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Preview: Art of Army of Darkness

ArtOfAOD-CoverArt of Army of Darkness

J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Suydam, Nick Bradshaw, John Bolton, Ben Templesmith, Tim Seeley, George Perez, and many more incredible artists!
Michael Hussar Movie Poster

Dynamite Entertainment
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
FC • 208+ pages • Teen+

Since July 2004, Ash Williams — the reluctant hero of the cult classic film, Army of Darkness — has been an integral part of Dynamite Entertainment’s publishing line. Throughout the years, dozens of highly skilled comic artists have drawn and painted our hero, Ash (not to mention the Chosen One’s interchangeable armament of chainsaws and mechanical gauntlets, of course). This gorgeous hardcover art book stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of a horror cinema icon, as captured by some of the comic industry’s most beloved talents: J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Suydam, Nick Bradshaw, John Bolton, Ben Templesmith, Tim Seeley, George Perez, and many more!

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Gaumer’s Top Comic Book Artists of 2014

Outright Geekery continues its rundown of the year that was 2014, and I’m sticking with comic books again, but this time it’s my favorite artists of the year. Man, there were so many pretty pictures, so much great art, this year that it was nigh impossible to come up with a short list. So, I made a long list featuring my favorite artists of the whole year, and instead of some long, drawn-out critique of how awesome these folks are at drawing lines on paper, here’s the list and some of their best stuff from the year. I implore you to click the images to make them larger, and behold the most awesome art of the entire year. Continue reading Gaumer’s Top Comic Book Artists of 2014

Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: November 26th, 2014

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COVERED: November 19th, 2014

Sometimes you just want to see hot comic book shelf porn. Well, we’ve got you COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers of the week. Continue reading COVERED: November 19th, 2014

Preview: Protectors Inc. #10

ProtectorsInc10_CoverPROTECTORS INC. #10

J. Michael Straczynski
Gordon Purcell & Mike Atiyeh

A. Gordon Purcell & Mike Atiyeh
B. Ben Templesmith
Image Comics
NOVEMBER 19, 2014

In the finale to this first arc, Riley learns a tragic secret about the Angel and finds himself in the crosshairs of a battle royale between The Patriot and the man responsible for a series of brutal murders, who is as powerful as any of the Protectors…maybe more so. The ending will forever change the world of the Protectors…and not in a “we’ll reset this later” way.

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Black Mask Studios Gives ‘GODKILLER’ the Animated Treatment

GODKILLER starts production as animated feature trilogy from Black Mask
Sci-horror odyssey expands into animated feature franchise

Publishing and production company Black Mask Studios has announced its first major in-house production: three animated features based on the comic book GODKILLER by Black Mask co-founder Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics, THREAT), Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk, and Ben Templesmith (30 DAYS OF NIGHT).

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Review: The Squidder #1

Review: The Squidder #1

Story and art by Ben Templesmith

The world as we know it is gone. It has been taken over by a Lovecratian inspired  race of beings known as the Squids. Now the last Squidder, a human warrior specially designed to fight the Squids, must take up his arms and save a priestess of the Squids from a crooked town leader while also confronting the demons of his past. Sounds like a cheesy 80’s action movie, right? It’s good cheese, though, and it really doesn’t matter when the art is this phenomenal.

The Good

When I heard that Ben Templesmith had a new four-part miniseries coming out this week, I was ecstatic. Templesmith’s art is simply fantastic. His style is very sketchy with gives everything a very dark and gritty feel which is perfect for everything that goes on in this book. The Squidder himself has kind of a standard design, but anything involving the Squids superb. The first few pages of this issue is super creepy and fill you with an extreme sense of dread. It’s also great that this is only a four-part story. That means it will not overstay its welcome and not break my bank.

The Bad

While I didn’t have a problem with it, I could see some people having issues with the story. First off, if you don’t like Lovecraft or anything of that nature then stay away. Some people may also not like the pretty generic story. Rip away the squids and add aliens, robots, or whatever and you have an instantly recognizable post-apocalyptic story that we have seen countless times. Like I said before, I am fine with this story, but others may want something a little more fresh.

The Verdict

If you like amazing art depicting incredibly dark and grisly images of awesome battles and monsters, or just have a passing interest in Lovecraftian tales then you should pick this up. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it sure as hell makes it look really pretty.

Story: 3 out of 5

Art: 5 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5