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Review: Wayward #3

Wayward03_CoverASTORY BY
Jim Zub
Steve Cummings
John Rauch, Jim Zub
Marshall Dillon
Steve Cummings, Ross A. Campbell
Image Comics
$3.50 (USD)
Wayward03_CoverBRELEASE DATE
October 29th, 2014
Wayward #3 Preview
I’ve been following the work of writer Jim Zub since I first discovered his 2010 fantasy knee-slapper Skullkickers, making me an instant fan. Most of Zub’s work thrusts readers right into the midst of the action, pushing the overall pacing by forcing readers to play catchup. His lead-ins and introductions in previous books have resembled anything but a typical methodology. Which makes Wayward an unexpected yet refreshing departure from Zub’s previous work. While the slow crawl has been full of interesting character introductions, the overarching story has yet to fully reveal itself, leaving readers wondering what exactly Wayward is, and pondering if they want to hang out long enough to find out.

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Is Secret Wars 2015 Marvel’s Reboot?

Secret Wars 2015While it was rumored earlier this year as Marvel debuted the Time Runs Out story arc in the Avengers, and the numerous drastic changes certainly all point in that direction, Marvel Comics is giving even more ammo to the “Marvel Reboot” rumor patrol by giving us a teaser of the publisher’s Summer 2015 event, and it’s a doozy! Continue reading Is Secret Wars 2015 Marvel’s Reboot?

Review: Howtoons (RE)Ignition #2

Howtoons Reignition #2The hands-on, DIY for kids hit Howtoons (RE)Ignition is the comic book that’s every bit as much creative and educational experience as it is an example of outstanding sequential art. Although issue #2 took a big dip in story from issue #1, the creativity and educational portions of this ish were the stars, along with some amazing art.

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Review: Void

[Cover Art Image]

Written by Herik Hanna
Art by Sean Phillips
Published by Titan Comics
Cover Price: $9.99

Void is a tale of loneliness, madness, and horror. John is the lone survivor of Goliath 01, a very large space prison ship. The ship itself has been riddled inert after a collision with some space debris but John’s real problem is Colonel Mercer, the ship’s captain. It turns out he went crazy and killed everyone on the ship and is out to kill John too. Can John defeat Colonel Mercer, survive the loneliness of space, get the ship working, and find help? Continue reading Review: Void

Review: Deadly Class #6


Deadly Class #6

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Wesley Craig

Pick off where the last issue left off. Our sorta hero is Las Vegas tripping on bad acid. Having just killed a school friend’s terrible father for him. Now being beaten to a pulp by a Mexican Gangster/Classmate for trying to score with his woman. Yes this issue is super intense. Cops get involved at first and it doesn’t go so well. The the other kids from school on the trip get involved to try to help and well it doesn’t go so well then either! Just as things get really heated it goes even further south when a mysterious stranger from Marcus’ past shows up!

The Good

Rick Remender is just spot on when it comes to giving you honest story telling in the midst of the strange. This issue is a great example how when you are outmatched in a fight you don’t exact find strength from your ancestors or your mysterious gifts. It usually means you are getting your butt kicked all over the place. Wesley Craig’s art is just absolutely spectacular. This has become one of the titles I just stare because the character designs while may be a lil more on the cartoony side are very captivating and simply are perfect for the story. I just spent every page waiting nervously to see how this issue was gonna end, and believe me I really didn’t see the ending coming. I was sweating bullets in fear for these characters I’ve grown very attached to. This title is just a ton of fun.

The Bad

Holy dire moments! This issue was almost too much of a nail-biter. One thing Remender tends to overdo is is gritty dire moments! The issue is def not for the faint of heart. A page turner that keeps you gasping. The last page of the issue lets you know Deadly Class won’t be back till September?! WHY?! I want more now. Why the wait? I understand Remender is heading the next big event at Marvel, and has a new indie title debuting in July, but come on!

The Verdict

Once again if you haven’t touched this title yet I ask, what is your problem?! This title is awesome. Wes Craig and Rick Remender have just created the kind of story that is gritty, funny, and entertaining. Every issue seems to somehow outdo the issue prior. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this title. I’m a lil upset that the next issue won’t drop till September which gives you plenty of time to catch up on this wonderful title!

The Story 4 out of 5                                                                                                             The Art 4 out of 5                                                                                                                  Overall 4 out of 5

Mutant of the Moment: Magneto

Magneto1Mutant Name: Magneto

Real Name: Max Eisenhardt

Notable Aliases: Magnus, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, The Master of Magnetism

First Appearance: X-Men #1 (1963)

Background: Magneto has been everything from Mutant Activist, to terrorist, to Mutant Savior, and just about everything in-between. As leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto led the fight for Mutant Rights the only way he knew how. Driven by his past experiences as a Nazi prisoner during WWII, Magneto knew that humans would never accept their kind, and that violent force was the only answer to violent force. This drive continues to push Magneto in the present, as The Master of Magnetism has become a one-man X-Force.

Why He Matter Right Now: As seen in the pages of Magneto by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Magneto has once again taken it upon himself to eliminate possible threats to the Mutant race before those threats take action. In just the last few months Magneto has been responsible for the destruction of a secret Sentinel factory, the freeing of a busload of kidnapped mutant teenagers, and the deaths of several dozen mutants-hating religious zealots known as the Purifiers. A loner at heart, reports that Magneto has recently found aid in his conquest only adds to the questions surrounding this long-time villain, turned hero, turned Mutant terrorist.