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Marvel Announces ‘A-Force’


The All-female Team Assembles as Marvel’s Avengers During Secret Wars

Marvel Comics is excited to announce the new group of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes taking over an all-new era with Marvel Comics’ A-Force co-written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel) and Marguerite K. Bennett (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Max Ride: First Flight) with artwork by Jorge Molina (X-Men) Continue reading Marvel Announces ‘A-Force’

‘Secret Wars 2099’ Announced

WARZONE! Rages on with SECRET WARS 2099!

This May, when everything ends, it’s time to go back to the future! Behold Secret Wars’ WARZONE! and prepare for the ride of your life in SECRET WARS 2099 #1 – the newest Secret Wars series from the acclaimed Spider-Man 2099 creative team of Peter David and Will Sliney!

Continue reading ‘Secret Wars 2099’ Announced

‘Secret Wars: BattleWorld’ Announced

Ready, Set, FIGHT! Announcing

The battles in Secret Wars are so big, we had to launch an entirely new book just to contain them! This May, prepare for the big, bombastic action like you’ve never seen before in SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #1 – a new 4-issue limited series of wall-to-wall action across the surface of Battleworld!  Bursting with epic action, each issue of SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD features two all-new high-octane stories ripped from the pages of the biggest event of the year! Continue reading ‘Secret Wars: BattleWorld’ Announced

Charles Soule Takes the Inhumans to Battleworld


Charles Soule & John Timms Deliver a New Spin on The Inhumans for SECRET WARS!

There’s a rebellion brewing on Battleworld. Stretching far and wide into every dominion across the strange, patchwork realm, underground revolutionaries prepare for the uprising. Today, Marvel is pleased to announce INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING #1, a new Secret Wars series from New York Times Bestselling writer Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine, Inhuman) and artist John Timms (Nova, Harley Quinn)! Continue reading Charles Soule Takes the Inhumans to Battleworld

The End of the Ultimate Universe is Here

The End of the Ultimate Universe From Two of Its Most Iconic Creators!

Bendis. Bagley. The death of the Ultimate Universe. Secret Wars! ‘Nuff said.

The wheels are spinning, and the Ultimate Universe is on a collision course with Secret Wars. The gut-wrenching end begins this May as Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley reteam for ULTIMATE END #1! Continue reading The End of the Ultimate Universe is Here

Marvel Unveils 2nd of 3 ‘Secret Wars’ Banners


Marvel Presents the Second of Three New Series Banners For SECRET WARS!

 The Marvel Universe has been destroyed! One by one, each and every universe across the cosmos has been eliminated. All that exists is a new, patchwork planet made up of the remains of decimated universes.  Today, Marvel is proud to announce BATTLEWORLD, which joins LAST DAYS as two of the three unique umbrella brands of titles launching during Secret Wars! Continue reading Marvel Unveils 2nd of 3 ‘Secret Wars’ Banners