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Mutant of the Moment: X-23

Mutant Name: X-23X-23

Real Name: Laura Kinney

Notable Aliases: Laura X, Talon, Captain Universe

First Appearance: NYX #3 (X-Men Evolution: “X-23”)

Background:Created for the X-Men Evolution animated series, X-23 was first showcased in the comic NYX, which followed homeless mutants in New York City, and later in Craig Kyle and Chris Yost’s Innocence Lost and Target X as the creative team behind the character’s animated origins continued her comic book continuity, with the team continuing to use Laura throughout their New X-Men and X-Force runs. An experiment to recreate the Weapon X program that bonded adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton, X-23 was cloned from a sample of Logan’s DNA, and forced to undergo rigorous training as a hired assassin. X-23 has 2 adamantium-bonded claws per hand, and a single metal claw on each foot.

Why She Matter Right Now: A fresh addition to Brian Michael Bendis’ All-New X-Men, in the latest issue #29 Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, was able to push past the Young Charles Xavier’s psychic onslaught, attack the unaware mutant from the future, and save the All-New X-Men from the Future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While Laura has been a recent love interest of young Scott Summers, with Cyclops’ sabbatical to the stars to reunite with his father Corsair leaving the couples’ future unknown, issue #29 of All-New X-Men saw romantic sparks fly between X-23 and a young Warren Worthington III. Will this new relationship with Angel be a match made in heaven? Pick up All-New X-Men from Marvel Comics to find out!

Mutant of the Moment: Warlock

Mutant Name: WarlockWarlock

Real Name: Warlock

Notable Aliases: Douglock, Phalanx

First Appearance: New Mutant #18 (August 1984)

Background: A member of an alien race techno-organic lifeforms that lack compassion, Warlock was deemed a mutant of his race due to his ability to feel compassion for others. This led to him helping free the X-Men and New Mutants from the clutches of Warlock’s father and ruler of Warlock’s Technarch people. Although this damaged Warlock’s relationship with his father, it allowed Warlock to become a permanent member of the X-Men, and he’s served on the New Mutants, Excalibur, and, most recently, X-Factor. Warlock’s techno-organic body gives him the power to change into just about anything he likes, making him the Transformer of the X-Men.

Why He Matters Right Now: A newly recruited member of the All-New X-Factor, Warlock has been an integral part of the teams very early success. By turning into a motorcycle, Warlock was able to rescue both his fellow mutant Doug “Cypher” Ramsey, and newly discovered mutant Georgia Dakei from the super villain know as Memento Mori. With writer Peter David scribing this uniquely different character, Warlock, and his fellow teammates in All-New X-Factor is must read comic book adventure.

Review: All-New Ghost Rider #4

• The streets of East LA flare up with drug-fueled gang violence form DR. ZABO’s power-enhancing narcotic.
• Will ROBBIE REYES submit to the sprit inside him and go too far in protecting the neighborhood?
• What is MR. HYDE’s diabolical plan to expand his underground empire?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

It never seems to fail! I find a good comic book, talk it up as one of the best of the year so far, and on the very next issue the book hits a rocky road. I’m not saying that ish #4 of All-New Ghost Rider was bad, but it was nowhere near the quality of the first three issues of the series.

The Good

While this issue gave us a bit more insight into the negative side of being a vessel for the Spirit of Vengeance, this ish really shined in the fight on the first few pages. Fun action scenes, a twisted villain, and some very creative uses of Ghost Rider’s possessed car made this a really rad, albeit very short, fight. Although the rest of the issue was mostly filler, adding importance to the various characters and their schemes and plights, the meat of this book is our hero Robbie slowly coming to the realization that his new “friend” the Spirit of Vengeance may be more than he can handle. I’m not sure how I feel about Robbie physically changing to appear more like his ghostly alter-ego, but the implications make for some great potential from this book in the long-term, and hope is always nice. Tradd Moore is his usual unique and vivid self, and I could look at his stuff all day long. Of particular fondness of mine is the artist’s background graffiti in a few of the panels, and I need to know what we have to do to get an issue from Tradd Moore that is done completely in this style. Really, what do we have to do?

The Bad

Writer Felipe Smith is building on what he’s already constructed, and while that’s good, this ish is nothing more than a filler issue cementing in place what is already there. While the newish elements of Robbie dealing with his Ghost Rider possession were fun and will hopefully lead to a bigger story down the road, those elements have always been subtly suggested in previous issues, and they only seem more apparent in issue #4 simply because everything else is so ordinary. This is of course in relation to the rest of the issues in this series, which have been stellar. I always want to see more from Tradd Moore, and he’s showing off his talent with the action panels and great work with character expressions, but I really missed the speed that was the highlight of other issues. It’s hard for me to say this ish seemed rushed, but the detail compared to the rest of the run just isn’t there.

The Verdict

All-New Ghost Rider #4 is a good comic book overall, and a fun addition to the series in it’s very brief run so far, but it’s not a great book, and is the worst of the series so far. There’s nothing particularly bad going on, it’s just not on par with the work in issues 1-3. What we have is the classic “filler issue”, and it’s really hard for me to blame the creators in this case, because despite 6-issue arcs being the current trend, this filler issue wasn’t boring, had a few semi-important thing going on, and was still a blast to look at even if the art fell off a tad. Definitely still a book to read, but not the best example of the run so far.

Writing: 3 Out 5
Art: 3.5 Out of 5
Overall: 3 Out of 5

COVERED: June 25th, 2014

Sometimes you just want to see hot comic book shelf porn. Well, we’ve got you COVERED! Here’s the best comic book covers of the week.

Adventures of Superman #14 by JockAdventures of Superman 14

All-New Ghost Rider #4 variant by Felipe SmithAll-New Ghost Rider 4 Smith Variant

All-New Ultimates #4 by David NakayamaAll-New Ultimates #24

Aquaman #32 Bombshells variant by Ant LuciaAquaman 32 Bombshell Variant

Fantastic Four #6 by Leonard KirkFantastic Four 6

Justice League #31 Batman ’66 Variant by Mike AllredJustice League 31 Variant

Ms. Marvel #5 by Adrian AlphonaMs. Marvel 5

Savage Hulk #1 75th Anniversary variant by Alex RossSavage Hul 1 Ross Cover

The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #30 by Guido GuidiTransformers Dawn of the Autobots #30 variant

Review: All-New X-Men #25

All-New X-Men 25

• Artist Stuart Immonen is joined by a practical comic book artist hall of fame for this special landmark issue!
40 PGS.
Rated T

What can I say about All-New X-Men? You either love it or you hate it. While it’s hard to deny this book is THE quintessential X-Book for this age of the X-Men, it’s really easy to hate the entire premise of the title. Like it or not, however, that premise has led to some very compelling and unique stories that simply could not be told without first having that initial, admittedly absurd, premise. With that said, though, this particular issue of All-New X-Men barely hinges on any story at all really, is more of a prelude to the next Marvel event, and is an amazing showcase of Marvel’s artistic talent pool, making this title a must-have for ANY fan of comic book art.

The Story

This book is quite different than the usual comic book affair, and my usual “Good, Bad, Verdict” setup just doesn’t work for this ish. My final rating will be equally confusing, but should make sense in context.

I’m not sure how much input Bendis had on the panel to panel setup of anything more than a few pages of this book; with the underlying story being nothing more than an ensemble of What If? scenarios meant to scare the wits out of Hank McCoy. The Watcher shows Beast the folly of his choice to bring the Original X-Men from the past in a series of weird, but amazingly drawn, scenarios of what could have been, or what may still be, or some such. It was kind of confusing, but it worked in an odd way. As far as Bendis’ unending beating up of The Beast for the choice that Bendis himself thrust upon him, I’m pretty much over it. Leave the blue fuzzball alone, already, Bendis! As far as The Watcher being in this ish, with Marvel’s next bit thing Original Sin in the chute and ready for launch, the whole thing just seemed forced. There were some “Oh, cool!” moments, and some feels here and there, but there was no real substance; nothing I really cared about; and nothing that will probably ever actually happen. But, WOW! Everything was drawn to perfection.

The Art

Scroll back up and read the list of artists on this issue. Then, let just a few of the images from this beautiful book give you a taste of the amazing work on art.

Kitty X-MenBeast X-Men2   Jean GreyJean Grey2Colossus

So many styles represented; so many amazing works. Click to make these images bigger, and marvel. And this is just a small taste of what’s in this issue.

The Verdict

This issue of All-New X-Men was not really an issue of All-New X-Men. It was an exposition of artistic talent. Taken like that, this is a must-have title for any fan of the X-Men, and (I mean, come on) who isn’t? If you’re reading this to get a solid X-Story of the lost in time Original X-Men, you aren’t even going to get close. As a stand alone issue, this may be THE best issue of All-New X-Men, simply because it’s the epitome of the feel and tone of the title. As part of the overall series, though, this book is a huge stinker. So, go get it immediately!

Story: 1.5 Out 5
Art: 5 Out of 5
Overall: 4 Out of 5

Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: April 9th, 2014

outright-geekery profile-largeNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week.


Jules: All-New X-Men #25

Brian Michael Bendis is bringing another giant collaborative issue this week. Regular artist Stuart Immonen is joined by Art Adams, Bruce Timm, Dan Hipp, David Mack, David Marquez, J. Scott Campbell, Jake Parker, Jason Shiga, J.G. Jones, Jill Thompson, Kent Williams, Lee Bermejo, Maris Wicks, Max Wittert, Paul Smith, Rafael Grampa, Robbi Rodriguez, Ronnie Del Carmen, and Skottie Young, so this issue is bound to at least look awesome! Coming off the heels of the Trial of Jean Grey, a crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy, we find the original X-Men in disarray. Young Cyclops has left the team to pursue adventure with his father in space, leaving X-23 to help lead the team. Jean having now discovered a new side to her powers, which just may match her Phoenix abilities. Will Beast now swoop in on Jean now that Cyclops is gone? Is everyone gonna start paying attention to Angel? I really cannot wait to see what Iceman has to say about all of this. Grab this issue.

All-New X-Men 25

ISSUE #25 –
• Artist Stuart Immonen is joined by a practical comic book artist hall of fame for this special landmark issue!
40 PGS./Rated T …$4.99


Jesse: East of West #11

It’s hard not to look forward to the beautiful alternate American History Epic that has been Jonathan Hickman’s East of West. As Death grows closer to finding his son, the mysterious Judge looks to step in as the next trial. With the Chosen continuing to make a mess of the known world, I honestly can’t say I know what’s gonna happen next?! I can say I can’t wait to finish the issue and stare at Nick Dragotta’s seriously brilliant art he provides for this title. Every issue has been worth every cent. If you haven’t touched this title you need the trades, and everything that leads to this issue.

East of West 11

art / cover NICK DRAGOTTA
MARCH 26 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.50
The Bride of Death makes her first moves in the great game of Nations. The Chosen begin to splinter.


Taylor: Captain Marvel #2

Issue #2 of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel hits the shelves this week, continuing the title character’s adventures through space. With the plot picking up steam and the venue expanding to cosmic proportions, this issue promises to be a lot of fun. And honestly, it’s hard to not like a book where the main character names her cat “Chewie”.

Captain Marvel 2

Kelly Sue DeConnick (Writer) • DAVID LOPEZ (Artist)
Artist Variant by J.G. Jones
• Higher, faster, further…. WAR?!
• Captain Marvel forges towards the final frontier—and is thrown into the frontlines of battle.
• Can this half-alien survive in an all alien-world?
• The breakout hit of 2012 makes a glorious return!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Christian: Batman Eternal #1

This is a book I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. If any single character in the DC Universe deserves a weekly title, it’s the Dark Knight himself, Batman. I’m expecting a face-paced, entertaining story that not only makes this first issue a must-read but also shows some building for the future. They’ve got a lot of issues to fill in this series, and if they want to sell all those issues this first one is going to have to be awesome. So look for it to be.

Batman Eternal

Art and cover by JASON FABOK
1:50 Variant cover by ANDY KUBERT
On sale APRIL 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
Don’t dare miss the start of the Bat-story so big it’s going to take every week of the month to tell! A massive cast of Gotham City’s best (and worst) examines the relationship between Batman, his allies and his city. In this debut issue, Commissioner James Gordon is caught on the wrong side of the law!


Gaumer: All-New Ghost Rider #2

Ghost rider #2

There were moments in Ghost Rider issue #1 where my jaw dropped and I audibly gasped at the speed and beauty of Tradd Moore’s amazing work on art, and I have the highest confidence that he will be repeating that brilliance with issue #2 of All-New Ghost Rider. Writer Felipe Smith was no slouch on the story from ish #1, either, and I’m really excited to learn more about the newest Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, as we go on this life-altering journey along with him. There’s plenty of questions leftover from the first ish of this series, and I’m ready to get to some answers.

Vehicle Variant by Pop MHAN
• ROBBIE REYES has been given a new awesome power but can the teen handle it or will it drive him to a path of destruction?
• Who owns the HAUNTED RACE CAR and what will they do to get it back?
• What are the PINK PILLS and who is behind their creation?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Those are our picks, what’s on the top of your stack this Wednesday?

Comix City Too!This post brought to you by Comix City Too! in Madison Tennessee, Outright Geekery’s local comic shop of choice. Check out everything coming out this week in stores here, and be sure to get out to your local comic shop.

All-New Marvel NOW! Preview and Opinion, Part 5


Is this the end? We honestly have no idea! Outright Geekery follows the ever-changing lineup of comics hitting the shelves from Marvel, in Part 5 of our delve into All-New Marvel NOW! Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this series.


Moon Knight
Moon Knight
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey


Marc Spector moves from L.A. back to NYC, and writer Warren Ellis promises, his words, “Weird Crime”. Moon Knight takes on the dirty underbelly of the city while dealing with his own splintered psyche.

Gaumer: I have to admit, I’ve never ever been a fan of Moon Knight. Nothing against the character, the timing was just never right for me to jump onboard the title. I never really got the appeal of the whole concept of Moon Knight either, and I have no idea about the new mental disorder elements that have been added.

With that said, I think I’m going to grab this first issue. The time for excuses is over! But, if it isn’t amazing from the start, I’m not going to waste my time on issue two.

Jules: I can honestly say I’m really looking forward to this book. I’ve been a big fan of the character since the ol’ West Coast Avengers, so him getting his own book again is the right choice for me. I really enjoyed Bendis’ run on MoonKnight, the appeal for the character is already there for me, and Warren Ellis of all people to handle this book is a damn fine idea. I’m a fan of his work, and I’m ready to see what he can do with Moon Knight

I’ll for sure be picking it up and letting you know if I love it or I hate it.

Taylor: This could end up being something special. Warren Ellis had a brief time to get acquainted with the character during his stint on Secret Avengers a few years back, and has shown there and in other places that he knows how to write unbalanced psyches. Pair that with Declan Shelvay’s gritty yet stunning artwork, and you have a recipe for success.

I’ll certainly be giving it a shot.



Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee


Matt Murdock travels west and sets up shop in San Francisco, as the Man Without Fear goes through some radical changes. We’ve been promised the same sort danger and destruction that comes with any DD book, with a whole new backdrop.

Gaumer: Stupid. Dumbass. Idiot. Yeah, I didn’t jump on Waid’s first stint on Daredevil when I had the chance. I won’t be making that mistake again! This is going to be a fun ride!

I’m on this for better of for worse. I have enough confidence in Waid with this character that even if he wants to take his time with a build-up, the payoff is going to be that much better. Seriously, grab this and thank me later.

Jules: When I heard about this title being relaunched I was scared, Mark Waid has had such a fun run on this title I didn’t think I could handle who the next person to try Daredevil. But all fears aside when the last issue of the previous run was announced I took a breath of fresh air and said I’ve gone through worse before. As it turns out Waid is stay and just moving the location of the title.

I love Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil I’m happy for it to continue, you better believe I’m picking this up. I’m a huge fan of Chris Samnee’s art, and Javier Rodriguez’s colors are perfect. If you haven’t seen what those two guys have made Daredevil sonar look f#cking radical! I’m def picking up this book and you should too!

Taylor: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it; I’ve yet to meet a single person who has had a single bad thing to say about Waid’s run on Daredevil, and why should they? Along with stellar artist Chris Samnee, Waid has been doing strong work, and will likely continue to do so.

Give it a try if you haven’t already.


Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men
Writer:Jason Latour
Artist:Mahmud Asrar


We didn’t leave for very long, but we go back to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, with a new creative team and a new focus. It’s all about the students in this All-New Wolverine and the X-Men, with the fallout of Battle of the Atom a big part of the book.

Gaumer: I was a huge fan of Wolverine and the X-Men…when Jason Aaron was at the wheel. Now, that’s not reason enough to not pick up this new volume, but, as fun as the Jean Grey School student body is, there’s way too much Battle of the Atom mentioned to make me overly excited.

I’ll not be grabbing this when it drops. The characters at the school are awesome, just not awesome enough for me to care about them dealing with a future that was in no way interesting. I’m not worried either: If it’s good, the back issues will be a plenty.

Jules: I’m skeptical about this book, Jason Aaron is honestly a hard act to follow, and I understand he’s moved over to Amazing X-men to continue his story, but this is gonna feel weird without him. Saying all that, Marvel has done well with picking new writers to take the reigns of different books at the right time, very rarely do they give the wrong man the job anymore. Not to say they didn’t used to.

I’m gonna give it a shot, X-books can always be fun, at worst the art will be super fly, yeah I said super fly, judge me. I’m not gonna say I’m extremely happy with this change but I can see where it goes.

Taylor: I’ve loved Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine and the X-Men, largely because it was a book that had good characters and because it knew how to have fun. Heck, this run is the reason why Quintin Quire is now one of my favorite mutants.

The sad truth, though, is that I don’t really see how the things that made this book work can survive without Aaron; the zany, off-the-wall nature of his stories is what made this book work so well, and really defined the experience.

But even if the book will be different, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be bad. I won’t be there to find out though, as I’m going to be migrating over to Aaron’s Amazing X-Men instead.


Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta


The Master of Magnetism becomes judge, jury and executioner to anything he deems a threat to mutantkind. Erik become a one-man X-Force, and even gets the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gaumer: Sure, why not? I love Magneto. I like the concept. Cullen Bunn isn’t terrible. This book has a ton of potential. I want to see Marvel give us more titles starring underused characters NOT on a team, and supporting this, hopefully, supports that.

I’m in for the first arc at least. I want to see some really ruthless Magneto mayhem, and less of the way overused ominous threat lurking in the shadows. It’s all about the short game for me, and if the book puts too much focus on the long-term, I’m out.

Jules: Honestly I love Magneto, he’s always been such an interesting character, as far a good guy/bad guys go, Far more interesting than Loki, seriously. I’ve always thought the Master of Magnetism could carry his own book, I’m just I’m just a little skeptical about the writer. No offense but Cullen Bunn is known for closing out books, and never really saving them. He’s not terrible, but he’s not great either.

I’ll give it try but I can’t say I’m going all in on this book. I love Magneto, so if Bunn messes this up, I’m gonna hunt him down, and make him read a Chris Claremont book!!!!!

Taylor: This one falls squarely in the “wait-and-see” bin. Magneto is easily one of my favorite mutants, and possibly the best sympathetic villain in comics. But I’m not familiar enough with the creative team to be excited about their interpretation of the character.

So if it’s good, I’ll be glad to pick it up in trade. If not, I’ll keep my distance.


That’s it for our 5th and, possibly, final part of our All-New Marvel NOW! series, but if Marvel keeps dishing it out, we’ll keep dicing, slicing and cooking up the goodness. As always, tell us what you think about the books in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to share the love!

All-New Marvel NOW! Preview and Opinion, Part 4

All-New-Marvel-Now-logoLike Sand Through the Hourglass, so is Marvel Comics All-New Marvel NOW! We’re still going and it’s time for Part 4 of our delve into Marvel’s latest batch of shelfies.

There’s a little bit of everything in this batch. Way old; Way new; Way overdone; Way Crazy!

And check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series.


Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Mike Allred


Everyone’s favorite Herald returns in his own monthly as Norrin Radd makes a long-awaited comeback to comics. Galaxy spanning tales of science fiction and human morality are on the menu.

Gaumer: It may be sacrilegious to say it but I’m not a big fan of the Silver Surfer when Galactus isn’t around. I’ve read some good Surfer stories over the years, sure, but never anything that made me love Norrin on his own more than with Old Purple Hat. This just isn’t for me.

I’ll, obviously, be ignoring this title on the shelf. Even if I hear raves about the book it’s going to take something really special for me to pick it up.

Jules: Well, I’m a huge surfer fan, I feel like not enough is done with him, he’s got a great story as long as you ignore Galactus this could be a sweet book. Dan Slott is a terrible person. that being said I’m a huge Mike Allred fan, So I’m gonna buy it. Not try, buy. His art is sweet ok.

Taylor: I’m not sure what to think of this one, at least not yet. The way I see it, the Surfer has always had the same problem as characters like Doctor Strange and the Spectre: they are simply too powerful, and their limits too nebulously defined, for their own good. It’s just hard to keep an ongoing series interesting when our hero can bend molecules or reality itself to their will. (You know, I think there’s a post in there somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled.)

That being said, though, Mike Allred is an amazing artist, and as much as fans like to rag on him, Dan Slott has done some great work in the past. But I think the most encouraging thing I’ve seen is the part of the of preview that claims that “human morality” is going to play a big part of the book. If there’s one way to make all-powerful characters interesting, it’s to make the focus about what the characters should do, rather than what the characters can do. Maybe this book can give the Surfer the same treatment the Spectre got in John Ostrander’s run. That’s a big maybe, though, so I’m not going to be reading from the get-go in this one.


Winter Soldier: The Bitter March
Winter Soldier
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Roland Boschi


While only a limited series, a delve into the life of Bucky Barnes during the height of the Cold War as Soviet agent The Winter Soldier. A new slant on an old character deserving of some attention.

Gaumer: I love limited series! They have to do a lot in a, relatively, smaller amount of space, and I can pretty much tell if I’m going to dig what’s coming in a book or two. I like the character, and I just adore Rick Remender. I’m not sure how this can be bad!

Winter Soldier in his Cold War Prime? Hell YES! I’ll be grabbing this entire thing. Even if it starts slow Remender is not going to disappoint. My faith in his ability is way too high for me to skip any of this.

Jules: I AM STOKED FOR THIS! Rick Remender is just such a solid writer I know good things will come of this. He’s known for bringing out the best from character you thought were terrible people, and this is def one of those examples. I feel like this is gonna be that limited runs I wish was longer but I’ll take what I can get.

Winter Soldier, already a sweet character. Winter Solider in the Cold War? Hell to the yes. Rick Remender writing Winter Soldier in the Cold War. As far as I’m concerned I’ve bought every issue they just haven’t come out yet.

Taylor: An intriguing concept, to be sure. Bucky’s exploits in the USSR represent a relatively untapped storytelling landscape that has a lot of potential. Furthermore, this is a story that seems firmly inside Rick Remender’s wheelhouse. Could be some great stuff.

I’m still going to wait for trade, though, because I believe that Remender’s storytelling style is the kind that’s best enjoyed all at once rather than intermittently. So unless I hear some bad reviews, I’ll be enjoying this party a bit later than others.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Ryan Stegman


A direct sequel to Cornell’s last Wolverine offering, this relaunch sees Logan living more a simplified life, as the X-Man continues living on the wrong side of the law. Look for some B-List villains and plenty of clawed capers early 2014.

Gaumer: Been there, done that, not doing it again. Wolvie still hold a certain appeal for me, but I just enjoy the character better on a team. I’m going to get plenty of that between Wolverine & the X-Men and Amazing X-Men so, I’m skipping it.

Jules: SO much Wolverine, He’s an Avenger, He’s an X-man. The man is in a lot of books, probably more than any other hero in the marvel universe. And I don’t know if this is for me. What I can say is that I do love Ryan Stegman’s art so its gonna be sweet looking at least.

Taylor: I’m with my cohorts on this one. Between the Avengers and Jason Aaron’s X-Books, I’ve got plenty of Wolverine in my life already. If you’ve been enjoying Cornell’s work thus far, I see no reason why that would change now. But for those of us who missed that boat, I don’t feel compelled to paddle up to it at this point in time.


Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Rock-He Kim


The new becomes new again as Cable and X-Force and Uncanny X-Force wind down to become a single X-Team in this new #1. This unlikely group of X-Men outsiders will continue to be the same mutant underground wetworks team fans have grown to love.

Gaumer: I called this back when X-Force became two books. Yes, Remender’s run on the book was amazing, but conceptually the things going on in those titles were not very interesting. So, them being cancelled and turned into a single book that shares ideas from both cancelled titles makes good sense. I’m not sure it’s still enough for me to grab the book, though.

Two issues, tops. I love the cast, and the art is bound to be great, but if there’s just boring going on like the last two X-Force books I’ll pass real quick.

Jules: I agree Remender’s Uncanny X-Force was a tour de force, pun intended, of comic book, and the two to follow were simply not up to par. Humpries Uncanny-Force was packed with a sweet cast and was plain flat. Hopeless’ Cable and X-Force, while fun, was not what everyone wanted it to be. I hope this new book will do its best to press on this franchise.

I’m gonna check it out, I like this cast, I really hope it’ll put some new life into the X-force.

Taylor: On principle, I only pick up so many X-Books at a given time. Consequently, I was never interested in picking up either of the X-Force books with Wolverine and the X-Men and X-Men holding down my quota. And so now we have two books I was never interested in combined together to form another book I’m not interested in. I’m not saying that I expect it to be bad, just that it’s not going to be for me. Pass.


Avengers World
Avengers World
Writer: Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Stefano Caselli


The Avengers take things to a planetary level, as long-time Avengers writer does a team-up of his own. Big adventure, bug stories, really, really big team of Avengers!

Gaumer: If there’s a writer hotter than Jonathan Hickman right now, I haven’t come across him. But, if there’s one who is close, it’s Nick Spencer. I’ve been following Hickman since he was only writing independent books, and Nick Spencer showed me his amazing skill in the indy hit Bedlam. This book is aiming really high and I think it’s going to hit that mark.

I can’t not get this book! It’s going to be a huge Hickman plot, finished with the finesse of Spencer! Then I’m getting Caselli art for at least a few issues? Yes, please!!

Jules: Holy crap! I’m some kind bewildered about how extremely excited I am for this book. Jonathan Hickman, easily my favorite writer right now, teamed with the Duke of Weird? I’m gonna call him that all the time now; it just breathes like its gonna be radical. Coming off the heels of Infinity, I feel like this is exactly where I wanna be.

Hickman’s ever expanding Avengers is already everything I want it to be, now this just means I get more of what I want and then some. Beyond looking forward to this book and pulling it out of my box.

Taylor: At last we’ve come with the big one as Marvel and Jonathan Hickman continue to expand their flagship franchise. In a strategy that’s as brilliant as it is devious, Marvel has made it so that you can’t really enjoy Hickman’s run on the Avengers without enjoying ALL of his run on the Avengers as it sprawls out into multiple monthly books. Is that just plain evil? Yes, but the results have been amazing. After all, no one in the industry runs the long con better than Hickman. And now he’s getting backup from the highly talented Nick Spencer as well?

Well played, Marvel. Well played.

So yeah, I’m on board and excited to be so.


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All-New Marvel NOW! Preview and Opinion, Part 3


Outright Geekery follows the ever-changing lineup of comics hitting the shelves from Marvel in Part 3 of our delve into All-New Marvel NOW! Who needs a reboot when you pull this stuff every year?

This batch includes some old stuff made new by bringing back to the old, a couple of brand new takes, and a book that’s so new it’s new again!

Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our series, comment and tell us what you’ll be adding or skipping!


Fantastic Four
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Leonard Kirk


Old-school FF family drama is on the menu as the First Family of Comics is taken back to their roots. High drama is on the menu, and a split-up that will change the FF forever!

Gaumer: I’ve been a diehard FF reader one time, and one time only: When Hickman had the reins. That is definitely going to change when this title relaunches in February. Robinson is a champion when telling these old-school tales, and Kirk’s art is quite pleasant. Yeah, I’m going to have to find room for this damn book!

Jules: I downright called this book as soon as the end of the current F4 and FF books were announced. And I couldn’t be more excited. Not since Hickman’s beautiful run with the First Family have I been so excited about whats coming down the pipeline for them.

I’m already a fan of Robinson’s work, I honestly can’t wait to pull this out of my box and read it.

Taylor: As someone who loves the Fantastic Four and wants to read their book, and as someone who has been avoiding Matt Fraction as of late (see Part 2), I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’ll finally be able to jump back into the exploits of Marvel’s First Family. I have confidence in James Robinson to deliver the sprawling, imaginative tales that the FF scream for, and in Leonard Kirk to depict these tales with solid artwork.

That’s all I need to get on-board with the Richards clan again, hopefully for a long haul.


Iron Patriot
Iron Patriot
Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Garry Brown


Tony Starks’ buddy James “Rhodey” Rhodes dons the War Machine armore yet again, only this time with a brand new, star-spangled painted suit. Rhodey tries to balance his government job with the rest of his life, and family/work drama seems sure.

Gaumer: Rhodey doesn’t get enough attention! I think he deserves his own book; I think the reuse of the Iron Patriot style armor is cool; I like the ideas being suggested for story elements; and I think the creators are talented. But I won’t be getting this book.

I could make room for this book in my stack, but I’m just not overly interested in it. It seems counter to everything I’m feeling, but, when I think about it, I’m just not excited enough to pull this title.

Jules: Man this is def a great idea. Off the heals of the successful Iron Man movie franchise, Marvel said, you know we really should do more with that Rhodey character who was such a badass. Dude he was the best Iron Man, until Tony got sober and said here have this overly 80’s suit and call yourself War Machine. Ugh. Such a bad call.

I like where this going I just don’t know if I’m gonna be able to squeeze this into my pull box but I might try.

Taylor: I get that they’re trying to build off of Rhodey’s role in Iron Man III, but the MU Iron Patriot identity is kind of sullied by Norman Osborn’s shenanigans, no? Well, whatever.

I have to confess that though I like the character, I’ve never really followed Rhodey on any of his solo adventures before. And I’m probably not going to start now. I’m just not interested enough to invest the money, plain and simple.


Loki: Agent of Asgard
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Lee Garbett


Loki gets a new gig as a secret service style agent in this new take on an old favorite. The fan-favorite character finally gets his own book again, and gets one with a twist never tried before.

Gaumer: Who doesn’t love Loki? He’s just plain, old fun! What I’m not sure about is the angle they are taking with the whole thing. It could easily get campy or bogged down in nonsense as they try to fill in gaps that we didn’t even know existed, as often happens with characters like these, but, hey, it’s Loki! Al Ewing is also doing a great job on Mighty Avengers, so, it won’t be bad.

I’m on this for 4 issues before I make a decision. Look for reviews of this title from me as soon as it drops. I’m excited to read, not because I think it will be excellent, but because I think it has the most potential out of all of the Marvel NOW! books. High expectations, however, often lead to high disappointment.\

Jules: Damn. Fangirls/Fanboys you made this happen for sure. Loki was always the damn villain, he was ever barely likeable, but you let Matt Fraction write Thor for a while and Tom Hiddleston play him in some movies, and all of the sudden Loki is the damn hottest thing to come out of Asgard. Seriously.

All my b#tching aside, I’m gonna give this a for real try. I really like Al Ewing’s writing. he’s def sold me on things I thought I wasn’t gonna like. Greg Land’s art for instance, which I’m still not into, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying Mighty Avengers at all has it? Nope. Gonna try this out.

Taylor: This one actually has me in a bit of a conundrum. Loki is a character that I like. Al Ewing is a good writer. I’m unfamiliar with artist Lee Garbett, but his work looks strong.

But I’m still feeling iffy on this book because I hate to see Kieron Gillen separated from the Loki character. Starting with his work on Journey Into Mystery and continuing through Young Avengers, Gillen has been doing amazing stuff with the God of Mischief. Rarely have I seen a writer who had his fingers on the pulse of a character more than I did with that pairing.

And now I’m afraid that I’m going to hold it against Al Ewing going in. It would be like watching Mom date some new guy right after she separated from Dad. I know that’s not fair to Ewing. At all. But I’m probably going to hold off and hear what other people think before I take a look myself.


New Warriors
New Warriors
Writer: Christopher Yost
Artist: Marcus To


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a New Warriors book, and even longer since we’ve seen one with so many recognizable faces. Pulling in characters from every corner of the Marvel U, this old team, with new characters, and even newer flair promises to be joyride for old fans and newcomers alike.

Gaumer: This feels like another “been there, done that” book, and I’m just not interested. I don’t think we need another, new team of young heroes, they need to use the teams of youngsters that already have. Unless that are eventually take Speedball to Murder World!

Jules: I kinda still really like Chris Yost’s writing, its just got that 90’s edge to it. I meant that in a good way, I really enjoyed his Scarlet Spider run and I see now that’s where he’s moving Kaine to. I used to be a huge fan of the New Warriors back in the day, so I’m gonna try it out.

Taylor: With very few exceptions, I use a general rule of thumb when looking at a team book: If there isn’t a single member of the team whose solo adventures I would read, I take a pass. Such is the case here. Pass for me.


Secret Avengers
Secret Avengers
Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Michael Walsh


Spider-Woman joins the best damn field agents S.H.I.E.L.D. has to offer, but Maria Hill’s newest recruit has a sordid past so full of lies that her new assignment may end up breaking her. Super-hero team-up spy action thriller.

Gaumer: The team itself for this title is going to be great! All skilled agents in their own right and unique ways. There’s some great potential here for some great things to happen, and this book is going to be one of those “anchor books”, supporting individual books from at least two of the team’s members. I’m just not sure I have room to jump on another book, especially one that will surely tie-in to an event at some point.

I may get the first issue of this; dip my toe in the water, so to speak. But unless the water is really, REALLY nice, I’ll not be staying at the pool long.

Jules: I’m sad to see Nick Spencer not returning to this book since he’s currently writing Secret Avengers. I really like the line-up, Spider-Woman is a great addition to this team, but I’m gonna miss Mockingbird, I know what you’re thinking, I like Mockingbird. Sue me.

I’m gonna try the first few but I’m not looking for anything.

Taylor: Broadly speaking, I’ve always felt that in the world of superheroes, spies and other espionage specialists work better in solo adventures, or as the sole sneaky members of larger teams, rather than as part of a large team of only spies. This is largely a matter of personal preference, of course, but that still means that this book isn’t my cup of tea.

This is especially true when you take into account how unfamiliar I am with both the writer and the artist.


That’s it for today. Check back soon for more, cause if Marvel is going to keep shoving out the Number 1’s we’ll be dishin’ the goodness! Check back next week as we continue the series. As always, Comment, Like, Share…all that jazz!

All-New Marvel NOW! Preview and Opinion, Part 2

All-New-Marvel-Now-logoMarvel Comics is up to its old tricks and mixing up the Marvel side of comic shop shelves everywhere as All-New Marvel NOW! approaches. Outright Geekery follows the ever-changing lineup of comics hitting the shelves from Marvel, in Part 2 of our delve into All-New Marvel NOW! Check out part 1 here.

The return of some great Marvel B-List heroes mark this list, and something completely different.


All-New Ghost Rider
All-New Ghost Rider
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Tradd Moore


This book is all about getting The Rider back to his roots of vengefully kicking ass and speeding around on a hot (literally!) hot rod automobile? Where the hell’s the bike?  There’s also a new face behind the, umm, flaming skull, giving an honest-to-goodness never-before-seen Ghostrider!

Gaumer: Ghostrider? Again?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of pictures of flaming skulls, and Tradd Moore;’s are going to look awesome, but they’re taking away the bike and giving him a car. Different is always better.

I’d wait on this one. It’s got some potential, but if you must see Ghostrider buy Thunderbolts. He’s joining that team soon.

Jules: I wanna say I’m excited for this book, but I just can’t. I was a big Rider fan as a kid, the idea of him in a car, just not for me. Ghost Rider is one of those characters that really needs the right team on him. Hopefully this is that team.

I’m honestly gonna wait for the trade, and wait to hear some good things about this one, that is if anyone has anything to say. Sorry.

Taylor: This gets a pass from me. Ghost Rider is a character that I’ve never really identified with. If I did, though, I’d be pretty flabbergasted that they’d get rid of the bike. I always viewed the chopper to be as much a part of the character as the skull and the hellfire.


Avengers Undercover
Avengers Undercover
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Kev Walker


Streaming out of the dark horse hit Avengers Arena, Undercover looks to head in that same successful direction. The book promises the same Avengers Arena action without the rules.

Gaumer: I wasn’t sold on Avengers Arena when it first dropped, but after I was talked into buying a copy of the first trade by Julestrue I found out what all the noise surrounding that title was about; and it was good! If this is anything like Arena, and it’s supposed to be a direct sequel to that run, the fans of that title will simply love this.

I’ll be skipping this. I just don’t have room for it in my box and there are just other books I’m more interested in. That’s not taking anything away from the book at all, and these trades will definitely be on my buy list.

Jules: I loved, downright loved Avengers Arena. Dennis Hopeless is the man; I had serious doubts he was real for a bit. His Cable and X-Force and Avengers Arena are just fun reads. Which in an age where books either take themselves too seriously or not seriously enough, is a nice breath of fresh air.

I’m gonna try it out. I said that with his other two books and was def pleasantly surprised. I hope this title turns out to be just as good as the others. I already know I’m a fan of Kev Walker’s art, considering I just read the last issue of Avengers Arena with his sweet art inside.

Taylor: Well, if this is the spin-off to Avengers Arena, I’m sort of disqualified from picking this one up, seeing as I never got into AA. I can, however, give a seal of approval to Kev Walker’s artwork, which I fondly remember from his work on Thunderbolts with Jeff Parker.


Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: David Lopez


The series that just cannot be stopped continues to roll into an all new number 2. This new start promises even greater thrills and adventures for Carol Danvers.

Gaumer: I have to say I feel ashamed to have missed out on all of the awesome things going on in the Captain Marvel title. Kelly Sue DeConnick just gets this character and knows how to make her cool and appealing to a mass audience. It’s not just about girl-power, but it’s there in all it’s goodness. I won’t be missing out again.

I’m getting this title and will be hanging with it for at least a few issues. I’ve heard so much about the previous Captain Marvel book that I don’t think the rest of the OG crew will let me skip it. And I don’t think I want to.

Jules: I will not miss this book, I missed out on the first few issues of the last run and started reading it digitally, and regret it. Kelly Sue is doing great things with one of my favorite Avengers of all time. I’m seriously a big Carol Danvers fan, not since Bendis’ Mighty Avengers do I feel like the right writer is behind Carol.

This is a for sure buy! I’m a huge fan of not only Kelly Sue but a fan of David Lopez’s art so I know its gonna be a sweet tango of story and art.

Taylor: Three for three on this one. Kelly Sue DeConnick is an emerging superstar in the comics industry, and I want to try to get in on the ground floor of one of her books this time around. Especially when she’s working on a character that she understands very well, and who seems to be poised to make the jump to the A-List character tier. Throw in David Lopez, who has been doing strong work on books such as Mystic, and you’ve got a winning package.


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Joe Maduiera


Spinning out of the event of Infinity, Inhuman promises to make sense of the multitudes of newly empowered Inhumans running rampant around the planet. Layered story-telling and brand new characters will abound throughout a story with a ton of paving behind it.

Gaumer: I’m not so sure I’m sold on the whole Inhumans thing stemming out of the events of Infinity. I see one of two things happening: we get another set of mutants, something we don’t need; or we get an army with Blackbolt as its leader, something that only leads to another event. It just doesn’t feel sticky.

I’ll buy issue one just to see what’s going on, but if it doesn’t grab me by the shorties from the get-go it’s not going to make my pull-list. I’m sure I can just wait until the next event and get a good summary at some point.

Jules: I’ve always been a big Inhumans fan. Being a long time fan of Marvel’s First Family( Fantastic Four; I did that for you who was unsure) I’ve always been fascinated with them. There’s such a very powerful yet mysterious family dynamic about them. With Matt Fraction behind this title I feel like I can get into it. He’s really good and writing interpersonal relationships and this is def one of those books you can get away with a lot of it, especially all of the new inhumans.

Do I agree the inhumans popping up like mutants is a bit much? Yes. There’s already new mutants popping up everyday since the events of AvsX. So maybe all the sudden regular humans become the major minority? Maybe a war? Mutants, Inhumans, Humans. Too Soon, but I’m gonna give it a shot and see what happens.

Taylor: I’m going to have to skip out on this one. A couple of years ago, I got burnt out on Matt Fraction when I jumped off of his Invincible Iron Man and Mighty Thor books roughly around the same time Fear Itself wrapped up. I’ve been avoiding him since then, and nothing about this Inhumanity book is making me want to change that stance.

Though I will say that I do have a sort of academic interest in how they’re going to be differentiating the new Inhumans from earth’s mutant population. Fortunately, it seems that my cohorts have a similar interest. Looks like I’ll be asking around the comic shop, then.


Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Mitch Gerads


Frank Castle take his unique style of justice to the mean streets of L.A. as The Punisher moves to the West Coast. The tide turns on Frank as he becomes the unlikely target of an organized gang of street thugs.

Gaumer: I always say that Punisher would be better if they did something different with him. It’s why I thought Franken-Castle was such a fun arc of good old Frank. This, however, doesn’t seem different at all. Sure, he’s moved to the West Coast, but it doesn’t seem very different. Not that that’s bad, though, I just prefer my Punisher a bit more gorey, and I won’t be finding that here.

I’m skipping this. I’ve seen it before, and I don’t like it. My favorite Punisher is too brutal for the 616, unfortunately.

Jules: Nope. Never been a big Punisher fan, never thought he could just carry his own book.

Not gonna give this a try, let me know if you do.

Taylor: I’m out, too. The Punisher is a character that can work very well in capable hands that have plenty of free rein, but just as often gets undercut by efforts to make him more mainstream friendly. Mind you, I’m not trying to say that his new team doesn’t have it in them, just that you never know what you’re going to get, so it’s better to wait things out.


That’s it for NOW! for now, but check back later this week for more of what’s coming from Marvel. What will you be adding to your pull-list? Comment below!