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Review: Looking For Group #1

Story: Ryan Sohmer
Art: Lar Desouza (illustration), Ed Ryzowski (colours)

Writing parody is a double-edged sword. If done right, it can be utterly and totally hilarious and brilliant even biting – but it’s pretty hard to do it genuinely well and it can backfire just as easily. In this regard it helps that this new series is written by the guys behind two webcomics (Gutters and The Least I Can Do) that are familiar with cheekiness and parody.

The Basics:

The comic parodies the fantasy genres and specifically the cliched Elven/Wizard-y fantasy that is the benchmark in a post-Tolkien world. The protagonist is Cale’anon, who is some kind of elf belonging to a race of mean elves that do things like shoot arrows into things until it stops being funny – but our man here is determined to be the black (or in this case, white I guess?) sheep of the family and be heroic, good and all that jibber-jabber. Oh yeah, there’s also a darkly-comic and blood-thirsty warlock named Richard, a Minotaur named Krunch Bloodrage and what appears to be an Orc-ish sorceress named Gid who through a series of violently unfortunate events, become his travelling companions as the journey goes from bad to worse. Continue reading Review: Looking For Group #1