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Review: The Flash #38

Written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen

Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse

It’s been a while since I last checked in on this book so let’s see how the adventures of Barry Allen are going.

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Review: The Flash #32

Flash 32Review: The Flash #32
On sale JUNE 25 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T                                 Flash Facts for this issue: 1. The Flash confronts the serial killer stalking Central City! 2. Barry tries to repair his fractured relationship with Wally West! 3. Future Flash continues to move toward the present for a final confrontation with one of the Rogues! Who will he kill next?

Current Flash has a lot of problems. He has to deal with a serial killer that uses the weapons of a bunch of old d-list villains, an ungrateful little punk in Wally West, and an angry girlfriend. Future Flash has a lot of problems too. The current one being his final confrontation with one of his greatest enemies. Some of this works, most of it doesn’t, but overall this is still an interesting read with the potential for greatness.

The Good

Ever since the beginning of the New 52, The Flash has always been an art book. If you want to see a man in red tights (and now blue!) beat up some other random guys in tights with some awesome art, then this is the book for you. A great moment came when the bad guy (I don’t know his name because Flash just shouted out the names of the old bad guys that used to use these weapons) used Merge’s old gloves to warp the house. This created some very interesting and inventive scenes that Brett Booth did a very solid job with putting on paper. I also just like the look of Future Flash with the blue and the Speed Force leaking from him. It’s just pretty. The only great part of the actual story is Future Flash holding Captain Cold’s hand in friendship in Cold’s last moments. There was some genuine emotion there that lifted up an otherwise average at best story.

The Bad

The story isn’t bad, per se. It has some interesting ideas, but most of them just plain didn’t work. Patty getting pissed at Barry for hunting down the serial killer and taking an at risk kid to a baseball game was just stupid. It was just an artificial way to raise the emotional stakes of the book, and it was just bad. The writers still haven’t given me a reason to care about Wally other than the fact he shares a name with a popular speedster that i like. The time travel stuff is cool, but underdeveloped. There is just something missing  that will click all of this together and make it great. Until then, it is just okay.

Story: 3 out of 5                                                                                                                     Art: 4 out of 5                                                                                                                 Overall: 3.5 out of 5