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Review: Uncanny Avengers #2

Review: Uncanny Avengers #2

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Daniel Acuña

Something went wrong when the Avengers Unity Squad tried to teleport to Counter-Earth to find Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Now the entire team is spread out all over Counter-Earth and in dire straights because the High Evolutionary has genocide on his mind. So has Remender’s Uncanny Avengers epic risen from it Axis ashes to reclaim the glory it once had or is it an unfocused mess like the last issue?

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Review: Uncanny Avengers #1

Late last year I made a decision to drop most of the Marvel Comics I was currently reading and not pick up most of the new titles the publisher was launching for the foreseeable future. My problem was a lot of ‘change for change sake’ and a complete lack of adequate follow-through in the aftermath of events. Marvel puts so much effort into their event books, yet, once the event has ended, they usually ignore most of the ‘world-shaking’ things that happened during the event. There’s just no follow-through, and the events come so quickly that there’s almost no time for readers to catch a breath. I really needed to take a breath! So, while I didn’t read Rick Remender’s AXIS event at all, I got the gist of character inversion, as well as the huge reveal revolving around a couple of mutant siblings, and I was truly interested in seeing where Remender went with his AXIS aftermath. Unfortunately, the writer only cemented my overall reasoning for moving away from Marvel books in the first place. While Uncanny Avengers #1 is a strong setup for discovering the mystery revealed at the end of AXIS, there’s some directions this ish goes, and doesn’t go, that leave me overall disappointed.

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