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Cold Water Challenge: ACCEPTED

You’ve seen the videos on Facebook. You’ve seen the shivering lumps of humanity left in the aftermath. You may have been coerced to take the plunge yourself by a “friend” looking to make a fool out of you in the name of charity. It’s the Cold Water Challenge, and Outright Geekery, unfortunately, is not immune to the phenomenon.

What Is It?

How The Cold Water Challenge began is a mystery. I’m sure the origin of it is out there somewhere on the internet, but I’m way too lazy to look that stuff up, so it’s still a mystery to me. But it’s all pretty simple.

1. Have Someone Pour Cold Water on You

2. Record the Whole Thing

3. Post the Video

4. Challenge Someone Else to Do the Same Thing

5. Donate Some Money to a Charity or Something

Now, I’m really not sure why we just don’t simply donate some money to a charity (if that IS the ultimate goal) but, what the hell? Who am I to argue with society?

What Had Happened Was…

So, why do I bring this up, you ask? Well, first, I can’t hear you, the website doesn’t work like that. But I being this up for the very obvious reason that we were challenged by our great “friends” over at Four Letter Nerd after they took on this frigid torture themselves. It all seems kind of horrible and maybe even a bit dangerous.

But it’s all for charity, and we got a good one! We’ll be throwing our donation toward the Literacy Council of Sumner County, a nonprofit learning center.

Join the Fun

Some of the Outright Geekery crew will be taking on the challenge at Comix City Too! on Tuesday July 15th at 2PM. If you want to see us get soaked and frozen in person, come out and join us, and maybe throw a few bucks towards a good cause.