t disappoint is the look back into the past relationship of Diggle and Ollie. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely skeptical when I heard that Diggle from the Arrow TV show  was going to show up in the comic. Oh man, are those fears put to bed. The dissolution of the Diggle- Green Arrow partnership is one of the more interesting stories to come out this week and is a real highlight in this book. It adds a depth to the Green Arrow timeline in the New 52 that wasn’t there before. There was also a nice callback to the zero year tie-in issue here that was really nice to see too.

The Bad

I really love Andrea Sorrentino’s art, so that is a plus to me, but I know the art can be divisive for others. Other than that, this book is pretty great. It might fall into the problem eventually of just making everything too dire and sucking all the fun out of the proceedings, but right now Lemire has hit a comfortable middle ground.

Story: 4 out of 5

Art: 4 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5