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Review: X-O Manowar #34

X-O Manowar #34Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Diego Bernard
Colorist: Brian Reber
Cover Artists: Lewis LaRosa, Jorge Molina, Das Pastoras, Butch Guice

Aric has defeated the Armor Hunters, but he has no idea what their masters have up their sleeves. Aric has to fulfill a promise, but it may be his last action he ever takes.

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Review: Imperium #2

IMPERIUM_002_COVER-B_BRAITHWAITEPublisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Joshua Dysart
Artist: Doug Braithwaite
Colorist: Dave McCraig
Cover A: Raul Allen
Cover B: Doug Braithwaite
Cover C: Butch Guice
Variant Cover: Lewis LaRosa

Dissension in the ranks! The U.N. under siege! The world is physically changing and the H.A.R.D. Corps are in the middle of everything. Grave dog seems to know more that he is letting on.

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Preview: ‘Ninjak: The Lost Files’

First Look – Matt Kindt and Butch Guice Reveal NINJAK: THE LOST FILES, Beginning in NINJAK #1!

NINJAK #1 – the latest smash-hit series from VALIANT NEXT – is the title so epic that 32 pages can’t contain it all!Valiant is proud to present your first look inside NINJAK: THE LOST FILES – an essential second feature from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, RAI) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Butch Guice (Captain America), beginning on March 11th in NINJAK #1! Continue reading Preview: ‘Ninjak: The Lost Files’

Preview: X-O MANOWAR #34

First Look: “DEAD HAND” Activates in X-O MANOWAR #34 – Beginning in March!
Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of X-O MANOWAR #34 – the FIRST ISSUE of the all-new story arc and brand new jumping-on point for Valiant’s alien armored hero from New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (ARMOR HUNTERS, The Flash) and superstar-in-the making Diego Bernard (Red Lanterns)! The X-O Manowar epic of 2015 starts here on March 4th as Aric of Dacia, bearer of the most powerful weapon in existence, takes to the stars for a cosmic showdown with the ultimate doomsday fail-safe…the robot army called DEAD HAND!

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Preview: Princess Leia #1

A Leader Ascends in Your New Look at PRINCESS LEIA #1

Lucasfilm Ltd. and Marvel Entertainment are extremely proud to present your new look at the highly anticipated PRINCESS LEIA #1the blockbuster new limited series set in the Star Warsuniverse! Eisner-award winning writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, S.H.I.E.L.D.) and blockbuster artist Terry Dodson (Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, Uncanny X-Men) bring you a brand new story of Leia’s quest to help her people…and her struggle to find her place in the galaxy. Continue reading Preview: Princess Leia #1

Advanced Review: Divinity #1 (of 4)

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Trevor Hairsine
Covers: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Tom Muller, Butch Guice, Lewis Larisa

How do I explain this? How do I write a review on a book… like this? Easy. This book encapsulates the very reason why I read comic books. But trying to put thoughts like this to paper…is still tough. Check out our preview for Divinity #1.

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Preview: Imperium #2

First Look: If You Want Peace…Prepare for War in IMPERIUM #2 – Coming in March from VALIANT NEXT!

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of IMPERIUM #2 – the second devastating issue of the new VALIANT NEXT ongoing series from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (HARBINGER, Unknown Soldier) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS, Justice)! The battle for utopia continues here on March 4th as an all-new member – the technologically enhanced soldier-for-hire Gravedog – steps into the ranks of the world’s most feared superhuman army!

Preview: Valiant Comics for March 2015

Valiant Advance Sneak Peeks for March 2015 – NINJAK #1 | THE VALIANT #4 | IMPERIUM #2 | And More!

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Preview: Ninjak #1

First Look: NINJAK #1 – The New Ongoing Series by Kindt, Mann, and Guice Strikes in March!

Every master spy… had to start somewhere. This March, the past and future of MI-6’s deadliest operative collide in the pages of an all-new ongoing series from VALIANT NEXT!
Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of NINJAK #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the long-awaited VALIANT NEXT ongoing series by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, Mind MGMT), and superstar artists Clay Mann (Gambit) and Butch Guice (Captain America)! On March 11th, the search for the Shadow Seven starts here as Ninjak begins an international manhunt for the secretive figureheads behind the Webnet terror network…and unearths their classified connection to his own never-before-revealed origin and training!Ninjak #1 Banner
Then: meet inexperienced MI-6 recruit Colin King on his first mission in the field as he learns the basics of spycraft and counterintelligence, and develops a volatile relationship with his first handler. Now: Colin King is Ninjak, the world’s foremost intelligence operative, weapons expert, and master assassin. And he’s hunting the Shadow Seven – a secret cabal of shinobi masters with mysterious ties to his training and tragic past.

Preview: Divinity #1

First Look: DIVINITY #1 – Matt Kindt & Trevor Hairsine Introduce Valiant’s Most Powerful New Force in February!

Earth is about to meet a new god. And he’s a communist. How long can it be before the first confrontation between mankind and DIVINITY begins? 
Valiant is proud to present your first look inside DIVINITY #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of the new prestige format VALIANT NEXT limited series from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (ETERNAL WARRIOR, X-Men: Deadly Genesis). On February 11th, don’t miss the beginning of an astonishing new era as the being called DIVINITY makes his landmark first appearance…and changes the world in his wake.Valiant Comics Logo - Featured